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Western troops, firepower being moved to Persian Gulf: report

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By End the Lie

According to Azerbaijani Trend News Agency, Interfax has reported via Israeli sources that the United States and allied nations have begun to move troops and other firepower into the Persian Gulf Region.

According to the report, troops have already arrived just south of the Strait of Hormuz at the Omani island of Masirah, where an American Air Force base is located.

This appears to be on top of the 15,000 troops in Kuwait, three carrier strike groups to be in the region, arming of states surrounding Iran, and more, all of which has been heavily documented on End the Lie for some time now.

According to Trend, the Huffington Post has also reported that an American base on the British isle of Diego Garcia, located in the Indian Ocean, now has hundreds of “concrete-bomb[s] capable of destroying fortified underground bunkers” which one assumes is referring to the so-called “bunker buster” bombs or Massive Ordinance Penetrators (MOPs).

If true, this would be interesting given that United States Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta just claimed that the current bombs are not capable of totally destroying Iranian underground facilities.

There are also reports of Saudi Arabia moving parts of their ground forces into the Eastern portion of their nation, which is where the main oil production facilities are located.

This would be in addition to the new and refurbished jets being brought into Saudi Arabia thanks to the United States.

The report from Trend comes on the heels of a report published by Israeli propaganda outfit DEBKAfile which has previously pumped out disinformation which I covered in detail at the time.

However, it seems that this report might be one of the few which they have put out which is actually true, although that is still a bit up in the air.

By logically scrutinizing the report (which is now locked behind a pay wall, but can still be read in part here) we can see that indeed it fits with the overall trend and thus could very well be entirely true.

That being said, I think this buildup represents more of a contingency than anything. This is due to the fact that the United States and Israel have shown that they would much rather operate covertly in Iran rather than engaging in all-out warfare.

Given the statements made today by Israel’s Vice Prime Minister, which openly advocated more support of terrorist operations in Iran aimed at destabilization, I think it is a bit premature to be expecting overt war.

Then again, the military buildup in the region and the arming of surrounding Gulf states, considered in conjunction with the unrelenting torrent of propaganda makes me unable to rule out the possibility of a more overt military attack.

At this point, all we can do it sit by and hope the criminals who are our so-called leaders are not insane enough to engage in a conflict which could spark a global and unimaginably disastrous conflict.

2 Responses to Western troops, firepower being moved to Persian Gulf: report

  1. Anonymous February 3, 2012 at 3:34 AM

    Watch out, Iran!

  2. wakeup! March 18, 2012 at 12:58 AM

    To those that don’t see a war on Iran on the horizon… WAKE UP!


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