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Libyan fighters in Syria admit al Qaeda supporters among rebel forces, call for intervention

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By End the Lie

The calls for foreign intervention amongst the armed rebel forces in Syria have never ceased despite the United States directly assisting the rebels in obtaining funding to get their hands on heavy weaponry on top of carrying out intelligence operations in concert with Turkey and other Western nations.

The support for such actions has also seemed to remain intact in some sectors despite the fact that al Qaeda openly supports the rebels and the rebels themselves have no qualms about engaging in terrorism and carrying out “human rights and humanitarian law abuses.”

It is imperative to point out that even if members of the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) aren’t members of al Qaeda, or any other Islamic terrorist organization for that matter, they are still engaged in terrorist activities and thus when it comes down to it the religious aspect isn’t all that important.

That being said, it is not wrong to be concerned about how groups with a clear ideological motivation will act after their political goals have been met, especially when there are chemical weapons in the equation. In Libya, the results have been nothing short of horrific.

According to a man identified by AFP only as “Firas,” there are indeed al Qaeda fighters amongst the Syrian rebels yet if we don’t support them it will result in an increasing “rise of pro-Qaeda sentiment among the people and rebels.”

Interestingly, Firas reportedly said it was “now time to return the favor,” referring to Syrians fighting against Qaddafi last year. However, AFP noted Firas “left his studies in Britain to join the uprising to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad.”

It is quite important to note the large contingent of foreign fighters among the Syrian opposition and Firas noted, “in Syria there are many foreign fighters as we no longer believe in promises coming from the West.”

Firas said he believed the West has not intervened in Syria while they did in Libya because Libya provided economic benefits in the form of gas and oil.

However, this completely ignores the fact that war itself is big business. There is just as much money to be made, if not more, from the actual war itself. There is also huge amounts of profits to be reaped from the rebuilding process, as seen in Libya.

While Firas admits, “It is undeniable that in Syria, as elsewhere, there are people who support Al-Qaeda,” he attempts to make a distinction amongst those who support al Qaeda and those who just happen to be Muslim and are participating in the rebels’ terrorist activities.

“Does our wearing a beard or praying to a god different than yours make us terrorists or members of Al-Qaeda?” he asked angrily, according to AFP. “If that’s the case, then we are all Al-Qaeda,” Firas said.

“I have met a number of fighters from a small group very close (to Al-Qaeda) and it would definitely scare you to talk to them,” said Firas. “They are very radical and they hate everything that comes from the West.”

Another Libyan fighter who has thrown himself into the Syrian fight on behalf of the rebels interviewed by AFP, Abu Omar, claimed that the al Qaeda-affiliated individuals amongst the opposition “are beginning to smear the Syrian revolution.”

In reality, this is nothing new and it is far from something that is just beginning now. The armed opposition in Syria is comprised largely of unabashed terrorists who have no problem engaging in what would be considered terrorist activity anywhere else while the media continues to pretend it is something else.

One can twist language as much as one pleases but when it comes down to it, the members of the FSA are, in fact, terrorists which are already being supported by the West.

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