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Israeli soldiers reportedly already active in Iran

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By End the Lie

According to anonymous Western intelligence sources, Israeli is utilizing a permanent military base in Iraqi Kurdistan as a launching point for cross-border missions into Iran.

While this is not all that surprising given that U.S. officials have already confirmed that the Israeli Mossad is running assassination operations and funding terrorists in Iran, the timing of this release is quite interesting and motivation behind making this information public is also quite mysterious.

If this report is true, this would mean that the Israeli military is violating the sovereignty of Iran in an attempt to find a so-called “smoking gun” which would then give them the justification they need to launch an all-out overt assault.

However, I think it is important to note that this very well might actually be part of a psychological operation intended to turn the Iranian military on itself and breed a sense of paranoia and distrust, weakening their morale, resolve and fighting power.

According to the report, the Israeli special forces troops used Black Hawk helicopters to transport troops into Iran, disguised as members of the Iranian military, and even used Iranian military vehicles to carry out their operations.

They supposedly used sensitive equipment during these covert missions to monitor radioactivity and the magnitude of explosive tests. How exactly they did this, and where they did this from, is unclear.

According to these anonymous Western intelligence sources – who I encourage my readers to approach with a highly skeptical eye as per usual – this is, in fact, nothing new.

They claim that Israeli commandos have actually been carrying out these intelligence operations for several years at this point, which makes one wonder how Iran would not pick up on such a thing.

Recent operations have allegedly been aimed at the Parchin military complex, which is near the Iranian capital of Tehran.

This is supposedly because the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the United Nations’ nuclear regulatory agency (which some former have rightly pointed out is completely compromised and essentially nothing more than a Western puppet), was denied access.

However, this is completely untrue. In reality, Iran did give IAEA access to the Parchin site. The Parchin complex is allegedly dedicated to research, development and production of ammunition, rockets and explosives.

Back in 2005, IAEA inspectors were given access to parts of the Parchin complex two times, and were even allowed to take samples from the environment.

Then in 2006, an IAEA report noted that their inspections “did not observe any unusual activities in the buildings visited, and the results of the analysis of environmental samples did not indicate the presence of nuclear material.”

The IAEA has not stopped badgering Iran and attempting to get access to Parchin, regardless of their previous findings.

As witnessed in YNet’s coverage of this report, much of the media attempts to maintain that Iran is blocking the IAEA’s inspections and otherwise operating in an illicit, suspicious manner.

In reality, this is far from true. If anything, Israel is the belligerent state when it comes to nuclear weapons.

“We’ve detected clean-up efforts recently in Parchin which might indicate that the Iranians are trying to hide evidence of warhead tests in preparation for a possible IAEA visit,” a Western source claimed.

If this is true, one would think that they might hand such evidence over to the IAEA or the international community instead of claiming it exists while never having to actually prove it.

According to the unnamed Western intelligence sources, the Israeli operations – which are clearly in violation of international law and the basic concept of sovereignty – have not only been targeting the facility at Parchin.

Apparently the undercover Israeli special forces have also focused on the Fordow facility, which is located near the city of Qom, where Iran is allegedly working on high-level enrichment.

In the past, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has shown absurd antagonism towards Iran, even going as far as to say that all uranium must be taken out of Iran and that their facilities like the Fordow must be dismantled.

So, I wouldn’t be all that surprised if they were running covert operations in an attempt to build a justification for a true strike, especially given that they are already running terrorist operations in Iran.

However, like I mentioned before, we must be wary of taking reports coming from anonymous intelligence officials as gospel, especially given that this report could easily be meant to turn the Iranian military against itself.

After all, the Iranian military is essentially split up into the regular military and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), and such psychological operations could be an attempt to turn one of these entities against the other.

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2 Responses to Israeli soldiers reportedly already active in Iran

  1. Just a reminder... March 26, 2012 at 2:27 AM

    The alleged “intelligence report” is coming from the “Sunday Times” – a British tabloid notorious for publishing fabricated items about so called “Mossad covert ops in Iran”. Much of these fictional reports originate from their Israeli correspondent Uzi Mahaneimi , who is probably a Mossad asset (in the form of a clueless dupe or useful idiot) . This way the Mossad gets the international mainstream media chasing its tail while their real covert operations are of a totally different nature of what these planted psyops suggest. It’s probably an excellent distraction for them, and it’s nice to see this website regurgitating one of their psyops as if it had any real value.

  2. Rob March 26, 2012 at 12:21 PM

    What better place to hide nefarious nuclear experiments than a place already searched? The Parchin military complex was partially searched twice by the IAEA in 2005, but that was 6+ years ago. Any changes to that complex could have very easily been accomplished in less than half that time. Iran has already allowed partial access to Parchin, why not now? Even though Iran rightly takes such activities as encroachment upon their national sovereignty, they have already allowed it to happen and if they have nothing to hide, all they have to do is allow access and be done with it.

    There is something very strange going on regarding Iran and their nuclear ambitions. Early this year Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta stated that Iran is not developing a nuclear bomb. How could he possibly know that for certain? Furthermore, why would he make such a statement? In effect, that is stating, “We are looking for any possible reason to start another war, but here is a reason why we shouldn’t.” In addition, our intelligence agencies never ever give out free information like that! Yet Panetta and his subordinates have stated this several times. We certainly cannot take the word of Ahmadinejad on this subject. The only way that he could possibly be able to make an absolute statement like that would be for us to have infiltrated the upper echelon of the Iranian government and military. That is highly unlikely, but even if true, why give out the freebie info?

    There is most certainly lots of extremely suspicious activities going on surrounding the Iranian nuclear programs and klaxons everywhere should be going off. Iran already has uranium enriched to the lower limit of HEU. That’s enough for dirty bombs and all that is missing from turning that into a thermonuclear bomb is time and manpower. Certainly Iran is not telling the world the whole truth, whatever that may actually be. Apparently, our governments want us to believe that Iran is not pursuing nuclear bombs so that when it is exposed that they do have one, true or not, it will be such a shock and surprise that it will be an excuse to immediately go to war with Iran.

    It is a shame that the elites in all governments will not allow all of us to simply get along with each other. This war will cost the lives of a very high percentage of all people of the world.


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