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Russian warships entering Syrian waters to inhibit foreign invasion as opposition calls for no-fly zone

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By End the Lie

A still from a video in which the Free Syrian Army declares that they will continue to attack government forces

In what represents the most confrontation between the West and Russia over the issue of Syrian intervention to date, Haaretz reports that a Syrian news agency said that Russian warships are due to arrive in Syrian territorial waters.

Haaretz characterizes this move as “a clear message to the West that Moscow would resist any foreign intervention in the country’s civil unrest,” and indeed it is a clear message that comes with threat of military repercussions.

Previously Russia has made it clear that they will not support yet another Western intervention in Syria but with the Arab League suspending Syria this week over their crackdown on armed opposition protesters, the stakes are getting higher by the day.

To make the already tense situation astoundingly worse, the former Syrian colonel and current leader of the Free Syrian army is calling for international intervention in no uncertain terms whatsoever.

There is truly nothing left to interpretation anymore, the Syrian opposition is armed, and as Riad al As’ad the leader of the Free Syrian Army said to Businessweek via telephone interview, “Our operations are increasing and we will reach the presidential palace. The regime is going to fall. It may take longer if there is no foreign assistance, but it’s not going to stay. It’s finished.”

“With the three separate attacks this week, they have raised the ante and are preparing the ground for a no-fly zone, similar to the scenario in Libya, which may have the support of a number of countries,” Theodore Karasik, the director of research at the Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis in Dubai told Bloomberg.

While As’ad claims that no country has offered to support the Free Syrian Army yet, the fighting group “welcomes all assistance.”

Yet Mohammad Riad Shaqfa, the exiled leader of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood said that, “If other interventions are required, such as air protection, because of the regime’s intransigence, then the people will accept Turkish intervention. They do not want Western intervention.”

Either Shaqfa is out of the loop or “all assistance” means “only Turkey.” I tend towards speculating that Shaqfa is just attempting to make foreign intervention more palatable, when in reality Turkey invading would mean Western nations taking part as well.

Of course, like Libya, this would be under the guise of a “support” role which in actuality means flying the vast majority of bombing runs and missions.

Yet Shaqfa’s assertion is completely contrary to the facts.

Reuters reports that France said it was encouraging Syrian opposition groups, including the Paris-based Syrian National Council, yet they claim they are opposed to outside military intervention.

“In any case we are helping them, we are encouraging them to get organized,” French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe told the French BFM Radio.

As’ad is calling for a so-called buffer zone in the north on the border between Syria and Turkey along with another in the south near the Jordanian border, supposedly “to help them bring the fight closer to Assad.”

The Arab League also proposed sending hundreds of so-called observers to Syria, but one wouldn’t be out of line in pointing out that Arab League nations helped obliterate Libya, specifically Qatar which was directing and fighting with the rebels in every major battle throughout the entirety of the uprising.

I believe that it might be a bit foolish to assume that observers are only observers and not so-called “trainers” who will help train, direct and fight with the opposition against Bashar al-Assad’s government.

As I have pointed out countless times now, all of the signs are pointing to a Libya-type scenario unfolding in Syria and all I can say is that I truly hope that I am wrong about this.

However, the Syrian government has already decried the United States’ “blatant interference” in the uprising there, and the reality of American interference is hardly arguable at this point.

Prominent U.S. politicians like John McCain, who just happens to be the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, have openly called for foreign intervention in Syria.

Earlier this month, the Syrian government accused the United States of funding terrorists in Syria, along with the clear meddling America has participated in recently.

The fact is, just like Libya, these so-called protesters, who are better characterized as a well-armed rebellion, have absolutely no interest in a peaceful resolution.

The Syrian opposition has declared that they will not hold any talks with the Assad government, and we saw this same thing with the al-Qaeda affiliated Libyan rebels.

The Russians are quite aware of this fact, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made this quite clear in talks with French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe in early September.

Lavrov pointed out that the Syrian opposition’s outright refusal to hold talks with the government clearly indicates that they are seeking international backing in the vein of what the Libyan rebels received.

Lavrov further emphasized the fact that international support could well lead to “new bloodshed” in Syria.

The Syrian opposition has also established a proto-government of sorts, straight out of the Western-backed Libyan playbook.

Instead of the National Transitional Council or Transitional National Council (NTC/TNC) depending on the news source, it is the Syrian National Council (SNC).

Is anyone else a bit amazed at the fact that they would follow the Libyan blueprint after seeing Libya absolutely decimated?

This is just one of the many pieces of the puzzle indicating that this is a Western-engineered faux revolution to justify armed intervention.

Yet, unlike Libya, Russia has pledged their support to the Assad government and they are actually backing it up with military firepower.

This will undoubtedly make for a much muddier situation for the U.S.-led NATO forces with the help of Arab League nations to wade into.

Lavrov has recently pointed out that the so-called Free Syrian Army assault on an Airforce Intelligence compound on the peripheries of Damascus was “already completely similar to civil war,” and he couldn’t be more correct.

You can no longer pretend to be a peaceful pro-democracy movement when you’re using rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns to assault a military base.

The 10-member military council that leads the Free Syrian Army has taken full credit for this assault while also destroying an armed personnel carrier (APC) at another intelligence agency base in Aleppo, according to the spokesman, Ammar al-Wawi.

The armed assault does not end there, indeed army defectors using rocket-propelled grenades to attack the Baath Party offices in the town of Maaret al-Numan.

As’ad claims that the Free Syrian Army gains 100-200 new members every time they conduct an attack on government targets.

According to As’ad the group’s fighters are spread out amongst all of the hotbeds of conflict that have seen the most action in the eight-month uprising.

These include suburbs of the Syrian capital of Damascus, the central cities of Homs and Hama, the southern region of Daraa, the norther province of Idlib, the port city of Latakia, and the eastern town of Deir al-Zour.

Even the establishment media seems to be picking up on the fact that the Syrian uprising isn’t just a bunch of peace-loving pro-democracy protesters dancing in the streets and hugging each other while the bloodthirsty Assad heartlessly slaughters them.

As Liz Sly for The Washington Post points out, in a blog of course as this is far from front-page material for a rag like The Washington Post, “If there were any doubt that the Syrian uprising is rapidly evolving into an armed insurgency, an unverified video posted on the Internet depicting what appears to be the ambush of a military vehicle by defected soldiers seems to dispel it.”

Her inclusion of “unverified” is a bit out of order seeing as the Free Syrian Army openly brags about the attack.

The Syrian state-run SANA news agency reported a rise in military casualties which clearly indicates that there is a well-armed insurgency in Syria.

The absurd part about this whole Syria debacle is that armed insurgents are free targets for American troops and drones nearly anywhere on Earth, yet when Assad attempts to defend his own government and his military; it is suddenly a humanitarian crisis.

This kind of doublethink and moral pragmatism disgusts me, and the fact that so many Westerners can reconcile this is beyond me.

Hopefully the Russian presence in Syrian territorial waters will deter any foreign invasion, be it Turkey or the U.S.-led NATO forces that are still washing the blood of Libyan civilians off their hands.

Any situation in which foreign troops invade Syria will not be a positive one for the invaders or the people of Syria.

Just like Libya, it will undoubtedly lead to a total destruction of the infrastructure, followed by looting of the natural resources and then the gold rush that is involved in rebuilding a country they just bombed into the Stone Age.

12 Responses to Russian warships entering Syrian waters to inhibit foreign invasion as opposition calls for no-fly zone

  1. Andie November 18, 2011 at 6:38 PM

    Whats going to blow up first? Iran? Syria? China? theres just way too much going on right now they could pull almost anything off

  2. no6ody November 19, 2011 at 6:35 AM

    In this era of deceit, whenever the MSM says ‘peaceful protesters’ you should hear ‘mercenaries,’ the same with ‘opposition protesters’ and ‘defected soldiers.’ A ‘no-fly zone’ means WAR. I hope the Russians are able to keep this one from happening, because the ‘merican peepholes’ don’t seem up to the job.

  3. FranCisco d Nostromo November 19, 2011 at 9:30 AM

    In every way, organize now.
    Sir, I would ask you to read the story:
    Bad Moon Rising, by contributor Franklin Lambalso posted on Activist Post:
    Samal readily admits that he, like many Libyans, was not as opposed to Muammar Gadhafi personally, as to those around “the leader” who took advantage of their positions, connections and immunity and committed serial crimes against the public.
    Ahmed explained: “OK, we are “free” now what? Everyone says we are rich. Then why do we feel so poor? What kind of government will we have? I favor a strong unitary government like Patrice Lumumba did in the Congo. Many want a Federal system. We have to build. Now our biggest challenge is our leadership vacuum. Are we going to regret that Gadhafi is gone? For sure many will. Not all of us rebels hated Gadhafi but they hated his henchmen who were out of control and had created their own small empires. That is why many are now saying that the new government must not include any Gadhafi former henchmen. They were the main problem, not Gadhafi himself.”

    Thank you,
    Cisco d

  4. FranCisco d Nostromo November 19, 2011 at 9:57 AM

    continued excerpts form Bad Moon Rising:
    Samal, added:

    Yes but remember, and for sure we admit this, without NATO we would not have lasted one month. Please don’t think we are in love with NATO although many Libyans seem to want our country to join NATO and some in NATO and our interim government want this also. NATO knows that our country could be a perfect AFRICOM base to re-colonize Africa and end progressive projects for African countries. Please do not think we are not aware of what NATO countries want from Libya and our neighbors. They want from Libya and this whole region oil and natural resources, they want military bases on our soil, and they want us to accept Israel. How they plan to achieve all this is by getting Arabs to fight and kill Arabs and Muslims to fight and kill Muslims.
    Samal and his friends discussed their frustration with the fact that the UK, France, US and other NATO countries are swarming like locusts around Libya and seeking very lucrative contracts to rebuild Misrata, Brega, Sirte, after they and their NATO allies destroyed them. “That’s Haram!”, Ahmad insisted. “They destroyed our country and now they want us to pay them to rebuild it. I wish we could rebuild without one NATO country profiting. It’s like that crazy American woman running for President of your country who wants Iraq to pay for the death of US occupation soldiers who were killed. The US must pay the Iraqi families for every one of the more than one million Iraqi’s the US killed and for all the damage its bombs did to Iraq.

  5. FranCisco d Nostromo November 19, 2011 at 10:29 AM

    continued excerpts from Bad Moon Rising:
    This observer’s host shared many amazing photos they had taken on their camera phones over the past months. Showing a photo of bearded fighters, Ahmad commented that Western media saw these beards and immediately concluded “Al Qaeda!” “This is not true at all and we laughed when we saw these false reports”, he continued, “The reason the media saw so many beards is for the simple reason that we did not have time to shave. If I have some free time I will clean my weapon or rest, not shave. Now as you see I have no beard. Same thing with many of my friends.
    Yes there are plenty of Al Qeada among us. And I want to add that each Al Qaeda fighter is worth 100 of us during battles. They are very well trained and very expert with explosives. I don’t know how they can do what they do with simple devices, plus they are not afraid to die. But they are not in control here in Libya. Whether they will be eventually, time will tell.”
    Kamal, a medical lab technician added:
    Many Gadhafi loyalists in Tripoli and Western Libya who saw civilians killed by NATO bombs do not realize that NATO also killed plenty of us rebels, and civilians in our areas of Eastern Libya. We are not allowed to mention it but NATO made many mistakes. We called them ‘the gang that can’t bomb straight’ and many of our forces, a few hundred I would say, were bombed by NATO. An even higher number of civilians were killed in our areas by NATO. Often we feared NATO more than we feared the Gadhafi fighters.
    Human rights groups should investigate what happened to us because the NTC will not.
    There is a possibility that Libya may experience what the Congo did after the fall of the dictator Mobutu. Samal noted some parallels and the possibility that Libyans may actually regret Gadhafi’s departure as many in the Congo have misgivings regarding the absence of the 33-year rule of strong man Mobutu,
    since Gadhafi also gave his fractionalized country a sort of unity, a sense of being Libyan, free education, free medical aid, subsidized housing and woman’s rights all of which could now be in jeopardy.

    thank you again,
    not your most perfect or patriotic
    Cisco d
    C.ivil R.ights E.ducation, E.nforcement, D.efense-
    I.nternational A.lliance N.etwork

  6. FranCisco d Nostromo November 19, 2011 at 1:07 PM

    They reflected on the fact that Gadhafi still has lots of supporters both in Libya and throughout Africa and my hosts all thought that the newly formed loyalist “Libya Liberation Front” could become a major force in the coming months. They recommended dialogue with the LLF, something the Obama administration and NATO consistently vetoed with the Gadhafi regime over the past eight months.

    They acknowledged that dialogue between the Libyan government and the rebels during March could have avoided the tragedy that unfolded during the subsequent seven months.

    This personal message, to the warmongering peace prize winner:

    Cisco d

  7. Pingback: Russian warships entering Syrian waters to inhibit foreign invasion as opposition calls for no-fly zone

  8. Moridin November 20, 2011 at 8:22 AM

    the ‘globalists’ seem to want WW3.

    why else the sudden ramp up for Iran and China almost simultaneously? Russia has already sent ships to prevent a ‘humanitarian response’ in Syria, as well as stated that they will respond to an Iranian strike.

    then this entire Australian ramp up, right on the heels of all of the ‘drills’ we’ve been running near China is absolutely ridiculous.

    the sentiment in America has changed contrary to Obama’s position in ALL of these matters. from the tea party, to occupy, to THE OVERWHELMING MILITARY SUPPORT FOR RON PAUL!

    I think Libya left him out in the rain, because of his skirting of the Constitution, and following a NATO resolution. That just gave RP more ammo to effectively point out the unconstitutionality of pursuing military action without Congressional approval. it doesn’t help him that an AL-CIAida flag now flies over the Libyan capital. doesn’t ANYONE ELSE find this OUTRAGEOUS?

    BTW… I find it VERY interesting that Webster Tarpley, http://tarpley.net/2011/11/15/report-from-syria/ , travels to Syria last week and goes directly to the specific city, and neighborhood where the ‘rebellion’,’uprising’, and ‘slaughter of the people by the gov’ is SUPPOSEDLY occurring, according to western media coverage.

    he is in the FIRST delegation of foreign journalists to entire the city of Homs? so where are the western journalists who have been reporting what is going on for the last 2 weeks? nowhere. never there.

    he speaks to the cities governor, goes to zahra (the neighborhood) and the only demonstrators are pro-Assad, and their chief complaint is against the governor due to the lack of heating oil (which is a direct consequence of the sanctions). then he travels to the hospital in zahra (the center of the conflict) and there are 7 wounded and 5 dead, shot by unknown snipers.

    random killings, and the people (teachers, doctors, etc) say they kill christians, muslims, soldiers, anyone….. and that qatar and saudi arabia are funding it. imagine that?

    it is a FALSE FLAG….

    once again, and the people specifically call for more soldiers and tanks inside the city to protect them. they want soldiers on the roofs to prevent the snipers from being able to position themselves there.

    it is an attempt to stir up a ‘rebellion’, in order to pursue their objective of toppling Assad (just like all the rest)…..

    IMO this is the CIA, MOSSAD, and Saudis carrying out the PNAC agenda… overthrowing arab dictators one by one, just as stated in the PNAC documents…. to set up ‘democracies’ one at a time all around Israel.

    We need Ron Paul RIGHT NOW, more than anyone can imagine. nothing they have told us on MSM concerning the ‘arab spring’ is true… it has been false flag after false flag… puppets causing reactions, in order to achieve specific results they can label and move against…..

    This has got to STOP. look at all of the lives lost… the DU weapons being used (which are WMD IMO)… we NO LONGER HAVE THE MORAL HIGH GROUND…

  9. antonietta ferrari November 20, 2011 at 10:26 AM

    The Northern Army And its Allies Will Punish The English Speaking World & Israel

  10. gmathol November 20, 2011 at 6:38 PM

    In Libya the NATO countries plus the US are responsible for the death of almost 120.000 civilians – the countries infrastructure has been destroyed, including water supplies and electricity. Oil prices are on the rise.

    What could a Adolf Hitler have done with the thuggish UN/UNSC/UNGA.

  11. RN PERFECT December 17, 2011 at 1:51 AM

    why dont u bright sparks tell all the protesters 2 go home ? u know full well that the FEMA camps with the execution chambers&crematoriums are waiting 4 puppet OBAMA 2 declare Martial Law! each camp can process 20.00plus suckers per day!30.million seems 2 b the target!Land of the Free is it?Save America & prosecute all the traitors in Govt.Starting with the Bush gang!!! Who said the Nazis lost the war! they are just mopping up! All this info & more is freely available on the net– how come the population seems 2 b unaware?MIND CONTROL is it???? also all the chemicals in the drinking water !!

    • LILLY January 9, 2012 at 9:06 PM

      keep going..


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