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New Orleans Police Department attempting to cover up patrol car crash?

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By End the Lie

The image of the scene of the crash taken by a passerby (Image credit: Jason Williams)

Late Saturday night in the Central Business District of New Orleans, a New Orleans Police Department cruiser allegedly ran a red light, struck a taxi and then a young couple after which it smashed through a fence.

It appears that police might be covering for the officer who was responsible, as they have not even acknowledged that the incident occurred. Unfortunately, this would not be too surprising given the long history of police getting away with criminal activity thanks to the corrupt practices of their colleagues.

Thankfully, a photographer was at the scene and was able to capture an image of the incident, although police were reportedly attempting to make him leave the scene.

The young couple was sent to the hospital as a result and the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) has yet to publicly comment on the incident according to local criminal defense attorney, Jason Williams.

Williams is representing the couple who was allegedly injured by the police car and has already come out swinging at the NOPD at a news conference Wednesday morning, held at the scene of the crash.

“Three days have passed and no official statement from the NOPD,” Williams stated.

“Three days have passed and they haven’t even checked in with the family,” Williams added.

I guess it is a lot easier for the NOPD to just ignore that it happened completely rather than actually deal with the aftermath of the tragic incident.

The NOPD has not responded to a request for comment from NOLA.com, nor have they sent out a single news release on the incident.

Even more troubling, no police logs show any records of the event. That’s right, police have not even noted the crash in any police logs, even though two young pedestrians were allegedly injured by the out of control patrol car.

About a day after the crash the couple was released from the hospital and while none of their bones were broken, Williams characterized the injuries they sustained as severe.

Williams says that the couple, who are in their early 30s, was walking between 11 PM Saturday night and 1 AM Sunday morning.

The couple reported seeing the NOPD cruiser in question heading towards the river on St. Joseph Street, while the taxi involved in the incident was heading uptown on St. Charles Avenue.

The cruiser then, according to Williams, ran the red light, hit the taxi, and then jumped the curb, hitting the couple and then smashing through a 6-foot-tall wrought-iron fence.

Williams also pointed out that the cruiser had neither its lights nor sirens on at the time.

The patrol car stopped after hitting a pole which was holding up a sign which advertises the pay-to-park lot which was surrounded by the fence.

According to Williams, a middle-aged male from New Orleans just happened to be walking nearby when the incident took place.

The man proceeded to take several photographs from outside of the site of the car crash. Williams said that a NOPD officer at the scene ordered the man to stop taking pictures and leave the area.

The man did not leave and continued to take photographs while telling police that he was a lawyer and was well aware of his rights to conduct such activities, Williams said.

While Williams has yet to file a civil lawsuit, he did request that the NOPD preserve the numerous documents related to the crash.

I find it quite troubling that such a tragic incident would not be documented by police and even more worrisome that they would not publicly comment on the incident.

Hopefully this is just a momentary issue and the NOPD will address the incident and hold the officer responsible to account for his alleged crimes in the coming days.

Yet, when law enforcement gets away with murdering the elderly with pepper spray, even while they’re tied to a restraining chair and unable to fight back in any way, I’m hesitant to believe that this officer will be justly punished for sending a couple to the hospital and destroying property.

Indeed, an article by the Sun-Sentinel out of Florida found that police officers get preferential treatment when speeding, and there is plenty of evidence pointing to the fact that this extends beyond relatively minor traffic violations.

In one case, when a police officer actually did his job and stood up for justice, he was targeted for harassment and even thrown in the psychological ward of a hospital for six days, simply for attempting to actually protect and serve the people, not criminals in a uniform.

It is my sincere hope that some justice will be had in this case but the fact that the NOPD has not even acknowledged the incident for multiple days is quite disconcerting in my view.

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3 Responses to New Orleans Police Department attempting to cover up patrol car crash?

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  2. fuck the police March 23, 2012 at 4:24 AM

    Very clearly a cover up. If there is any case where we can apply the label “conspiracy” easily — its this one

  3. Criminal Defense Lawyer March 27, 2012 at 6:59 PM

    These sorts of actions by the police can cause the public to lose confidence in them. This can have all sorts of negative implications for the community as a whole.


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