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Why you should oppose ACTA

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By End the Lie

This video was actually posted in 2010, before the agreement was signed by several countries, including the United States. The Obama administration is claiming that ACTA is not a binding treaty but instead falls under the category of executive agreement which means it does not need to be ratified by a two-thirds vote in the Senate.

This effectively bypasses what few checks and balances we have in the American political system, which is likely being done because SOPA and PIPA have become akin to political suicide after the massive backlash they received in the public sphere.

I think the most dangerous part of this legislation is the protection of massive corporations like Monsanto that have been patenting genetics. This would allow for Monsanto to actually come after farmers in other countries for saving seeds, an offense that can actually result in up to $3 million in damages.

In the past Monsanto has even gone after people who had their crops cross-pollinated with Monsanto’s patented plants, according to farmers they have even as far as trespassing on their land in order to find their deadly genes in their crops.

I believe that Monsanto is one of the single most evil corporations on the face of the planet, and if you would like to know just how dangerous their products are, I recommend you read my series on Monsanto (which I intend to continue in the near future):

The world’s largest human experiment: GMOs, Roundup and the Monsanto monstrosity – part one

The world’s largest human experiment part two: why Europeans (and everyone else) should be worried

The world’s largest human experiment part three: Laws? We don’t need no stinking laws!

I also highly recommend the documentary film the World According to Monsanto.

The most worrisome part of this legislation is not only the fact that it was signed bypassing the American system of checks and balances and considered in secret, but instead that it is further codifying the Big Brother surveillance state by making ISPs responsible for monitoring their own networks and communications just as the supposed anti-child pornography legislation is seeking to increase the information recorded and stored by ISPs.

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