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Iran complains of “creeping Zionist influence” in Caucasus after $1.6 billion arms deal signed

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By End the Lie

Recently Azerbaijan signed a deal with Israel for a whopping $1.6 billion in weapons including drones, anti-aircraft missile systems and missile defense systems, according to a statement from Israel Aerospace Industries which was confirmed by Israeli officials, and this has seemingly raised some alarms in Tehran.

In response to the deal, Iranian state media reported that Iran’s Foreign Ministry summoned Azerbaijani Ambassador Javanshir Akhundov to explain the massive purchase, according to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

While Akhundov confirmed the purchase from Israel, he claimed that Azerbaijan needed the military hardware to “liberate occupied Azerbaijani land.”

By this he likely means Armenia and the contested Nogorno-Karabakh enclave which is currently occupied by political authorities loyal to Armenia.

Abbas Araqchi, the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister, warned Akhundov not to give permission to Israel to use Azerbaijani territory to launch terrorist attacks on Iran.

The collusion between Israeli intelligence and terrorists was confirmed by anonymous U.S. officials earlier this month.

Iran and Azerbaijan have been butting heads quite a bit this month like on February 12 when Iran accused Azerbaijan of collaborating with the Israeli Mossad and even facilitating the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists.

On February 21 it was reported that an “Iranian-directed murder team” along with their supplies to carry out attacks on Israeli targets in the capital of Azerbaijan had been discovered.

Azerbaijan rejected the Iranian accusations, calling them “slanderous lies” while Azerbaijan itself has repeatedly claimed to have foiled Iranian terror plots.

This includes in 2007 when Azerbaijan convicted 15 individuals for passing intelligence on Western and Israeli activities, allegedly to an Iranian-linked spy network. In 2008, Azerbaijani officials claimed they foiled a car bomb plot targeting the Israeli Embassy but two Lebanese men were later convicted for the alleged bombing attempt.

Interestingly, the latest arrests in Azerbaijan occurred right around the same time as the alleged Iranian-linked terror attacks in India, Georgia and Thailand – some of which boasted the hallmarks of Israeli intelligence operations.

On February 28 the Iranian Fars News Agency (FNA) quoted the Iranian ambassador to Armenia, Seyid Ali Saqqaiyan, as saying that there is a “creeping influence of Zionists and foreigners in the South Caucasus region” in a speech.

Indeed, as I have been documenting in my series “U.S. and NATO are on the march worldwide” there is a powerful push to bring the Caucasus region under Western control, which has been largely successful.

Saqqaiyan also reportedly spoke of “activities of the enemy in Azerbaijan over the recent period” at a ceremony celebrating 20 years of diplomatic relations between Armenia and Iran at Yerevan State University.

However, with all of the indications to the contrary, some still seem to think that this latest arm deal has nothing to do with Iran.

MilAz comments, “The timing of the deal is misleading: regardless of the ongoing ratcheting up of tension between Israel and Iran, and increasing attention to Israel’s intelligence activities in Azerbaijan, these weapons are destined to be used not against Iran, but against Armenia.”

I believe that it is far too premature to make such an ironclad declaration, especially considering how fast this situation evolves.

Considering the important strategic role Azerbaijan could play in an attack on Iran, it would be foolish to think that this couldn’t be part of the military buildup in the region.

Indeed, the military buildup that was so thoroughly documented in the series “Iran: a quickly evolving geopolitical imbroglio” continues unabated with recent reports of additional boosting of the American military presence in the Strait of Hormuz region.

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5 Responses to Iran complains of “creeping Zionist influence” in Caucasus after $1.6 billion arms deal signed

  1. Just laughing at you March 1, 2012 at 3:41 AM

    Mad Mullahs having troubles in the Caucasus, eh ?
    Must be very frustrating for SPREADthelie.com.
    Tough luck. They should have though about it before they decided to peek on the Israelis with all the obligatory Islamo-Nazi rhetoric.

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  4. Raymond November 22, 2012 at 3:38 PM

    Considering that the entire gross domestic product of Azerbaijan is only $63 billion, a single arms deal of $1.6 billion is a massive expenditure, particularly in light of the fact that the entire military budget for 2011 was only $4.46 billion. Of course this would have nothing what so ever to do with the fact that the country is incredibly rich in both oil and natural gas — or would it?


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