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Bombing kills another 15 civilians according to Libyan government, NATO denies report

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By End the Lie

A screenshot from footage taken in Libya of normal cars driving down an empty road being bombed by NATO. The cars are clearly civilian. UPDATE: according to some readers, this footage is actually from Iraq and not Libya.

The imperialistic crusade continues and yet another strictly civilian district has been targeted by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization resulting in an additional 15 innocent Libyans being added to the alliance’s death toll. Not surprisingly, NATO claims that this report from the Libyan government is not accurate in any respect. The strike destroyed a restaurant and bakery in the city of al-Brega, a key town for oil refineries located roughly 500 miles East of Tripoli.

According to the NATO reports, this occurred in an abandoned area of al-Brega that Qaddafi was using as a base to launch “direct attacks” on Libyan civilians. A CNN report today quotes Lt. Gen. Charles Bouchard, NATO commander for the Libya campaign, as saying, “This continues to show Gadhafi’s reprehensible tactics of placing military assets and operations at the heart of civilian neighborhoods.”

According to NATO, these “key command and control nodes” were monitored and confirmed as military assets before “precision guided munitions” were used to destroy the target.

A spokesman for the opposition, Abdul Hafiz Ghoga, has placed the blame squarely on Qaddafi for these civilian deaths. The al Qaeda affiliated opposition claims that he is responsible for these deaths because he places weapons near civilians. Meanwhile, Libyan refugees have described the opposition forces as “power-hungry terrorists.

Unfortunately it is very clear that the “precision” strikes are anything but, exemplified by the civilian deaths verified by the alliance, along with the numerous unconfirmed reports. We are simply supposed to hope that NATO isn’t actually killing all of the Libyans that they are accused of killing.

We are also supposed to think that the rebels are good, well intentioned people who are the polar opposite of the Qaddafi regime. Unfortunately, this simply is not true. Setting aside the fact that they are openly linked to al Qaeda, the same individuals who went to Iraq to kill American soldiers and allies, these rebels still are not nearly as peachy as the Western media is making them out to be.

A website recently put online and e-mailed to me by one of the administrators/editors/operators of the Intel Hub, Alex Thomas, depicts some of the horrors carried out at the hands of these so-called freedom fighters. The atrocities contained in these videos should really never be seen and I highly recommend that you do not watch them. They are extremely disturbing, brutally violent, and nothing short of appalling. With that serious disclaimer given, you can witness some of the most disgusting and abhorrent actions I have ever seen here. You need only look at the titles of the videos to understand what is going on, watching them is quite unnecessary unless you truly desire to for some reason.

These acts are just as bad, if not worse, than the alleged human rights violations carried out by Qaddafi and his minions coming from Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. One must consider where exactly the accusations are coming from, given that HRW and AI are both illegitimate, biased, and compromised organizations. For an in-depth look at Amnesty International, please explore the revealing SourceWatch entry on the organization. For details on Human Rights Watch, you should read my brief overview in this article about Syria and explore the resources linked therein.

In every article I pen on this subject I make sure to emphasize that in no way, shape, or form do I support Qaddafi, what he stands for, or anything that he has done. I do, however, stand for the truth and nothing but, even if that involves questioning accusations made against a leader I would rather not defend. This is especially important when the lives of the Libyan people are at stake, along with the entire nation’s infrastructure, not to mention the billions of non-existent taxpayer dollars being spent.

The operation has clearly changed scope from a civilian protection mission to a not-so-subtle regime change with a nice dash of assassination attempts. Jacob Zuma, the President of South Africa, commented, “The intention was not to authorize a campaign for regime change or political assassination,” at the African Union’s special committee on Libya.

We must take every report we receive with a grain of salt in order to get an accurate picture of the events transpiring in this war torn nation. I highly recommend that you conduct background research on the sources you are giving credence to, especially when they are Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) allied with the United Nations.

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