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State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training program teaches cops bumper stickers are indicator of terrorism

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By End the Lie

The State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training (SLATT) program, funded by grants from the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Assistance, is likely unknown to most Americans since it is rarely, if ever, talked about it in the media.

However, the SLATT program is very similar to the aggressive fear mongering operations of other government-affiliated entities like the Counterterrorism Education Learning Lab (CELL) in that it is designed to create an absurd fear and hyper-vigilance in police.

In reality, the danger of terrorism is so incredibly low that police and government should really be focusing on more pressing threats like car accidents.

One of the eight presentations recently released by Public Intelligence, entitled, “Terrorism Indicators” (PDF courtesy of Public Intelligence) does a phenomenal job of conflating a wide range of ideologies in a clear attempt to associate certain ideas with violent extremism.

This is hardly surprising given that our government considers most bodily movement an indicator of terrorism along with just about everything else, thus making most Americans into a potential terrorist.

This particular presentation lays out signs of a “general right-wing extremist” beginning first with a swastika flag and codes used by various racist groups then outlining some white power slogans and symbols then to several different tattoos and their meanings.

Then, without any explanation whatsoever, they suddenly jump from symbols used by the Ku Klux Klan along with other racist and fascist groups to bumper stickers with slogans like, “If you love your country, the U.N. is not your friend!”

Other bumper stickers read, “Know your rights or lose them!” and “Get us out of the United Nations.” These are hardly at all congruent with the previous material yet they seem to be included in an attempt to confuse racist and/or fascist groups with people who do not support the United Nations.

Some of the more strange points in the presentation include the instruction to watch for bootlegging schemes including cigarettes, baby formula schemes and grocery store coupons.

They also point out that investigators should look for “charities that do not fit the area,” which is far from clear.

Some items to look for in residential searches which seem far from incriminating are travel documents, trade school or educational information, phone bills with overseas phone calls, cell phones, foreign-language documents, weapons, “extremist religious literature and paraphernalia,” ham-operator guides, and other items which could very likely be completely innocuous.

One thing I find especially troubling is the mention of “extremist religious literature” since it is never defined and thus leaves the designation of such literature to the individual. This opens the door to an incredible amount of personal prejudice to come into the picture.

This is further reinforced by a quite disturbing point on slide 67 of the particular presentation we have been discussing.

“Follow your hunches; they are usually correct,” the slide states. Teaching law enforcement that their baseless assumptions and first impressions are “usually correct” is far from conducive to positive and meaningful police work.

Think someone looks like a terrorist just because they’re Middle Eastern? Well, according to the SLATT program, they probably are!

This clearly flawed notion is drilled into the heads of trainees from earlier on in the presentation, starting from slide 18, where they’re told that general observations which should be taken note of include, “Middle-Eastern males living together, money with no furnishings, disputes among close-knit groups of Middle-Eastern males,” and even “Loud, boisterous behavior in a Middle-Eastern group.”

I guess the SLATT program would teach police that if one sees a group of loud, boisterous Middle Eastern men together, occasionally engaging in disputes or living together for monetary reasons, they’re probably terrorists. After all, if that’s the first thing that jumps to mind or you think it is “a hunch,” it’s probably correct!

It gets even worse when we read some more of the “general observations” on slide 19 which include, “Repeated use of ‘God’ not coupled with profanity, use of foreign terms/phrases not in context, misstatements of common American terminology,” all of which are in no way indicators of terrorism.

Apparently the people who created the SLATT program think you’re suspicious if you don’t blaspheme and believe in God or if you’re an immigrant or non-native English speaker struggling with American idioms.

These may actually be some of the most unbelievably absurd reasons to believe someone might be a terrorist that I have come across so far and that’s saying a lot coming from the United States government.

It is a truly sad to realize that the government has created so many indicators of a potential terrorist that just about anyone could fit at least one of them but unfortunately it is hardly arguable at this point.

Hopefully in bringing these types of training programs to the public’s attention we can show just how insane and paranoid our government has become in dealing with the supposed threat of terrorism and just how much it is warping the minds of law enforcement around the nation.

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6 Responses to State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training program teaches cops bumper stickers are indicator of terrorism

  1. Nora September 23, 2012 at 8:47 PM

    All this, in light of the fact that we have never been attacked by any terrorists! The only terrorists around are those trained and funded by the U.S. government and/or deployed by the U.N. to create instability in regions around the world where we seek control of some country’s natural resources or strategic location.

    There is not one shred of evidence that any terrorists ever visited this country without the full knowledge and approval of the shadow government. Come on…you see who the real enemy is, and it’s not our foreign neighbors. The handful of vultures with control of the world’s political, financial and military systems are the problem. Foreign bankers and the financially powerful handful of psychos in the shadows are the real problem. need from

  2. Michael Price September 24, 2012 at 12:19 AM

    I hope they didn’t forget sign most likely to indicate that you are or will become a terrorist, you associate with an FBI agent provocateur.

  3. Mannard September 24, 2012 at 4:48 PM

    Nora: My thoughts exactly. They love to blame “brown people” in 3rd world countries when the fact is it’s been an inside job all along.
    I have no allegiance to the United Nations or any other fear-mongering bureaucrats.
    Sad world we live in when Constitutionalists are considered “terrorists”.

  4. Nancy October 31, 2012 at 9:31 PM

    Seriously, Rupert ur not telling us anything we already don’t know! This shit has been going on. You call the cops for aid, they end up arresting resident evil (us) also, and they have been the real terrorists using their own condensations of what we are. It’s them judging us as if they could! They are no different then the bitches in the neighborhoods talking trash on you/us only they have legal backings, they have no brains & were raised like any other intrinsic dysfunctional family, that’s the bad part! They need psychological evaluation & a course on human…, which brings me to this.

    I always wanted to know why if they are raised w/the same intrinsic values as the rest of us, then why are they not getting that we are them, they are us & treat the rest of us as if we are somehow lower then they? How does a tin badge & pieces of paper raise them up beyond other beings that came to be as they did & have the same identical background as we & do they stupid awful things they do?

    It’s all a false mindset, they think they can actually separate themselves from other beings! They take themselves way to serious, they to will not get out of this life alive…we all die & we all live. Are they not here as a doctor would be/so & do no harm but to all they can to help their fellow man/women/child, as they wanted to do when small or when wanting to be b/c they cared? Or is it simple an ego trip for them? As one looks down on another, the other looks back down on them! Begets begets!

    It’s common sense, which leads us to believe they have none & that’s scary as well. Work for our money we pay them, not take our money & then use their fake false power to again take money from us by arresting us for any lil thing & then some. They are much of what the problems are in this Country if u can’t trust them, our children are frightened of them then they segregated/separated themselves from society as our protectors. Is this what they want? Justices is backwards, it’s to protect the guilty & bad, not the innocent & good.

    If u read any news media it’s us who are being targeted as criminals, w/more laws in the making it also ruins & disassembles our freedoms & rights, stop making laws & use the ones that were created & designed by real caring ppl guided by a power greater then us & do what it’s intentions were meant to do…abide themselves the laws & uphold them for the people by the people to the people! Or are they not the people they lie & polarity they are? They too will answer to a higher court, our system as well, they to are not exempt from our own given laws either! You get what you give 3 folds good/bad & polarity was create d for this purpose, you too will see this if you care to look, not merely just look but really see; no one gets away from the universal laws~

    • Anonymous November 28, 2012 at 12:53 AM

      oh great nancy you talk all this shit about him saying hes not telling us what we dont know — what are you doing? are you doing a site like this? are you spreading the truth? or do you just talk shit all day long in comments because you have no life?

  5. Richelle December 7, 2012 at 4:41 AM

    Unfortunately, I can attest to the existence of this idiocy with a personal account. A couple years ago I sold my old car to a friend of mine who was also a coworker. When I had the car I had placed several Obey stickers that I bought at Zumiez on the rear window. One of the stickers said “Make art not war”, another “Peace”, one had soldiers holding guns that had roses coming out the end. When my friend bought the car he left the stickers on.

    One day, a few weeks after buying the car from me, my friend was driving home from work and was pulled over by a state trooper. After a few minutes of the customary “show me your papers” bit, the state trooper starts asking my friend about the stickers and says they are related with terrorism and something about the background of one of them having the twin towers falling. By this point my friend was starting to freak out that the trooper was going to arrest him. He explained that he had just bought the car from me and that the stickers were already on the car. Then the trooper started asking for all of my info, name, phone number, address, where did I work, what’s my husband’s name, his phone number, where does he work.

    The next day at work my friend tells me about all this and I tell my husband that night and he calls the highway patrol. He is assured that we are not on any sort of watch list or anything, but we both doubt that. The fact that the officer interrogated my friend over the stickers seems a pretty obvious indication that he had received some sort of asinine bumper sticker terrorist training.

    So yes, the program has definitely been implemented and is carried out to an even more absurd degree than many might have imagined. And why not? After all, the main goal is to make it so that ANYONE could be labelled a terrorist and locked up if they become in any way inconvenient to the goals of the sociopathic control freaks who fancy themselves our rulers.


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