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Iran ‘risk assessment’ – entree to a one world order

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What will a war with Iran look like? What will be the results of a unilateral attack on Iran by Israel and the US? Will it trigger multi-regional military conflict? 21st Century Wire geopolitical analyst, Patrick Henningsen, outlines possible outcomes, including the Hegelian outcome of a One World Order aka ‘New World Order’, in an exclusive, previously unreleased interview with domestic Russian television, filmed in London in Sept 2012.

One Response to Iran ‘risk assessment’ – entree to a one world order

  1. Randa Jazairi October 11, 2012 at 2:13 PM

    Wow. This is the most eloquent and outstanding overview of what they are up to and why all the noise about Iran. Thank you Patrick Henningsen.

    My guess is that the attack will come at the end of October, but the wildcard is what will be the response of Iran’s allies (and Israel/USA’s enemies). I think Russia will act swiftly, and Putin has stated as such.

    This is the only thing Henningsen did not get quite right. I don’t know what it will be, but there is no way Israel will attack Iran and get away with it. Even if Assad is ousted.

    There will never be a full scale launch of their World Order. There is a True World out there, and there are True Beings who are committed to preventing it from happening. We just can’t see them.


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