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Libya redux? France and UK call for UN action against Syrian government

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By End the Lie

The United Nations Security Council – who says we don’t have world government?

There has been a slow build toward intervention in Syria for months now, I pointed out the hype built up by Human Rights Watch way back on April 16th, and I am not alone on this. Those in the alternative media, researchers and writers like Tony Cartalucci, myself, and others have been covering this in depth for months while the corporate controlled “presstitutes”, as Gerald Celente would say, continue to drum up support for intervention.

Russia seems to realize that any resolution put forth by the UN would lead to another Libya, as they have repeatedly emphasized they oppose the proposed resolution, even though Britain and France have “revised” the proposal.

I must make it very clear to my readers that I do not support human rights violations if that is at all unclear. I think human rights need to be respected in every country and every human being needs to be treated like the sovereign individual they are. This includes condemning Israel for mowing down unarmed protesters and the United States for openly supporting torture. This includes Qaddafi firing on his own people (if he ever did) as well as any violations carried out by Bashar al-Assad. Some eye witnesses within Syria have cast doubt on the veracity of the claims made by “rights groups” regarding the fatalities.

The strange thing is that every single report comes from “human rights groups” or “activists” without any verification whatsoever.  I think it would be a horrible mistake to wrongly dismiss a real human rights crisis, however, the other side of the coin is far from desirable. When the UN starts sanctioning countries, it always starts with a resolution that condemns the actions but does not commit military action. Wait a couple weeks and they’ll push through a resolution guaranteeing military action, as evidenced by Libya.

VOA News reports,

Although the resolution is largely symbolic, in that it has no sanctions and authorizes no military intervention, diplomats say there is apprehension among some countries to sign on to it following two resolutions in the council on Libya that ultimately led to military intervention.

On his way into the Council, Chinese Ambassador Li Baodong told reporters his country is concerned about the situation in Syria. “But we do not think the involvement of the Security Council will help the situation there,” Li said.

China and Russia are clearly no longer buying the whole “human rights” cover for imperialistic wars that are aimed at installing more compliant puppet regimes in order to hijack resources, as well as the private bank takeover of these economies. It also doesn’t hurt to weaken infrastructures and

The fact that the west is backing these destabilization campaigns is irrefutable. Even Politico and the Washington Post had to cover the Wikileaks cable that revealed the US funding rebels in Syria. America also secretly backed the Egyptian protesters as reported by the Telegraph. The fact that the United States is backing al Qaeda led rebels in Libya is also completely undeniable.

The BBC reports,

“It is inconceivable that the United Nations remains silent on such a matter. We are working with our UK friends to have as large a majority as possible on the Security Council,” the French minister added after a council meeting.

However, some council members – like Brazil, South Africa and India – are afraid that the resolution could be the first step towards a Libya-style intervention, the BBC’s Barbara Plett at the UN reports.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that these resolutions lead to interventions and the interventions lead to massive civilian casualties, prolonged conflicts without any end game, and the pillaging of resources by the Anglo-American empire.

While Brazil has recently been given some handouts by Obama in yet another effort to move jobs outside of the United States in the war against the middle class, these countries don’t benefit as much from the private banks that quickly establish themselves in these destabilized nations in order to economically rape them with alacrity.

For those who don’t remember, General Motors used our bailout money to move jobs to China and elsewhere, if that isn’t direct economic warfare against the working people of the United States, I don’t know what is. Let’s not even get into Quantitative Easing and the deliberate devaluation of the dollar.

The point is that this is not going to benefit anyone, especially the people of Syria and the United States. I think it is safe to say it is probable that, if the initial resolution is passed, some military action under the guise of humanitarian aid will take place in the future. Peace and bombs don’t mix. The crippled and failing economy does not lend support to our foreign escapades any longer.

As an American citizen you must demand your right to be heard by your representatives and make it very clear that we need to stop these imperialistic interventions and stop funding the destabilization of the Middle East. We must refuse to allow our so-called president to give away billions of dollars we don’t have to further fund these western controlled and fomented color revolutions.

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