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More ludicrous claims from Libyan rebels: Gaddafi’s spokesman captured fleeing Sirte dressed as a woman

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By End the Lie

Moussa Ibrahim

When consuming any news coming out of Libya since the NATO bombing campaign began months ago, one must do so with a grain of salt the size of a Humvee.

The al Qaeda-affiliated, Western backed and defended Libyan rebels are liars. Plain and simple. They lie for personal and political gains without any qualms or regrets.

I exposed this, along with the State Department funded and controlled Syrian opposition journalist Malik al-Abdeh last month in my article “Libyan rebels lying left and right, how can we tell what is really going in Libya?

In this article I covered how Malik al-Abdeh pushed wild claims made by rebels constantly, even when they all turned out to be nothing more than pure fabrication.

It is not even the case that the rebels are ashamed of their behavior, they openly admit that they lie to increase defections and lower the morale of those still loyal to Gaddafi.

Today it appears that yet another ridiculous lie has made its way to press: rebel commanders from the non-democratic and wholly unaccountable National Transitional Council claim that fighters from Misrata discovered Moussa Ibrahim disguised as a woman in a car close to Sirte.

This is claim carries as much credence as the claims that Saif al-Islam, Muammar Gaddafi’s son, was captured by rebels in August.

In a matter of hours, Saif al-Islam appeared before international journalists to show them what untrustworthy liars the rebels really are.

During this time the rebels also claimed they killed or captured Gaddafi himself, all of which were total lies.

Now they’ve moved on from Gaddafi’s son to Ibrahim, the spokesman for the Gaddafi government.

This report, published by the British news outlet The Independent, cites Mustafa bin Dardef of the NTC’s Zintant Brigade as saying, “Misrata fighters contacted us and gave us the information that Moussa Ibrahim has been captured”.

Another rebel commander, Mohammed al-Marimi claims that, “Moussa Ibrahim was captured while driving outside Sirte by fighters from Misrata.”

Just about a week ago, Ibrahim called on those fighters loyal to Gaddafi to carry on their fight against the rebel forces (and their NATO allies who are not only attacking from the air, but also from the ground, and have been for some time), which they have been doing admirably.

He also called the rebels traitors, which technically they are regardless of how you feel about the Libyan uprising, and said that NATO was committing genocide in Libya.

While even The Independent says that the claim that “he was captured while disguised as a woman” is unconfirmed, the fact that they published it and included it in the headline just shows how gullible they really are.

One would hope that after the rebels have delegitimized themselves so many times over throughout this conflict and shown themselves to be nothing more than bloodthirsty, racist murderers, a news outlet calling itself The Independent would be able to realize that these claims are dubious at best.

UPDATE: Yet again, wild claims made by rebels turn out to be a forgery. What a surprise!

Today Moussa Ibrahim called a Syrian television station, Arrai TV, and denied the rebel claims that he was captured.

Ibrahim said, “This information is a lie and does not reflect reality because I was near the front of Sirte with 23 fighters,” and that, “We were attacked for over a day-and-a-half by heavily armed rebels. There were deaths on both sides.”

Ibrahim said that they expect another attack by rebel forces tomorrow but he also said that the forces loyal to Gaddafi are ready to fight back.

Ibrahim would not comment on the whereabouts of Gaddafi, although he did say that Gaddafi requested he pass on his condolences to “former Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser, whose son, Khaled Abdel Nasser, died on Sept 15″ according to Bangladesh’s BDNews24.

We will continue to keep you updated on this issue and others surrounding the Western-backed Libyan revolution. Stay tuned.

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3 Responses to More ludicrous claims from Libyan rebels: Gaddafi’s spokesman captured fleeing Sirte dressed as a woman

  1. Anonymous October 1, 2011 at 10:10 PM

    Libyan rebels lying again? NO WAY!

  2. sharpfang October 3, 2011 at 12:36 AM

    I think they stole this story from a Youtube vid – it was actually a fleeing rebel-rat, who was caught dressed as a woman and they filmed some footage – NTC are scum as are their supportes – US NATO above and fundy-mercenaries below.

  3. David Robertson October 3, 2011 at 6:26 AM

    Here is a radio interview with Moussa Ibrahim on October 1 as reported by Dr. Christof Lehmann at nsnbc.



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