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Syria: Lybia 2.0? It looks more likely by the day

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By End the Lie

I have been covering the possible invasion of Syria in a lot of detail here at EndtheLie, starting with my article in April in which I laid out the case for Syria being the next globalist-imperialist target. Unfortunately, the evidence has only grown since that first article with the massive amounts of propaganda being pumped out of the Western mainstream media. It is not just the media, this is being promoted from all fronts including so-called activist groups, human rights groups (multiple, in fact) and even U.S. politicians.

The hype is undeniable, but many questions have yet to be answered, just as most of the important questions have not been answered about the rebels in Libya.

One of the biggest issues is that there has been no independent verification to validate the veracity of the claims coming out of Syria. Furthermore, one of the highly lauded blogs of a supposedly gay Syrian woman (who ended up being a man named Tom MacMaster) which was utilized by Western media propaganda factories to show the injustices occurring in Syria was a complete fraud.

I must make it clear that I do not condone any human rights violations at the hand of anyone for any reason, ever. U.S. politicians and Pentagon scum wouldn’t agree with me, but I am a staunch defender of everyone’s right to live a life of liberty, free from pain, oppression and any infringement on their right to prosper as a free human being.

Part of this moral code to which I subscribe includes not lying, especially when such lies will endanger the lives of other people. The possible lies surrounding Syria will undoubtedly put thousands of Syrian lives in danger; as if these reports are indeed falsified or at all exaggerated they can and will be used to justify foreign intervention.

As I have covered in my previous articles, the immense NATO bombing campaign, which has already resulted in the deaths of innocent Libyan civilians, was also based on several falsified or exaggerated incidents. We are also being fed a misrepresentation of how the Libyan people feel about Gaddafi.

This was revealed before the full-scale attacks began by Russian officials, yet the United States, France, and Britain seem to either not care or disregard the veracity of the statements. I struggle to find a logical and probable reason why Russian personnel would lie about their findings, if someone can, I would appreciate you leaving your thoughts below.
However, these are not the only reports which conflict with the picture (and the only picture) that is presented by the Western corporate media. In fact eyewitness reports revealed by RT directly conflict with this picture.

A video that was used by the mainstream Western media as evidence of the alleged injustices occurring there was apparently actually a video filmed in Iraq in the 1990s. The man who witnessed this in front of his own shop can be heard testifying to this fact below:

So, what are we to believe, unverified reports? I wish I could bring myself to believe these reports but unfortunately I am part of the reality-based community that does not believe anything unless it is independently verifiable.

If these reports are indeed true then the international community should indeed step up to the plate, but bombing the country into the Stone Age definitely is not the answer. How about offering as much support as possible for democratic talks within Syria?

I guess peaceful talks and governmental reforms don’t get billions in contracts for defense contractors, so it isn’t entertained as a viable option by U.S. officials. Instead of urging for peaceful resolution and actually backing up their words with action, the American government has instead opted to spend our non-existent funds on “secret internet” technology for dissidents abroad.

We have seen that NATO is completely incompetent (or malicious) which has resulted in unknown numbers of civilian deaths in Libya. This eliminates international military intervention as a solution for violence. Fighting violence with more violence just doesn’t seem to be working out too well.

Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton has been pumping out countless lies about Syria in an attempt to build more popular support for a violent, imperialistic crusade. Meanwhile, the U.S. has been secretly backing Syrian opposition, as well as funding a television propaganda operation beamed into the country via satellite. The fact is that the United States is engaging in covert regime change in Syria.

This would not be the only instance in which mystery gunmen were fomenting violence between both sides in a foreign nation, as Tony Cartalucci has detailed. Arab bloggers have also covered this issue, as well as the Director of the Center for Middle East Studies and Associate Professor at the University of Oklahoma Joshua Landis.

I, for one, find this quite disturbing and disheartening. In times in which we can’t trust the unverified reports given to us by mainstream media, so-called activist groups, human rights groups, or the government, who are we to trust?

The only answer is visual evidence gathered and verified by people, including as many independent journalists and journalists in general, on the ground. This same standard leaves us with a drastically different understanding of what is going on in Libya than if we were to base our concept of reality solely on the reports (which are also unverified) coming from the Western media.

The highly biased, cherry-picked information that is presented by the Western media paints a completely inaccurate picture of the events in Syria, just like the selective data we are given regarding Libya. There are so many unanswered questions and falsifications that believing the Western media’s portrayal of the uprising in Syria is near impossible for anyone who reads news that isn’t spoon-fed to them by the special interest media.

Just like Libya, the situation in Syria is much more complex than the Western media makes it out to be. It is not cut and dry; we are supposed to believe that the entire nation of Syria, or at least a significant contingency if not the majority and the brutal Assad regime is oppressing everyone while murdering civilians whenever possible.

The White House even had the gall to blame a protest on the Israeli border on Syria, which resulted in the deaths of protesters. Clearly the United States has a score to settle with President Bashar al-Assad of Syria. Israel blamed the unrest on Iran and Syria. Watch this report on Fox News to see an apologist attempt to justify these actions and baseless allegations.

Nihat Ali Özcan of the Hurriyet Daily News reports,

“Turkey’s new approach to Syria also has the potential to create tension with Iran in the medium term. A possible shift of power will end the role of Syria as the “strategic ally” of Iran; which will in turn assign a partial responsibility for such an outcome to Turkey.”

Yet again, the situation is much more complicated than the mainstream media makes it out to be. Our so-called representatives in Washington also promote this lie.

Until reports are independently verified by honest journalists with the dignity and honor to present the truth, even if it is counter to the wishes of the Anglo-American Empire, I will not, cannot support any kind of military intervention.

Once we get some truth instead of the doctored picture manufactured by Western governments and their media lapdogs, and only then, can we accurately analyze the situation. Until then, I suggest you stick to the facts and consume as much information from every source as humanly possible.

Be sure to check out reports from all sides of the debate, from every end of the political spectrum and from as many nations as you can find. Doing this will leave you with a set of facts which can be verified and you will undoubtedly be more informed and less biased than the talking heads babbling on broadcast news.

The numerous sources provided in this article are a great starting point but as always I must request that you do not blindly accept what I say as the mainstream media would desire and instead conduct your own research and see what conclusion you come to.

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