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Don’t be fooled: President Obama will not veto the NDAA

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By End the Lie

Those who are still relying on President Barack Hussein Obama to veto the National Defense Authorization Act are either easily deceived or simply delusional.

President Obama will not veto the NDAA Fiscal Year 2012, also known as S.1867 and H.R.1540, and there is simply no debating it.

For those who are unaware, S.1867/H.R.1540, or the NDAA, would allow the military to round up and indefinitely detain American citizens without charge or trial on suspicion of being a terrorist or linked to terrorists.

The best possible case scenario under this bill is that Americans like myself who are opposed to the disturbing turn our government is taking would be held as so-called Civilian Internees, and this scenario is far from a positive one.

The fact that Obama will not veto this legislation becomes painfully obvious when one realizes that Senator Carl Levin of Michigan actually revealed on the Senate floor that it was the Obama administration that requested that the language preventing section 1031 from being applied to U.S. citizens be removed.

You can see Senator Levin, who was involved with secretly drafting the bill with Senator John McCain, admit this in the following video:

Even if the Obama administration wasn’t behind pushing to have the NDAA apply to American citizens, which Levin clearly revealed on the Senate floor, his word is far from reliable.

The promises broken by Obama are so numerous that they actually span three entire pages on PolitiFact, and on all of the most substantive issues he has completely neglected his promises.

Take, for instance, his promise to close Guantanamo Bay. Instead of doing that, he made it even worse by reinstating secret military tribunals in which the military decides what evidence you can present and what witnesses you can bring to your defense.

Or how about his pledge to end the federal government’s unconstitutional meddling in states that have legalized medical cannabis? Yeah, he broke that one too.

Bringing the troops home? I think we all know that was yet another empty promise made by a man who turned out to be a liar of the highest order.

Is anyone really foolish enough to think that he would veto this bill seeing as his administration was behind stripping what little protections were written in the bill?

How could anyone believe such a thing given his track record of going back on every single major promise he made on the campaign trail and while in office?

If anyone is actually gullible enough to believe such a thing after Obama has shown himself to be a liar time and time again, I would truly be astounded.

Let’s assume for a moment, despite the evidence to the contrary, that Obama would indeed veto the NDAA when it came across his desk.

If this were to occur, which is about as likely as me waking up tomorrow morning to find that my cat has become a dog, it would be a purely ceremonial act, likely intended to get him some points for his 2012 campaign.

This is because the support this atrocious legislation has in both the House and Senate is so widespread that they could easily override the President’s veto.

All that a veto override requires is a two-thirds majority in both Chambers and seeing how S.1867 and H.R.1540 were both passed with a far greater majority than two-thirds, they could easily override a veto.

The Senate voted 93% in favor of the NDAA and the House voted 74% in favor. For those who are not mathematically inclined, two-thirds is 66.6667%. Clearly they would have no problem pushing through this un-American legislation if the President were to veto it.

It is now clear that this disturbing legislation is going to pass, regardless of the possibility of the President ceremonially vetoing it.

The only hope I can see at this point is that states will rise up and stand to protect their inhabitants from being victimized by the federal government.

Or, if the military decides that they will stick to their oaths and refuse unconstitutional orders, we could see the traitors in Washington brought to justice for their actions.

Honestly, I am not replete with ideas on how to combat the horrors embodied by the NDAA, so I will enjoy reading any and all suggestions from my readers. If you have anything to share please do not hesitate to email me at [email protected] and let me know if I can use your comments in a future piece.

[H/T: Sherrie Questioning All]

6 Responses to Don’t be fooled: President Obama will not veto the NDAA

  1. joe plumber December 11, 2011 at 7:09 PM

    do these treasonous terrorists in political office think for one second our sons and daughters will pull triggers on their own parents to inter them indefinitly? Do they think the chinease who are preparing for war will not execute them? The government IS OUT OF CONTROL and the time for armed resistance is here before it too late. Obama is a war criminal, liar, murderer at heart. I have no respect for a mutherfucker who plans to murder me. FUCK YOU OBAMA, FUCK YOU PLOITICIANS YOU’RE ALL FAIR GAME.

  2. Mark December 12, 2011 at 6:21 AM

    thanks for pointing this out

    far too many people dont seem to understand how the political system actually works in the usa

  3. john December 12, 2011 at 12:12 PM

    in fact he has just stated he will NOT veto because it would take power from him – wasn’t that his point of vetoing it. Liar liar, get this MF asshole out of office.

  4. joe moma December 12, 2011 at 12:13 PM

    why are all my anti-obama posts not posting?? nice to find out who is controlling this phony website

    • End the Lie December 12, 2011 at 12:14 PM

      What are you talking about? Your post showed up right away… Refresh your page buddy.

  5. Jo December 12, 2011 at 10:05 PM

    obama lying? well i never!


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