Richard Cottrell

The Gold Rush: why are we not being told the truth?

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By Richard Cottrell

Contributing writer for End the Lie

We are now approaching one of the most important tipping points in world history and yet we stagger on besotted by iPhones and other electronic brain frying clutter in the expectation that  things being as they are, so they will remain the same in the future. Probably the people of Hiroshima and Dresden thought that too, before they were toasted to a crisp by the latest advances in peace-keeping technology.

The entire new world order that kicked off with Bretton Woods in 1944 and then spread like a global rash – the World Bank, the IMF, the European Union – is now playing one of the most pointless mind games in since our ancient ancestors taught themselves how to work markets with systems of exchange. Forms of money made barter largely redundant. In came precious metals, and especially gold. The bright shiny stuff was not of course easily portable in large quantities. So it was stocked up in treasury houses and money minted according to the value of those reserves judged against the general credit stakes of any given country.

When we read that this, that or any  other country – the US included – is ‘off’ the gold standard, this is  actually nonsense. Nixon took the US ‘off’ the gold standard in 1971 after a caretaker checked one bright morning and found there was nothing left to actually get off. From that moment on the dollar was consigned to its inevitable fate as a paper fiat currency, supported by other countries with large gold hoards stored at home, or as invariably became the case, in the vaults of the US Federal Reserve.

Lately something very peculiar is happening to gold.

Largely uncommented on by the lackey corporate media, there is a silent war for gold.  The war is led by the ‘Northern Empire’, the United States, which is effectively reversing the Nixon edict by holding large quantities of bullion that belong to other countries. Whenever the subject does come up we hear the usual trotted out ‘safe as houses’ explanation. Yet, a few canny observers are catching something on the wind that may be so shocking, that it seems unreasonable, in practical terms, to contemplate.

Is the ‘Northern Empire’ planning to nationalize gold hoards held in the US on behalf of foreign depositors?

Let’s see. As of right now, 60% of Germany’s gold is locked up in the vaults of the New York Fed.  Not exactly cashable in an emergency, so to speak. Why has Germany dispatched all that heavy metal across the Atlantic? What’s wrong with the solid basements of the Bundesbank, if the ECB smells so cheesy?  In practical terms, the Germans are in the same bind as all the other holders of US treasury notes, exchanged as shareholdings in the US economy. The US demands gold pledges in order to prevent the dollar imploding. Gold is now the ‘ghost Bretton Woods.’  In may also be spectral in other ways,  as we shortly discover.

The unspoken truth is that the dollar system is so thoroughly rotten it makes the euro look like a lively stripling youngster. If it were not for the fact that it owes like sixteen trillion bucks to the world – and counting – the US government might be tempted to return to the official gold standard to support the dollar: but unfortunately this is a large misunderstanding of the problem. The American problem is the featherweight of paper than the US holds – treasury commitments due to foreign central banks – not in the immediate instance, the usefulness or value of solid gold of its own sake.

But the Fed is not the only central bank with a liquidity problem. The European Central Bank is close to (if not already) insolvent – and where do you read about that in the corporate coffee house sheets? Try this on for size. The ECB is hung out in the breeze for some 3.02 trillion euros at the latest audit, which put another way is about a third larger than the entire Germany economy, reckoned as that is as the mighty power station of Europe.

This is entirely due to a second draw down of loans (bail outs) to tottering duffer states which, at the same time, the ECB in league with the EU and the IMF, is trying to bankrupt. These are the economics of the madhouse. The ECB does not have the solid wherewithal to back those loans. (Even Fuherina Angela Merkel can’t write that check).  And do remember that the various beggar states of the EU are lining up begging bowls empty for another big dollop of porridge.

The real central bank in Germany – namely the Bundesbank – has worked out that should the euro go belly up, then the federal balance sheet will suffer to the extent of half a trillion euros, which is almost twice the size of the annual German state budget. Now this is not just some nightmare which blows away when the sun comes up, because there is no sign of the sun coming up.

 Aux la contraire. The euro is heading steadily south in true pear-shaped fashion to Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Italy, where its unkind fate will be decided.

Meanwhile, the Fed stocks up on other people’s gold, if it can get it. Hugo Chavez, the Other Castro, is not backing the western order of things. Venezuela is the world’s 15th ranking gold holder, she has practically speaking more than either Saudi Arabia or the UK (no surprises there, after Gordon Brown emptied the vaults to pay the housekeeping bills, just as gold sunk to rock bottom – proof of the old adage that a fool and his money are soon parted).

Mexico’s central bank, on the other hand, has just .been compelled to admit that almost 95% of its modest gold holdings are held hostage in New York. Mexico is not a client of the United States. It is a prostrate vassal. Here is an interesting role reversal if we go back to the Conquistadores who raped El Dorado to prop up a dying, decadent empire with Aztec gold.

No prizes in a reader competition to name the latest dying, decadent empire.

The Mexicans will not get their gold back, even short of the Mexican army crossing the Rio Grande. It is now effectively Uncle Sam’s nest egg. Of course, Chavez would not have piled his hoard into New York City in any event. But the fact that he is willing to repose his faith in the Russians or the Chinese speaks volumes. Chavez watched the fate of the Libyan state, smashed and battered back to the stone age for the sake of the Northern Empire getting its sticky hands on Gaddafi’s gold.

Moreover, the Russian treasury is quietly stocking up on gold,  so it is not likely to snaffle other people’s. Putin has also amassed as we learnt recently, a huge hoard of diamonds, the world’s largest in fact. That the Kremlin should be considered a model of probity represents the fiscal equivalent of a magnetic reversal of the poles.

The Fed’s filching of other people’s wealth will not surprise anyone who follows the wholesale looting practiced by Wall Street. The boundary is seamless, of course. If the US is quietly contemplating massive monetary world disorder, in which the only antidote would be gold to support the Northern Empire’s chief currencies, the dollar and the euro, then we begin to understand the beginnings of an emerging bunker strategy.

Yet I think this is a serious under estimate of the gravity of the approaching crisis. I opened this piece by saying that people tend to think what they see around them will still be there safe and sound tomorrow. One only has to think back to the victims of Boxing Day tsunami in 2005 to see how erroneous this can be. In softer terms, the victims of the housing foreclosure tsunami in the United States, and those who are losing the real value of their pensions and wages in the artificially imposed austerity crisis  right across Europe at this moment.

Perception is defective because the mainstream organs of information distort the prism of perception with falsehoods and half-truths, and blind the popular audience  with television game shows and organized distractions like  football, the Olympic games and the recent ‘royal’ jubilee in the UK. So we ignore the famous law promulgated by Sir Thomas Gresham (an early British entrepreneur) – actually re-formulated, because the basic tenets can be traced back to early thinkers in Arabia – concerning ‘good money driving out bad.’

Gresham and his predecessors were sending a very important message far into the future concerning over-valued currencies displacing under-valued ones. Of course in his day there wasn’t a single currency system embracing the whole of Europe – and no USA either. So today we are better off reading his message as predicting a likely return to alternative payments systems in the wake of a dollar and euro collapse.

Here we find a partial explanation, at least, for the epidemic of ‘local currencies’ sprouting everywhere in Europe, right across North America, and now even in Africa. In many cases, town, city or regional monies can be operated alongside barter or exchange systems, and which taken together, present viable alternatives to many formerly straight cash operations. Thus if the lights went out, the argument runs that life would go on, like oxbow rivers forever carving out new channels.

It is possible now in the UK to pay some utility bills in this fashion, so are we approaching the full blown legalization of alternative tenders? But then, why are governments apparently nodding this through, given their current struggles to support stricken mainstream currencies?  I suspect the answer may lie in shadow money systems functioning as a backstop to ‘real’ monies, which of course implies taxable transactions.  So should there be great disorder in the present fiscal universe, then some means of maintaining transactions – and taxing them – is essential. I can see no other explanation for the rapid proliferation of local home-grown monies and barter exchanges.

The Swiss it seems have come up with some rather convincing proof. It is now openly discussed that the famous gnomes of Zurich are proposing to erect a parallel currency alongside the Swiss franc, which would take the form of gold coins exchangeable anywhere as legal tender.  This is enough to send knees knocking like castanets from one side of the Atlantic to the other. This would be alternative money on a heroic scale,  unlike the aforesaid parish pump variety, and would of course suck the glittering stuff into Swiss bank vaults like some monster black hole vacuum cleaner swallowing planetary systems.

We are supplied with yet another explanation as to why the battle is on to preserve an unsaveable currency system like the euro (and for that matter, the dollar).  That is why the printing presses are working around the clock turning out fiat and dollars and euros. The show must go on. But the people pulling levers behind the streams are as about in charge of the situation as the Wizard of Oz with his fantastical smoke and mirrors bluff.

The Mexican people were long denied the right by means of every bureaucratic obstacle to discover exactly where the nation’s gold lay, until the dams of conspiracy collapsed.  We do not know exactly how much gold the Bank of England really holds. It may not be that much. We do know there are pastiche, doctored gold bars lying around, which means effectively, in circulation (the mineral  equivalent of printing money).  Not so much ‘safe as Fort Knox, as safe as a candy bar.’

We also know that the price of gold (and to a similar extent, silver) is ruthlessly manipulated, not so much by pirate speculators (the usual cry) as professional riggers owing loyalties to those wheel-hubs of the Northern Empire – Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street and the ECB. Nor would I be at all surprised if a full independent audit revealed that the Empire ‘s real gold stocks are much lower than proclaimed, not to mention those stocks which might not pass honest assay.

What then in the event of a run on gold? Commentators other than myself regard that as a very interesting question indeed. Another of equal value is whether the gold (and silver) brokers are fibbing  (they are) concerning how much of what is bought and sold could actually be taken away in physical form if the armored truck called. There are no independent inventories of gold vaults. We have only the feeble word of those who do not, in any event, deal in the truth as a significant medium of exchange. The bullion cartels and the bankocracy have every reason to deceive and they do.

The usual rent-a-quote soothsayers are only too happy to pass us off with glib assurances that springtime is just around the corner, the ‘recovery’ is under way, the ‘green shoots of prosperity’ are sprouting once again. This is just so much sandwich filling.  The world financial order and the global economy are absolutely busted and will not be repaired by any of the quick fixes proposed by the likes of Mario Draghi, head waiter at the ECB, the absurd little cashier Mervyn King at the Bank of England (who wouldn’t have much better luck running a whelk stall) and ‘eyes wide closed’  Ben Bernanke, chief printer at the Fed.

The future will be peopled with robots turning out goods for diminishing consumers with nothing that could be called real work. That’s not far distant, it is right now.  In such a picture, what’s gold anyway, you may well ask. The answer is that gold is the lubricant of an expiring system and the authorities set over our heads either do not or will not understand this.  In the circumstances it is perfectly logical to both inflate the value of gold, how much of it really is on call for same day delivery and how much, in brute terms, is counterfeit. How much so called held stocks would not pass even a decent paper assay?

That said, we can now see perfectly behind that curtain where the wizards are at work.  They are performing a confidence trick by snitching as much spare gold they can lay hands on. But, if we can’t believe in the illusion of precious metals, how then can be expected to repose our trust and faith in worthless fiat currencies?

We should unreservedly applaud the Swiss if they do in the end call the gold bluff. These stout and independent folk clad in lederhosen have deterred invaders for generations by endowing every adult male as a part time soldier keeping his weapons stored at home, entire military air bases carved inside mountains.  Now it seems they are taking offensive against the rotting global fiscal disorder.

Richard Cottrell is a writer, journalist and former European MP (Conservative). His new book Gladio: NATO’s Dagger At The Heart Of Europe is now available from Progressive Press. You may order it using the link below (or by clicking here – Gladio, NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe: The Pentagon-Nazi-Mafia Terror Axis):

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11 Responses to The Gold Rush: why are we not being told the truth?

  1. iowaSparky October 20, 2012 at 12:42 AM

    China, which is one of the major holders of U.S. debt, will force a gold backed currency. Prepare accordingly. The U.S. world dominated petro-dollar’s days are numbered.
    Trade your paper fiat for real physical money- precious metals.

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  3. margsview October 21, 2012 at 1:38 PM

    Maybe a little tax cutting middle class style might be indicated.

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  5. Bubba Zinetti October 22, 2012 at 10:30 AM

    What about China? They are buying record amounts of gold. What about George Soros and other billionaire investors divesting their stocks and buying gold? The story goes deeper than you think.

  6. Kojac October 27, 2012 at 8:29 AM

    We only owe China 1 trillion Germany 500 billion the rest is owed to the private corporation Federal Reserve!

  7. Vernie December 1, 2012 at 7:30 AM

    To really get a truer picture about the Gold, Silver, Money, check out “Financial Tyrrany” at It is a very long read but very informative. It is another “End the LIE” sort of thing.
    Enjot the Truth!!!

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  9. avatar March 25, 2013 at 10:02 AM

    england is the main evil villain manipulating currency war agasint europe. pound sterling msut be attacked and destryed.

    June 2012.

    so the bankrupt england resorts to fraud of printing money because it can and it can because the corrupt rating agencies which are anglosaxon controlled still give triple a rating to bankrupt enlgand and IMF and world bank instead of criticising england for fraudulent money printing is encouraging england to print money while at the same time asking European countries to not print money rather tighten the belt.
    the Europeans are suffering because they were stupid and fool in not smashing IMf ands world bank and credit agencies which exist only to loot money and wealth from non-anglosaxon coutnries., it is a war by the Anglos on the rest of world.
    Uk and the US are lying about the realities and printing money,
    so america and uk are openly cheating its debtors nations while for other third world and european countries it insists through IMf to fully pay their debt by selling assets at one percent fire sale.and bankrupt America and britian are proud of their cheating and have temerity to lecture others on financial prudence!
    According to the IMF, the global elite are holding a total of 18 trillion dollars in offshore banking havens such as the british controlled the Cayman Islands.

    England as pirate rogue state today and yesterday.
    Just as Britain is the save heaven for all kinds of wanted top political and financial criminals.

    ==60% of the UK’s GDP is financial fraud, dabbling in stolen money from the third world with help of british approved dictators in those nations.-otherwise humanitarian bombing is coming your Way!
    Money laundering is the business of English race-they never graduated from the piracy days.
    The global money laundering system Britain put in place as its colonies dwindled is the core element of its new Empire. It consists of a string of tax havens around the world operating with London [ Images ] as a global hub. The system now caters to all sorts of criminals, ranging from super-rich tax evaders and corporate bigwigs hiding the proceeds of mispricing of trade to mafiosi engaged in garden variety organised crime.

  10. avatar March 25, 2013 at 10:06 AM

    The modus operandi of Britain is to make country and regions unstable and install british stooge with explicit instruction to bring the money -looted ones -to Britain from where it is not going to go anywhere else.
    Some oligarch Jews (like thee criminal U.K.-based fugitive oligarch Boris Berezovsky)
    were the stooge of British in Russia and they brought so many ill gotten money to uk. So did the Kuwaitis-who brought 4 billions of pounds within a week of first Iraq war problem in august 1990 -so has continued the massive loot of the rest of the world by the English .race through this money protection racket . It is money protection racket in the sense that those eliete’s money is protected only when it is made to be lodged in British London banks. The witness, who appeared on the Rossiya channel with his face hidden and was referred to as Pyotr, accused 61-year-old Berezovsky of killing Alexander Litvinenko because the former security officer knew how the exiled tycoon had obtained political asylum in Britain in 2003. This thief boris berezosvky is a terrorist as well who calls for violet end to Putin-the president who is one of the most loved of his countrymen compared to any in the world.
    As someone said “We live in a world where criminals are good guys and patriots are villains: where Berezovsky is a liberal “human rights” activist and Putin is a moral monster.” that putin who is one of the most popular leader of any in the world.
    say even if Russia destroys usa then if Britain or rather england is allowed to exist then the english parasitic dog race will ,by very parasitic nature, will try to disrupt Russia or other countries’ existence. therefore instead of attacking usa or poland it is best policy of Russia to attrack and destroy to the whole of england which must be evaporated to a rubble.
    That is what explains influx of foreign money to London and how London has overtaken new York in stock market. Forget about service industry -british are the most ill mannered race what service can they provide except protection racket on back of american arms? Britain is looting even usa. Through it is usa which has worked hard (through illegal invasions ) to make other countries unstable so that Britain can get money from protection of stooge elites of those countries..
    the modus operandi of Britain is to make country and regions unstable and install british stooge with explicit instruction to bring the money -looted ones -to Britain from where it is not going to go anywhere else.
    Some oligarch jews were the stooge of British in Russia and they brought so many ill gotten money to uk. So did the Kuwaitis-who brought 400 billions of pounds within a week of first Iraq war problem in august 1990(now kuwait soverenign fund is nto in kuwait but in londoan and under british occuptation) -so has continued the massive loot of the rest of the world by the English race through this money protection racket . it is money protection racket in the sense that those elite’s money is protected only when it is made to be lodged in British London banks.
    The British government and the royal family survive on money pilfered from various countries. Any foreigner who is loaded with money is welcomed in the UK irrespective of the source of the money. In addition the British government gets protection money from the Gulf States in billions of dollars. The payment is in proportion to the income from oil. For example Kuwait under signed agreement with the British government has to invest a third of its annual income from oil in Britain every year in addition to the payment which is directly made to the British government. The British government is sustained by the flow of this illegally earned money.Still bankrupt britian prints money and still gets triple A from corrupt agencies of anglsaxon evil empire.
    The tax haven system washes an estimated $2 trillion annually into the “legitimate” world economy. According to a recent report from Washington-based Global Financial Integrity, an NGO headed by a former World Bank economist, it also drained about $6 trillion out of poor countries over the last decade. Adding up the estimates made by a number of experts indicates that the total of illicit assets in tax havens is some $30 trillion, double the GDP of the United States.

    That massive pool of money generates the multi-billion dollar “hedge funds” that have made a travesty of free market mechanisms, especially commodity markets. Indians struggling with the ever increasing cost of petrol and diesel can blame it on hedge fund manipulations that have kept oil prices over $100 per barrel amidst the worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s. They can also blame the system for India’s pandemic of mega scams: without a convenient way to stash black money the corrupt would not dare do such massive fraud on their people.
    In the defence of its imperial interests it has precipitated two World Wars and is now presiding over an empire of crime that drains the poorest countries of their hard earned wealth. During the days of Empire and now, treachery has been a staple in Britain’s international relations.”

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