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The conspiracy to make us fat

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By Ernest Crim III

Contributing writer for End the Lie

I have an addiction. Yes, I’m not afraid to admit it. I am an addict and I do not foresee myself being cured any time soon. Especially since it’s a healthy addiction; at least according to the U.S. Congress.

See, a couple of years ago, my wife and I made the conscious decision to lose weight. However, we did not go on a diet, rather, we made a complete lifestyle change. Hers was a complete conversion to a gluten free lifestyle, while mine consisted of adapting my eating habits by making simple swaps. These included eating grilled/baked chicken instead of fried chicken and homemade (lean ground beef/turkey) burgers instead of McDonalds or Burger king. Those delicious McDonalds fries? Gone. Instead I began to consume vegetables and a baked (sweet) potato. Those absolutely Flamin’ Hot Cheetos that were so pleasing to my palate? They were replaced with fruit, yogurt and nuts.

It wasn’t simple, but over the course of a year my wife and I lost a combined 100 pounds. We weren’t obese before, but looking back at our old pictures it became apparent that the aforementioned lifestyle change was absolutely necessary for the both of us. Although I had sacrificed a wide assortment of food that had previously been a feigning necessity in my life, I could not completely relinquish the urge I had for my ultimate addiction: pizza.

Every weekend I had to consume pizza. I was (and still am) addicted to the aroma, the taste and the gooey cheese that extends like an infinite rubber band when pulled away from an adjacent piece. Every bite and chew pleased my palate incomparably to any other food I had tasted in my life. In addition, I had developed a pervasive emotional connection with pizza that many others subconsciously have with their favorite foods. It reminded me of my favorite childhood moments, exuberant thrills and festive events. Negating this habit, even slightly, would not be an easy task but I was able to accomplish this reluctantly.

I began to cook my own pizza by delving into the world of self taught culinary arts. Initially, I starting making pizzas on prepared crust, but I eventually graduated to making crust from scratch. This way, I could control my calorie intake and decorate my pizzas with as many vegetables as possible without sacrificing the taste I had grown accustomed to. I had successfully counteracted my addiction, into something healthy. Yet and still, I had to tone down my consumption.

Previously, I had been adamant about maintaining a weekly pizza diet. This would soon be transformed into a monthly habit (for the moment) where I was able to control my consumption. I had gained control of my addiction momentarily.

Many don’t view food as an addiction on the same level as such hazardous drugs as cocaine despite the fact that it should be. According to David Kessler in The End of Overeating foods that contain ample amounts of fat, sugar or salt (two out of three) stimulate the same sections of the brain that are activated when a person takes drugs. When this perturbing fact is considered, it seems to add more urgency to the fact that we must tame our unhealthy eating habits. It seems God (The Creator, or whatever you call the divine being if you believe in one) has played some type of cruel joke on mankind by supplying us with healthy foods that are not stimulating to our palate. But wait. What if there was a vegetable that was pleasing to our palate while concurrently assisting us with weight loss and a healthy diet?

From my knowledge, that vegetable does not exist, but if you ask a member of the U.S. Congress it very well does exist; as of November 2011 anyway. It turns out that Congress has declared my addiction, into a healthy addiction; so it seems. Based on their knowledge, pizza can be classified as a vegetable because it has tomato paste. Yes, tomato paste. Despite the fact that a tomato is actually classified a fruit, this is ludicrous on many other levels.

This is clearly an effort by the Congress to save money with school lunches by not providing our children (who are overweight at a rate of 33%) with sufficient options for health eating which are almost always more expensive. Instead of providing our overweight children with the necessary knowledge and eating habits to become healthy adults, we are instead fostering behavior that is accepting of shortcuts and nonsensical explanations.

See, had I been raised in an environment where I believed that 4-5 serves of pizza a day was a necessity for a healthy diet, I’d be obese by now and surely I would not have lost any of the weight I worked so hard to eliminate. This faulty logic exhibited by Congress could very well be the reason why future pizza addicts, who suffer from the same ailment as me, may not be able to alter their diet to maintain a healthy weight. Whenever they feel discouraged, they can simply comfort themselves in the faulty logic that they are consuming a vegetable and be fine with that fallacy.

In the game of life excuses never suffice if you plan to win. I can correct my faults and correct the perpetual habit to make excuses to improve my character. However, I can’t do the same for fifty-something year old adults who quite possibly will be responsible for continuing the perilous health pandemic in our country.

There’s a conspiracy to keep you fat brothers and sisters but we refuse to ignore the obvious signs. Those in power do not care about our well-being and this is just more proof. This means that you and only you are responsible for health. Our government is cheap in regards to our wellness; however we are raised in a propagandist environment that decries any level of frugality. Hypocrisy at its finest. Take care of yourself and do not be duped into believing that regular consumption of your hazardous food addiction, whatever it may be, will actually benefit you over the course of your life. This is no conspiracy theory. It has already become a fact.

[Editor’s note: Also keep in mind how this ties in to the pharmaceutical complex and the health industry which rely on you being sick to make a profit. These industries depend on people continuing to be sick along with more people getting sick on a regular basis in order to continue growth of profits. One must consider how these issues tie in with this powerful industry which wields a great deal of lobbying clout in Washington.]

7 Responses to The conspiracy to make us fat

  1. Pat in Michigan December 20, 2011 at 2:30 AM

    I happen to like being fat and I like to eat.

    You sir, can kiss my fat white ass.

    That….is all.

    • Anonymous December 20, 2011 at 6:14 AM

      Not so fast people.. That is great news..
      Now I can drink ceasar’s all night, Drive drunk and claim I only
      drank vegtable juice when the police pull me over.

  2. Anonymous December 20, 2011 at 6:31 AM

    What a fantastic article. The ramifications imho are enormous. Author..i’am wondering if artificial sweeteners caused the diabetes explosion. I wonder if low fat processed food makes you fat.
    To the previous poster..we all love you. This is not about being judgemental. You missed the point completely.

  3. Anonymous December 20, 2011 at 6:35 AM

    While having sex, do you feel guilt or pleasure? Well, the same is with food, thinking that nothing tasty is healthy and viceversa is just plain brainwashing. Nothing wrong with some unrefined sea salt, a chunk of grass-fed beef, lard, butter and other demonized saturated fats. Wheat and other sugars is a thing to cut down, if not avoid, together with highly processed vegetable oils and dairy etc.

    • Roger Dixon April 5, 2015 at 6:25 PM

      Really? How about an update on your stupid paleo diet?

  4. remo December 22, 2011 at 4:56 PM

    nice article. for anyone interested in losing weight, there’s a book called Nutrition for Cyclists by “Bicycling” Magazine (written in 1991)…it has a very cool diet

  5. O. Ryan Faust April 4, 2012 at 3:43 PM

    It would have been nice if the author of the article mentioned that in Europe, corn syrup is banned. It doesn’t digest the same as sugar, and it converts to fat and doesn’t come off.

    The growth hormones given to American livestock is another issue. Growth hormones not only make the animal fat, but they make those who consume the animals fat, that’s what they’re designed to do, and they do it well!

    Artificial sweeteners (as mentioned by a previous poster) cause diabetes.

    Everybody knows Tylenol and other headache remedies cause kidney issues, gout is becoming an epidemic in America.

    Prilosec and every other antacid prevent calcium absorbtion leading to calcium deficiency and eventual osteoporosis.

    Carbonated beverages are just as bad as antacids!

    We’re fat because the FDA pulls in millions of dollars from the corporations that make these health destroying products to get them to approve them. And approve them they do.

    Now just be good little Americans and go to the HMO when you’re sick so they can give you FDA approved drugs that will get you off the social security rolls because the money was removed from the social security “lockbox” a long long time ago!


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