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Another assassination in Iran?

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By End the Lie

Khorramabad, in the Lorestan province, in Iran

It appears that yet another assassination of an Iranian involved with the military has occurred with all the similarities of previous attacks intact.

Like the previous assassinations, the attackers were motorcyclists, according to officials in Khorramabad cited by Israel’s Ynet News.

The motorcyclists reportedly fired shots at a group of soldiers who were headed to an air force base and in the process shot a 43-year-old Iranian military officer to death.

There were reportedly two motorcyclists involved in the assassination which injured another soldier in the city of Khorramabad, according to local media.

The two shooters fled the scene after shooting at the group who were heading to an air force base located near the city according to Israel’s Channel 2.

The attack occurred early in the morning, at 6:30 am according to the head of the local security forces.

“The search for the assailants continues, and we have launched an investigation into the circumstances of the incident,” he said.

According to a senior official in the Lorestan province where Khorramabad is located, witnesses reported that “many bullets were fired at the soldiers, causing a great panic in the area.”

According to the Mehr News Agency the officer who was killed was a man named Raze Ali Fimani, who was reportedly a mid-level officer.

This attack comes only 10 days after the nuclear scientist Professor Ahmadi Roshan was killed by a magnetic bomb attached to his car by motorcycles in the northern region of Iran’s capital, Tehran.

These recent attacks are part of a greater covert assault on Iran which I have covered previously when there was a string of unexplained “accidental” explosions which killed key figures in the Iranian ballistic missile program.

Many have speculated on foreign involvement in these killings, and I think it is quite likely that the Western intelligence community (e.g. Mossad, CIA, MI6, etc.) are involved to some degree.

However, I do not think that it is actually Western agents on the ground carrying out the attacks as that would be far too obvious.

Instead, it is likely groups like the Jundallah which Israel has been hiring while pretending to be American agents, or the MEK which has been accused of several terrorist attacks in Iran and has been linked to the United States government.

Ynet brings up one case in which 18 members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) were killed and others were injured by an explosion at a military base close to Khorramabad, where yesterday’s attack took place.

This base is reportedly located roughly 480 kilometers, or about 300 miles, southwest of the capital of Tehran.

Like the other highly mysterious incidents, Iran claimed that the blast was an accident, in this case the result of a fire at a munitions depot.

However, just a few weeks later Le Figaro, a French daily, said that Mossad was likely responsible for the explosion, something which I have speculated on in the past as well.

Le Figaro said that this attack was part of a larger scheme of covert operations which have been launched by Israel to target the Iranian nuclear program without having to engage in an outright, overt military strike.

I do not think that it is just Mossad, nor do I think that Mossad would actually risk putting their own agents in such an operation, instead opting to hire and train outside forces with pre-existing anti-Iranian sentiments like Jundallah or the MEK.

It also only makes sense that Mossad would be working with the other Western nations with large covert intelligence organizations who also support the position that Iran should not be able to pursue nuclear technology.

It is indeed quite logical to assert that Mossad would be working with intelligence organizations based out of the United States and the UK, as both of these nations are on the leading edge of the opposition to Iran.

I will continue to follow this case and integrate this new information into my now long-running series, “Iran: a quickly evolving geopolitical imbroglio”.

Please do yourself a favor and read this series which I have linked below in order to get a better sense of the larger picture.

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If you find anything that I have missed or would like to send me a tip you can reach me directly by emailing me at [email protected] with any and all feedback or information you have.

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    this has Israel written all over it


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