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Propaganda Regarding Syria Intensifies to Justify Yet Another “Humanitarian Intervention”

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The (probably) soon to be ousted President al-Assad

By End the Lie

Earlier this month I covered the reasons why Syria was likely to be the next target in the western Globalist-backed protests and “revolutions” sweeping the Arab world and North Africa. It looks like my conjecture is becoming much more realistic than I originally thought when the only propaganda was coming from Human Rights Watch, which I also exposed as a Council on Foreign Relations tool to justify and get public support for needless invasions. The propaganda is now not only coming from so-called human rights watchdogs but from the corporate special interest media as well, exactly like the falsified reports used to paint a deceiving picture about Serbia and Iraq.

The blatant fabrication utilized by the media in the justification of Serbia is revealed in the following video:

These egregious lies have not slowed down, in fact they continued unabated and if anything have become even more absurd and flagrant than in previous times. In the following video a Reuters reporter reveals how the Fox News agency completely fabricated a story of journalists being used as human shields in Libya. If this doesn’t make you question the validity of the stories we are being fed I don’t know what can.

If you’re still not convinced, maybe a high-level Russian official’s account of the lack of supposed airstrikes by Qaddafi on civilians as seen via Russian spy satellite will convince you? According to al Jazeera and the BBC, Qaddafi utilized air strikes against civilian protesters while the Russian military who was monitoring the situation from space since the beginning of the conflict saw zero evidence of such a thing. No ground reporters could verify the supposed attacks either.

So now that it is clear that lies and deceit were involved in the justification of the invasion of Libya as well as the fact that the western media has no qualms with lying or manufacturing stories to justify their corporate interests, we can start to see that the stories coming out of Syria should be given similar credence.

This image is being passed around the internet and is allegedly of a Syrian protester. I cannot confirm this.

It is becoming exceedingly clear that most, if not all, of the information flowing out of Syria is being twisted and spun to create a story that will allow, yet again, the UN to justify an invasion. In fact, it has already been revealed that the claims of Syrian security forces murdering Syrian soldiers, along with other information, was either misconstrued or deliberately misrepresented.

While the western special interest media is pumping out the propaganda to make foreigners believe that these protests are truly natural and fomented by the people, most people know that this is just absurd. For instance, it came out through the Secretary of State for Human Rights and Labor that,

The chief US diplomat has said the protests in Egypt and Iran fueled by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube reflected “the power of connection technologies as an accelerant of political, social and economic change.”

The US government, Posner said, has budgeted $50 million in the last two years to develop new technologies to help activists protect themselves from arrest and prosecution by authoritarian governments.

And it has organized training sessions for 5,000 activists in different parts of the world.

Therefore, it is a completely and totally irrefutable fact that these revolutions are supported by the west. I am not claiming that the people under these regimes do not have legitimate problems with their dictatorial leaders as obviously they do, however, to characterize the so-called Arab Spring as purely natural would be incorrect.

The Guardian reveals that the Ango-American establishment is making moves toward another “humanitarian” invasion,

He said Britain was in talks with EU and UN security council partners over ways to “send a strong signal” to the Syrian government. He made no mention of sanctions but said further measures were on the table. “Words are not enough: the emergency law needs to be lifted in practice and the legitimate aspirations of the people met,” he said.

Seeing as how Qaddafi seemingly hasn’t received a “strong” enough signal from the UN and EU after being bombarded by hundreds of Tomahawk cruise missiles and various air-raids, will Assad just walk out after getting a sternly worded message from the UN Security Council? I seriously doubt that, especially because Assad most likely is aware, like Qaddafi is, that the United States and other western interests are not just backing up the rebels because they care about humanitarian crises.

However, do we even know that there is actually the humanitarian disaster occurring in Syria that the western media is portraying? How would we verify these claims? Well, we can’t. Syria is closed to foreign reporters and the only information is through proxies, witnesses, etc. As the Guardian article subtly points out, none of the attacks have been confirmed other than through phone conversations. Will an attack be launched on the basis of phone calls, like support was built for the Serbian intervention based on falsified news reports?

The Guardian reports,

The White House expressed alarm at the violence and warned it was considering sanctions. The Obama administration condemned “the brutal violence used by the government of Syria”, describing it as deplorable, and adding: “The United States is pursuing a range of possible policy options, including targeted sanctions, to respond to the crackdown and make clear that this behaviour is unacceptable.”

Supposedly a Syrian protest, again, unconfirmed.

We are seeing the same supporting players in this unfolding fiasco as were involved in the justification of the Libyan invasion. We are also witnessing the same exact words and tactics, that is, “targeted sanctions” in order to “make clear that this behavior is unacceptable”. Sanctions were levied against Qaddafi as well but this has not seemed to make the dictator any less devoted to keeping Globalist forces from destroying his country. Will Assad simply step down after sanctions have been brought against him? Or might he then realize that the western-backed opposition is a true threat and thus tighten his grip on power as Qaddafi has done? Only time can resolve these questions, as well as the question of if the information coming out of Syria is legitimate and reliable.

The Guardian remarks,

Soldiers were said to have opened fire at random in Deraa on Monday, with snipers firing from rooftops and men armed with guns and knives conducting house-to-house searches. Although these reports have not been verified, videos posted online appear to support the claims of witnesses.

Furthermore they write,

Human rights organisations have warned that the latest crackdown signals an attempt by Syrian regime to deliver a fatal blow to the pro-democracy movement. Syria dismisses that claim, insisting its actions are a response to an Islamist-inspired uprising.

Jordan’s powerful Muslim Brotherhood has also condemned the crackdown, denouncing Assad’s “violent way” of dealing with protesters. Syria has banned its own Muslim Brotherhood group.

Well at least they can admit they are running on completely unverified information that could easily be fabricated, exaggerated or 100% contrived. Notice the constant characterization of the movement as “pro-democracy” while the Islamic fundamentalist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, scorns Assad and supports the “pro-democracy movement”. Weren’t we sold the idea that Islamic extremists hate us for our freedom by George W. Bush? Well now it appears we are supposed to forget about all of that and believe that now these fundamentalist groups are peaceful freedom fighters working towards a constitutional democracy. I’ll believe that when I see it, and I don’t mean joke-elections like the ones staged in Iraq to justify the “mission accomplished” absurdity.

We already know that there have been outright lies and contrived stories pumped out of Syria already as evidenced by the usage of a video from Iraq in the 1990’s being touted as footage of Syrian violence.

If this is what the Guardian is referring to when they use online videos as their confirmation of the validity of the accounts they are receiving from alleged witnesses, I think it is safe to dismiss the entire article as pure propaganda. Based upon events in recent years along with just recent months surrounding Libya, it would be nothing short of an act of faith to proclaim that these revolutions are not backed by Globalist interests and that we are not being fed a completely self-serving fabrication of the reality of the uprising in Syria.

The scary part is that most people around the world either forget about the corporate special interest media’s constant falsifications and misrepresentations or they don’t pay enough attention to even make their own decisions. There are far too many people who flip on their televisions expecting to have the truth spoon-fed to them without having to do any of their own research or reading. These are the individuals that are taken by fabricated stories that tug on the heart strings and thus offer their support of what amounts to a Globalist destabilization campaign which has absolutely nothing to do with humanitarian concerns.

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