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Disturbing police brutality targeted journalists at NATO summit

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By End the Lie

Part of the massive convoy of Chicago police which pulled over independent journalists early Sunday morning (Image credit: screenshot from We Are Change footage)

In the wake of the anti-NATO protests surrounding the Chicago NATO summit on Saturday and Sunday, it has now emerged that there were several troubling incidents of vicious police actions targeting journalists.

Unfortunately, police brutality in the United States has become so commonplace that it is almost to be expected, and when officers stand up to this savagery, they are targeted and can even face being fired.

There were numerous incidents reported after the chaos had died down, including some journalists who were arrested and injured by police simply for doing their job and covering the protest.

Photographers found themselves targeted even more frequently than other journalists, likely because they were there recording the hard, indisputable evidence of this brutality.

In the eyes of police who no longer consider it their duty to protect and serve the people, this seems like a wholly logical move in order to avoid being held liable for wrongdoing.

Scott Olson, for instance, a photographer with Getty, was struck with a police baton on Sunday, leaving him bleeding from the head as you can see in this image. This was just one of multiple incidents cited by the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) on Monday.

Unfortunately, it appears that the image of another photographer, Joshua Lott, who is a freelancer with Getty, being arrested is no longer available.

In another incident on May 20, Tracey Pollock, who is self described as “a credentialed photographer for The UpTake,” which is a Minnesota-based news outlet, was attacked by police.

As you can clearly see in the video, police begin using their bicycles as weapons in order to force the crowd back. After police established a barricade, an unknown incident occurred and when Pollock attempted to get closer in order to record it, an officer grabbed the lens of her camera and attempted to rip it out of her hands.

The unknown officer then pushed her over some bicycles after which she was pulled to safety by protesters. Thankfully she was just bruised and never sustained serious injuries.

However, the most important aspect of Pollock’s story is that she was clearly displaying press credentials (which aren’t even necessary) and she says that she never crossed the police barricade.

Paul Weiskel, a self-described “emerging photojournalist” from Boston also experienced police using bicycles as weapons and was even attacked by a police officer who “launche[d] a bike into [his] stomach” according to a May 20 tweet and video (posted below).

Even the mainstream media – as hard as this is to believe – has picked up on the ludicrous activities of the Chicago Police Department (CPD).

Independent journalists like myself – in this case members of the group We Are Change – were pulled over my CPD officers early Sunday morning, around 2 am and confronted quite aggressively by Chicago police.

The police officers surrounded the vehicle and approached the journalists with their guns drawn and were detained. After the insane police response, the officers claimed that the vehicle matched the description of another vehicle they were looking for.

As you can see in the footage they captured (embedded below), the completely unwarranted police tactics were clearly an effort to terrorize, not to keep anyone safe.

That being said, the mainstream media’s coverage was still far short of what I would consider even approaching adequate.

Thankfully, Russia Today (RT), and specifically the Alyona Show, highlighted this fact in a May 21 broadcast embedded below.

As Curt of Room 101 Radio and I discussed on Sunday’s episode of End the Lie Radio, this is just a small sampling of the large-scale abuse that was meted out to individuals simply for exercising their right to free speech and assembly.

Even more unfortunate is that this is far from something restricted to the protests surrounding the NATO summit.

Indeed, this is so widespread at this point it is almost becoming par for the course. This is far from acceptable in the United States of America where we are supposed to be protected by the Constitution from these types of abuses.

It is quite tragic to say that our Constitution seems to have become increasingly irrelevant to out of control police who seek to crush dissent in whatever way possible, even if it means resorting to violence.

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7 Responses to Disturbing police brutality targeted journalists at NATO summit

  1. Soft Kill May 23, 2012 at 4:10 AM

    This is what a police state looks like people! Wake up! How can people see stuff like this and not realize what is going on here? Seriously I don’t understand how people can look at what is going on here today in America and not say that we are in one of the most vicious police states on earth and in history?

  2. mikegasman May 23, 2012 at 9:02 AM

    I cant see it getting any better the police are on a power trip they a tract people who like to push other people around.

  3. Mollie May 23, 2012 at 6:20 PM

    This is good information, but what can be done?

    I also wonder why people don’t see what’s going on. For one thing, there is so little coverage of topics like this in any manistream media source. You’re lucky if they even mention there were demonstrations.

    I just don’t understand why we put up with these tactics when if we saw them occurring in any other country we’d soundly condemn then.

  4. Anonymous May 27, 2012 at 6:07 PM

    THIS must stop.WAKE UP PEOPLE !!

  5. mikki litin May 28, 2012 at 11:29 AM

    who are these men and women who carry out the sometimes absurd laws of the rich. what kind of person wants to make a living
    as a state issued minion who is being shit on just like the rest of us
    by the same filthy elitist scum that they blindly serve?

  6. Anonymous June 2, 2012 at 11:18 AM

    We know that the Western Economy could go into a Depression, and I am making a suggestion on how unjust wars and needless NATO spending can be better spent, and other will have to modify my suggestion to suit their circumstances. There is talk of friendly games, but there cannot be anything friendly by the Albanians when they and the Americans and Germans are deliberately slandering the innocent Serbian People in order to continue the genocide of all Non Albanians. Increasing numbers of People realize that the friendliness of Albanians consists of land theft, murder, lies, crime, slander, racism, genocide, blaming their victims, and Only a few Albanians are Ignorant of these Facts. This must be the subject of a United Nations General Assembly Motion, and the numbers of Countries joining HIFA will increase with time, and Europeans will learn about Albanians, and Economic Genocide for Albanians may be the consequence of this, because Actions have Consequences. I think that HIFA should be started, even if FIFA is doing everything properly according to their Constitution and Charter, and the Decent Countries of the World must leave FIFA and join HIFA or Honest International Football Association. The reason for creating HIFA should Only be to highlight Proper and Reasonable Opposition to a Greater Albania, it is means wars and ethnic cleansing and poverty for an already stresses Balkans. The Evil Scheme for Greater Albania became Publically known with 1878 League of Prizren Public Declaration by the Albanians. The Albanians have used Evil Dictators like the Ottoman Empire and Hitler’s Third Reich, and lately they are using the American led NATO. There should Only be one proper cause for HIFA, because it is important for the World to focus on the Balkans. One aspect is the Illegal and Immoral War in Kosovo, that began on Lies in 1999, and that is continuing to this day. Even if a dozen Countries begin HIFA, then the numbers will increase, because dissatisfaction with Euro-America can only increase, and this will help accelerate the decline of the West. A Kingdom divided cannot stand, and FIFA and HIFA will be that division, always be a constant reminder to almost Every Citizen on this Planet, on hoe unacceptable a Greater Albania is. American Citizens should send a copy of this to their Congressperson who represents them, and tell that Americans do not want to waste Money on Evil Causes. America is soon to implode because of the Global Financial Crisis, and savings where possible in the War budget must be made, and unless the Democrats announce that America is leaving Kosovo with accompanying evidence, then we will not Vote for any Democrat at the next Election. There are Serbian People who think that if Kosovo ever became Independent, or if there was ever a Greater Albania, then there could be a very smaller Russian Country in Southern Serbia under certain circumstances. That area of Southern Serbia should be sold to Russia for a fair price, and it would be approximately 100 square kilometres, and it could be in the corner of Bulgaria and FYROM. Obviously, Russia would have unimpeded access to their purchased land, by means of International Law, and a United Nations Security Council Resolution, etc. This way Serbia can have some Money, and Serbia needs to be Militarily Neutral, and if the Albanians want any United Nations Security Council Resolutions in their favour, then they will tell America to consent, or for America to leave the Balkans Completely and Permanently. We know that one day United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 will need to be replaced or improved to secure Negotiated Autonomy for the Albanians, and all the clauses for the small Russian Country to be part of that new Resolution, or the Albanians can stay in limbo. We know#axzz1wf3P6j3S

  7. suzan December 17, 2012 at 8:43 AM

    I think the people who are employed by the police forces of the USA must have certain psychological character flaws in order to be hired…ie psychopathic


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