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Syrian troops stop attempted Turkish armed infiltration according to state media

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By End the Lie

Members of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) armed terrorist organization (Photo credit: Foreign Policy)

Today Syrian authorities have reported that for the second time in three days they have thwarted an attempt to infiltrate Syria, carried out by an armed group coming out of Turkey, according to Prensa Latina.

The armed group allegedly tried to enter Syria through the northwestern Idleb province in the border area of al-Janoudieh.

Syrian national media cited official reports which stated that Army troops had launched an offensive against armed groups, focusing on the province of Hama and in area of the countryside near Damascus and in Idleb.

One individual was killed and another was arrested while the remaining members of the armed group were able to flee back into Turkey, according to official sources cited by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

There are allegedly two training camps in Turkey in which individuals are being trained to infiltrate and attack Syria, which is likely where these attackers originated from.

Other terrorist attacks have occurred recently as well, with an armed group attacking a bus this morning which was transporting workers from Idleb Spinning Company in Maaret al-Nu’man town in Idleb, in the process murdering the bus driver and injuring three others.

It has also been reported that a terrorist group kidnapped the head of the executive directorate at the Maaret al-Nu’man Justice Palace while he was going to work.

Yesterday it was reported that two law enforcement officers were killed and another two were injured when armed insurgents fired upon a funeral procession for another officer.

SANA cites an “informed source” who said that the armed group abducted the two injured individuals.

SANA reports that a terrorist group bombed an oil pipeline in the al-Sultaniya area in Baba Amro, Homs, which caused a large fire. Currently the Syrian Company for Cruide Oil Transportation is attempting to deal with the situation according to a source at the Syrian Petroleum Ministry.

Yesterday another group of terrorists attacked a gas pipeline from Homs to Banyas, which resulted in the leakage of some 460,000 cubic meters (around 121,519,144 US gallons) of gasoline, according to SANA.

Reuters noted yesterday that Syria has been facing gas shortages due to the pipeline attacks, which have also struck pipelines south of al-Kurya in Deir Ezzor, diesel pipelines from Homs to Hama and Idleb between the villages of Mousa al-Holeh and Talas, and a gas pipeline from near al-Rastan City to the Al-Zara and al-Zaizoun electricity generation facilities, according to SANA, Syria’s official national media outlet.

It is unsurprising that Western media outlets like Reuters would try to slyly imply that the Syrian government was lying about terrorist involvement in the attacks with headlines like, “Syria says ‘terrorists’ blow up gas pipeline” given that they disregard anything and everything that comes from the Syrian government as a lie.

Of course, this is the exact opposite of how they treat Western governments, which are always treated as infallible and truthful, even when they have a long history which completely contradicts that assertion.

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