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Libyan rebels lying left and right, how can we tell what is really going in Libya?

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By End the Lie

Malik Al-Abdeh's photo attached to his Twitter account (Credit: Twitter/Al-Abdeh)

UPDATE: Tony Cartalucci of the Land Destroyer Report pointed out to me that Malik Al-Abdeh is the founder and editor of the Syrian propaganda television network funded by the United States, Barada TV. Clearly this is pure disinformation, along with everything else his station and others funded by America put out. This series of tweets makes it plain for even the most skeptical to see.

Earlier today a Syrian journalist reported that Gaddafi was dead, then he reported that he wasn’t dead and that they captured and wounded him, then he admitted that “Rebel sources say they spread false news of #Gaddafi’s death to encourage defections.”

With so much conflicting information and outright lies coming out of Libya, how can we know what is really going on?

Unfortunately, at this stage, we cannot. Clearly “rebel sources” are totally unreliable and will gladly tell lies to serve their own political ends.

I truly wish there was a reliable source we could turn to in order to know what is actually going on today in Libya but at this stage I cannot say there is such a source.

Let’s take a moment to analyze the recent tweets published by Malik Al-Abdeh, which are being treated with a disturbing amount of veracity.

About an hour before writing this article Al-Abdeh claimed, “100% Confirmed: Abu Zaid Dourda, head of #Gaddafi’s foreign intelligence, gave up G’s position in deal with #NTC.”

Of course his “100% Confirmed” story is completely contradicted by his later tweet in which he admitted that rebels have “deliberately spread false news” and thus every single one of his so-called sources is, at best, questionable.

He now claims that Gaddafi is in fact in detention, is being treated for wounds and is “en route to airport to fly out to #ICC [International Criminal Court] in Hague.”

Guess who gave him that tidbit of information? You guessed it, rebels. Therefore, his claims and “several corroborating reports from rebel sources” are totally worthless.

Just a few minutes later, Al-Abdeh admits that the claims that Gaddafi was wounded and captured are unconfirmed.

The amount of contradictions and misinformation in just the last hour is almost disturbing.

Al-Abdeh, less than 10 minutes later writes, “I’m doing very best to sift [through] news on what’s happening in #Tripoli. I’m trying to piece together accurate [picture]”.

If Al-Abdeh was actually interested in piecing together an accurate picture of what is going on in Tripoli he wouldn’t be acting as if sources who are admitted liars carry any weight whatsoever.

The truth is that Al-Abdeh is posting sensationalized, unconfirmed and outright falsified reports for political purposes.

Not surprisingly, since Al-Abdeh is clearly rabidly anti-Assad, Al-Abdeh writes, “Jubilant crowds in #Benghazi, #Tripoli chanting against #Assad, singing the Qashush song “Irhal Ya Bashar!”

Why Libyans fighting for their own freedom, which has yet to be totally secured, would be jubilantly chanting against Assad is not explained.

As of 20 minutes ago at the time of writing this article, Al-Abdeh is reporting that while Gaddafi’s son Mohamed surrendered to rebel forces, his house is now under attack by gunmen.

Less than 10 minutes later he writes, “#NTC leader Mustafa Jalil on #AJA says minor shoot-out took place between Mohamad #Gaddafi’s guards, #FF. Assures Mohamad will not be hurt.” (Perhaps it is just a typo but the spelling of Mohamed changed in a span of less than ten minutes as well.)

As per usual, the rebels are painted as individuals who would never go back on a promise and would treat the captured son of Gaddafi well. We are supposed to believe the assurances of Jalil that he “will not be hurt.”

If the rebels weren’t al-Qaeda affiliated war criminals I might believe that.

Apparently Mohamad Gaddafi has appeared on al Jazeera alive, so I guess they have that much going for them. However, the guarantee that he will not be hurt in the future is a hollow one, at best.

The National Transitional Council or NTC’s leader Mustafa Abduljalil has been making some interesting statements, according to Al-Abdeh.

Al-Abdeh tweeted the following in a 3 minute period:

“#NTC leader Mustafa Abduljalil says all arms must be handed over to authorities, says Islamic extremist will not be tolerated”.


“#NTC leader Mustafa Abduljalil on #AJA says he will quit if there is cycle of revenge, warns against Islamic extremists.”


Is the Libyan rebel undemocratic leadership going to forcibly disarm the people of Libya after their “revolution” was “successful”?

Will they attempt to prevent any further uprisings after the “successful” pseudo-revolution takes place, just like the military dictatorship in Egypt has?

From these quotes I would find it unlikely that any further dissent will be tolerated by the new NATO-backed al Qaeda-affiliated regime is in place.

The most recent tweet from Al-Abdeh, published less than 10 minutes ago at the time of writing this article reads, “In actual fact, #Gaddafi’s foreign intel chief betrayed G’s safe house, #FF tell me. They caught G after gun battle, will send him to #ICC”.

I wonder if this is “actual fact” or more lies deliberately circulated by rebel sources. Al-Abdeh’s reliance on admitted liars who have no problem falsifying information for political ends is beyond reason.

Hopefully we can see some actual reporting coming out of Tripoli soon so we know what is really going on there instead of more unconfirmed claims coming from proud liars and those who support them, like Al-Abdeh.

To follow the wildly inaccurate “reporting” coming from Al-Abdeh, visit his Twitter page here.

2 Responses to Libyan rebels lying left and right, how can we tell what is really going in Libya?

  1. Sir Pampalon August 21, 2011 at 11:57 PM

    some porbably accurate reports from people who are now in tripolis and been there for a time: http://www.youtube.com/user/108morris108
    also, thierry meysan also has a clue

  2. Dominic Caraccilo September 12, 2011 at 12:39 AM

    The quality of life and security for the citizens has been largely restored and we are a large part of why that has happened.


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