End the Lie

Disgusting TSA actions continue unabated, history of cases grows

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By End the Lie

I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this but every time I go to an airport I am singled out for an “enhanced pat down” or a dose of radiation, even though I never set off the metal detector. Never. I have traveled so many times that I am completely used to the procedure, no jacket, no belt, no shoes, no watch, etc. Yet they still pull me aside. Every time. Since the naked body scanners were implemented the TSA agents I have encountered became significantly more aggressive when one chooses to opt-out. They firmly grab you by the arm, as if I was about to bolt away in my socks while holding up my pants, and scream egregiously. I am sure all of this is a rudimentary intimidation tactic. Of course all of the enhanced pat downs may be unconstitutional as they are rarely reasonable. The below provide examples of some truly unsettling acts.

This is the infamous and quite disconcerting video of a six-year-old little girl being pat down using their invasive groping methods. I’m sure every American knows about those six-year-old little girls who carried out 9/11! I’m glad America is keeping me safe from these dangerous children! I mean look at her, she is clearly a militant extremist and hiding something under those bulky clothes!

Apparently now six-year-old girls are terrorists. Is the government really so incompetent that they would put a little girl on a terror watch list?

TSA violates a 3-year-old little girl while she screams and cries.

TSA Discriminates against disabled people then violates rights to privacy, slams a woman to the ground, forced a woman with nipple rings to remove them with pliers and other absurdities. This video even covers an incident where TSA agents pulled down a 70-year-old man’s pants in public view because he has a metal knee replacement.

Clear evidence the TSA machines save and store the naked body scanner images.

Another incident with a little boy.

45-year-old TSA agent arrested for the rape of a 14-year-old girl.


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