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Rochester police harass supporters of woman who was arrested for filming cops from her lawn

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By End the Lie

Purposefully Raping Individual Dignity Everyday (Photo: City of Rochester)

Recently I was contacted via e-mail by an activist and documentary filmmaker from Rochester, New York named Davy V. concerning the plight of a woman who was arrested for filming a traffic stop from her front yard. The story of Emily Good is a perfect example of the growing trend of law enforcement officers harassing, arresting, and even beating people for filming them. Fortunately, these officers didn’t brutalize Good, as it is an all too common¬†occurrence.

One basic fact that must be established is that it is completely legal to film a public officer on a public street in which there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. You have every right to film every single traffic stop or public encounter you have or see anyone else having. Emily Good was arrested for legally filming a public servant on public property from what should be the sanctity of her own property. I find it hard to believe that anyone could watch the following video and think it was a legitimate, justified arrest.

To be fair, we do not know what she said before she started filming, which the cop refers to, although she asks him to repeat what she said to him and he fails to do so. That statement from the officer very well might have been an attempt to make the video seem as if she started filming after she had made threats to the officer or some such thing.

If anyone is reading this and feels they can justify the police officers’ actions, I would love to hear what you have to say in the comments below.

This fiasco just gets worse, Davy V. e-mailed me the raw video of the Rochester Police Department harassing supporters of Emily Good who were meeting at a local community center. While real crimes are going on, multiple officers devoted their time to giving people tickets for being parked 13 inches away from the curb.

Thankfully, the video and story have spread far and wide, giving this case a great deal of attention. Unfortunately for the R.P.D., this means no amount of petty parking tickets can mitigate the consequences of their actions.

3 Responses to Rochester police harass supporters of woman who was arrested for filming cops from her lawn

  1. tom July 31, 2011 at 3:32 PM

    notice how every one of those police cars was illegally parked? LOL!

  2. RussIRish August 1, 2011 at 11:56 AM

    All these bastard cops should be arrested!

  3. Edward July 12, 2012 at 4:12 PM

    I think that the police were justified in arresting her because they gave her a warning, clearly stating that she was making them feel unsafe by her videotaping behind them and saying something previously that they interpreted as anti-police. I feel bad that Emily was arrested, especially as she cried when she was led away in handcuffs.
    However, she did disobey a police order. She may have broken the law by obstructing governmental administration. I think that even if it was her “right” to stand on her lawn, she should have obeyed the police in this instance instead of talking back, arguing, and insisting on being disobedient. She should have respected him and obeyed his order. Since the law is man-made, there are occasional contradictions occurring.
    There is a question, however, as to why they decided to let the man go free whom they originally arrested. But perhaps they were keeping him safely in the back of the police car while they searched his car, and once they found nothing, they let him go.
    It’s easy to be biased against the police because of slanderous stories, gossip and backbiting. Why would one bad experience with one man make anyone judge a whole group as dishonorable, especially a group we rely on to keep us safe. Also, notice that one of the witnesses called 911 to say what she saw the police do. Notice she called the police as a part of policing the police: which shows that not all police are corrupt.


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