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New York Increases Already Massive Police Presence and Security in Fears of al Qaeda Attack

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"Hey, look at that guy with the Gadston Flag t-shirt, he's probably a terrorist!"

"Ma'am what are you doing walking down the street? Where are your papers?"

New York City is increasing already tight security as a precaution against possible terrorist reprisals for the killing of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden. Additional safeguards are in place ahead of President Barack Obama’s visit Thursday to Ground Zero, the site of the World Trade Center destroyed by al-Qaida on September 11, 2001.

New York officials say there are currently no specific threats against the city.  But authorities are taking no chances.  Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said on Monday that security has been increased since bin Laden’s killing, although

Photo: G.N. Miller /NY Post.

Don't you feel safe now? Photo: G.N. Miller /NY Post.

not all measures are visible to the public.

“We’re working closely, our counter-terrorism bureau and our intelligence division, working closely with our federal partners both at home and abroad to see if there’s any indication of, perhaps, retaliatory acts,” he said.
Extra precautions are in place at what Kelly referred to as “iconic sites.”  These include Times Square, the Empire State Building, the Statue

Isn't having military in a subway station with M-16 automatic weapons just wonderful? Photo: G.N. Miller /NY Post.

of Liberty and various houses of worship.  The commissioner said additional resources have been devoted to transportation infrastructure.  Subway and rail passengers are subject to random bag searches. On the waters surrounding New York, close attention is being paid to ferries, harbor taxis and bridges.

There is an unmistakable police presence around Ground Zero, which President Obama plans to visit on Thursday.  According to Kelly, there are police department linguists behind the scenes monitoring online chat rooms, and liaison officers stationed overseas to gather intelligence.

Photo: AP Photo/Peter Morgan

This looks like they are indeed setting the stage for a false flag terror event. Remember how massive parts of the military were engaged in war games on September 11th in which they were using the scenario of a plane being flown into a skyscraper by terrorists? This seems similar.

Isn't it great having an automatic rifle stuck in your back during a nice ride on the subway? Photo: G.N. Miller /NY Post.

Could the increased police presence followed by an attack be used to justify an even more massive police state crackdown and even more strict security? It sounds completely logical to me but I really hope it is not the case, as should every American. The fact that people will be subject to random bag searches for just seeking to get from one end of the city to another is a sign that this is being used already to justify more aggressive police state tactics. If no attack occurs, it could equally be utilized to their benefit by hyping up the ever-present possibility of a retaliatory terrorist attack. This phantom boogeyman could be held over New Yorkers’ heads for as long as the government pleases, until they decide that there is no longer a terrorist threat. Who knows how long that could be; it could be months, years, or nearly a decade as was the case after September 11th. I sincerely hope that the most that will happen is that this threat of al Qaeda reprisal will only be used to justify a ludicrous police presence in Manhattan, not the horrific possibility of another false flag carried out by “our” government.

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