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Police allegedly break man’s arm, falsely prosecute him after refusing officer’s prostitution offer

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By End the Lie

(Image credit: Transit Miami)

According to recently filed court documents, Miami police brutally broke a man’s arm and then falsely prosecuted him after he refused an offer of prostitution from an undercover police officer.

While at this stage it is nothing more than an allegation, I wouldn’t be all too surprised if it turned out to be true. After all, police have brutally beaten people for no reason and even murdered an innocent elderly man with no repercussions whatsoever while officers who actually stand up for our rights are targeted for harassment and discipline.

The plaintiff, Guillermo Cuadra, says that he had a mere $3 on his person when what appeared to be a prostitute approached him as he was stopped at a traffic light and asked him if he would like to engage in sexual activities, to put it in a more palatable manner.

According to the documents filed in the Miami-Dade County Court, Cuadra said, “No,” and yet still “the undercover officer gave another officer the takedown sign,” and then an officer turned on his lights and stopped him.

Cuadra says that he was ordered into a nearby motel parking lot where other police officers were handling other drivers, making Cuadra think that he was being stopped for a mere traffic violation.

Obeying the commands of the police officers, Cuadra stepped out of his car, put his hands in the air and got on his knees.

“The plaintiff obeyed the police officers’ commands, exited his automobile, put his hand up, and knelt on the gravel of the parking lot,” according to the complaint.

However, in just the next paragraph of the story on Courthouse News, the account seems to be contradicting itself.

Cuadra apparently claims that the police pulled him out of the car then pushed his face into the gravel, stepped on him and then handcuffed him.

However, this cannot be reconciled with the above quote where it is said that Cuadra “exited his automobile.” If he exited his car, how could the police pull him out of it?

According to the court filing, after Cuadro either exited the vehicle or was pulled out and handcuffed, police “yanked up on the left arm of the plaintiff Cuadra breaking the plaintiff’s left upper arm, tearing his shoulder ligament and causing nerve damage to his elbow and hand.”

“The break caused an audible snap and crack, at which time plaintiff Cuadra told the police officers, ‘You broke my arm,’” states the complaint.

After that, according to Cuadra, the “police officer responded, ‘Fuck you … you want a piece of this?!’”

Cuadra maintains that he had only $3 in cash on his person while he says that the city falsely charged him with “solicitation of prostitution, allegedly offering the undercover police officer $60.”

According to the complaint the police also charged Cuadra with resisting arrest, although all charges were later dropped.

He also alleges that the police held him in their car for a whopping 4 hours instead of taking him to a hospital to receive medical attention.

When he complained about the severe pain in his arm, one of the officers allegedly said, “Well, you do still have another arm.”

Cuadra is now seeking damages for “costs incurred in connection with this action, and for any other and further relief [the court] deems just and proper.”

Furthermore, the complaint alleges that Cuadra’s wife, Ginny Cuadra, “suffered consequential loss of consortium, comfort, society, companionship, affection, attentions and spousal services, in both the past and future.”

It’s sad to say that this type of behavior on the part of police is neither surprising nor shocking in today’s world. I believe it is truly tragic that our law enforcement officers, formerly public servants sworn to protect and serve, have become revenue generation officers sworn to brutalize and oppress.

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3 Responses to Police allegedly break man’s arm, falsely prosecute him after refusing officer’s prostitution offer

  1. Anonymous August 13, 2012 at 10:21 PM

    not to be simplistic-but when you put puffed up, little, egoistic men in charge of the rest of the population, you are inviting incidents like this to occur. who are these scumbags that decide wether we live or die, or go to prison for smoking a naturally occuring plant? i say they are scary bags of shit who have no right to and cannot process the authority they are given..
    its a scary situation. men are not to be trusted. why should these shallow, brutish pieces of shit be in positions of authority?
    keep that in mind next time you get smacked over the head with a billy club from some testosteronal boy/man in blue who thinks hes just doing his job. fuck pigs. fucking slaves of the system.

  2. nate August 28, 2012 at 1:25 PM

    i know there will come a day when the control freak idiots will no longer have power over us. i just hope i will live to see them brought to justice for their crimes.

  3. RossK September 3, 2012 at 4:48 PM

    Two words: Dash Cam (aka car black box).

    The best units today have 1080P recording, microphone(s), time/date stamping, GPS-based location and speed stamping and more.

    There’s not a lot the police can lie about (their SOP) if you have them on film and tape.


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