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A clockwork green: terrorizing children using climate change

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By Nora Claypool

Contributing writer for End the Lie

Apparently Climategate didn’t put global warming in a sufficiently unflattering light to prevent Al Gore from digging that zombie up and reanimating it. In a renewed effort to get a crack at those billions of dollars in carbon taxes, he’s again beating the dead horse of Global Warming by dressing it up as Climate Change.

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A scheming UN summit is finding member nation responses understandably weak. Rising sea levels blamed on the melting ice chunks in it result from manmade global warming, right? But at the same time, there’s supposedly a water shortage?

Mere valid scientific evidence to the contrary must not be allowed to screw this up for Al. Where did the water go, into outer space? And why are there more icebergs than ever? Why has no one brought up fluid displacement properties when talking about rising ocean levels? If the Polar Cap all really did melt, which isn’t happening, the shorelines wouldn’t move an inch. This Chicken Little drill has become passé.

Al’s now infamous video “An Inconvenient Truth,” which made the rounds in America’s schools as if based on fact, is nothing more than junk science to support carbon taxation and huge profits which depend on it. As if that’s not bad enough, NASA has now jumped aboard the carbon tax gravy train. NASA is also engaged in terrorizing children who are brainwashed and psychologically manipulated into thinking Earth is a goner, unless they turn informant and get actively involved in a (mythical) fight to save it.

Once a seemingly innocent agency which inspired children and encouraged scientific curiosity about space and the universe, NASA is now actively engaged in scaring them — and destroying their own credibility in the process — about the ecological destruction of the planet we live on. Supposed water shortages, crop failures and a melting polar ice cap are the fodder of NASA’s websites that spew this globalist propaganda to instill fear in children. When no evidence exists to back it up, and substantial scientific evidence completely refutes it, it’s enough to make your kid turn green, unfortunately.

A visit to NASA’s page reveals horrendous images and descriptions meant to instill fear in kids about the future of their planet and their ability to live in any degree of safety and happiness on it. Threats include animal extinction and destruction of their habitat, and the pathetic photo of a single polar bear floating on the supposedly last chunk of ice left in the arctic sea.

This absolutely outrageous propaganda is also directed at children through our tax-dollar funded educational system, taken hostage by the likes of the Global Alliance for Transforming Education and Global Education Associates. Texts used in the curriculum include globalist generated propaganda and as evidenced by the controversy in Australia, parents are pushing back. It is still illegal to publish lies masquerading as truth, and we can protest this unconscionable practice, as they have in Queensland.

School systems have abandoned the Pledge of Allegiance to our country, in favor of the globalist Earth pledge and many textbooks used in school curriculums like Houghton-Mifflin’s, From Sea to Shining Sea contain lessons which refer to the supposed peril earth is in like “The Medicine Wheel,”

 “No rain had fallen on the land for many days. Grass died and animals starved. There wasnothing to eat.”

Using Indian legends and myths in third grade educational materials might be viewed as an innocent attempt to make lessons interesting to children, if one didn’t notice the subtle introduction to paganism and the worship of earthly objects, rather than a single intelligent creator.

Do images of a parched, barren landscape and dying animals searching for food really belong in a lesson or an eight-year-old? It seems the images generated in the child’s mind prey on his innate love of nature and warm blooded animals, and leave him anxiety ridden because he feels unable to do anything about a dire situation created by a globe full of reckless nations hurtling toward Earth’s destruction and extinction of all life on it. This smacks of the “war on terror” under scrutiny, doesn’t it? Kids are taught to associate the term “mother” with the earth, imbuing human attributes and a spirit on a planetary object.

In “Brave New Schools,” chapter five, Berit Kjos exposes a great deal of the malfeasance perpetrated through textbooks and curriculum which undermine a child’s feeling of safety and security, alter basic thoughts about spirituality and attempt to change his thinking without parental consent.

Exactly who gave the Department of Education permission to influence their spiritual beliefs and make our children worry so?  The obvious answer is, not us parents or grandparents who pay for it.

Contrived by the globalists decades ago to get control of the captive minds of schoolchildren, our system of education has become a means to shape the attitudes and opinions of coming generations rather than impart any practical knowledge.

Textbooks have been rewritten to reflect a globalist slant on history and events that didn’t actually occur as recorded, and children are taught to conform, obey and recite. They move from class to class like robots upon the ringing of a bell, much like Pavlov’s dogs were conditioned, and some schools are even requiring students to wear tracking devices and be under constant surveillance as if they had committed some crime.

If these future leaders are taught to be comfortable with socialism, that the loss of individual freedom is a justifiable concession to save the planet and that their parents are destroying their future, it might be hard to change these attitudes later once young malleable minds have hardened through decades of brainwashing.

Global Warming, AKA Climate Change, is pseudo-scientific globalist propaganda. They don’t want us to notice they’re targeting children, since clearly it didn’t work on adults, taking advantage of a child’s love of animals and nature.

It’s a cruel twisting of reality, not only promoting lies that have been scientifically discredited by legitimate and unbiased scientists, it’s ruining childhood for many kids, causing fear and uncertainty. Kids are stressed out over what amounts to wholly trumped up nonsense. They’re incapable of questioning things presented as fact while adults can see it for what it is; the outstretched palm of the Tax Man, an uninvited representative from greedy government.

Children believe what they are told by their teachers and textbooks. The result of terrorizing children psychologically and intentionally leading them to believe the planet is in jeopardy, makes huge profits for the giant pharmaceutical companies, since growing numbers are being treated for depression.

There’s also an increase in the number of children being pulled out of the public brain washing system, in favor of home schooling. The same textbooks are mandated, but a parent has an opportunity to provide both an opposing view and reassurance that the world isn’t falling apart at home.

These aware and on-duty parents may produce the Lew Rockwells and Ron Pauls of the future rather than unscrupulous global mercenaries like Al Gore. When is he going to get lost? Give it up, Al.

It is a parent’s right to form a child, his mental ability, his attitudes and beliefs. It’s their duty to protect him from brainwashing just as assertively as they would protect him from any other threat to his happiness and well being. The frantic, system-serving lives parents have had engineered for them, leave little time for anything but scrambling for enough money to live on.

They regret turning their children over to the state on a daily basis, but many feel they have no choice — they have to go to work. Modern life is a tool, like the Department of Education, in the destruction of the family and our society, and a sick testament to the globalist’s depravity. They use our tax dollars to fund the system which destroys us and harms the things dearest and most important to us — our children.

Encouraged to spy on their parents and report things they’ve been lead to believe cause the planet problems, our children are secretly turned against us. The state is increasingly coming between parents and children as if they had a right to, and inserting themselves as the force of authority. Nazis have risen to power again right here in our faces in the public school system of the land of the free.

Let us reassure our impressionable and insidiously misinformed children, that our planet is in no danger from anyone except the globalists pushing this propaganda and following their agenda. Every drop of rain put here at Earth’s creation is still here, traveling through rock and sediment, purified along its journey. There is no water shortage, no reason to ration it or fight over supplies.

With all the fresh and salt water there is on this planet, it can sustain mankind and animal life for centuries.

The planet can produce such an abundance of food to nourish us, that there is absolutely no reason for anyone to ever go hungry. Hunger is the weapon of eugenicists, food scarcity is a hoax, and all we need has been put here on this planet for our use. We are actively engaged in saving endangered species of animals and protecting their habitats.  Yes, we can peacefully coexist with the people and animals that share our planet by respecting them, and there are plenty of natural resources left to share.

The Earth is not overpopulated, and in fact the diverse, global population can grow for centuries before we cover up the land masses or deplete the supply of fresh water.  Natural lifespans create an ongoing reduction in the population that isn’t mentioned by the lying globalists.

Our population will in fact suffer a dramatic decline if we allow the madmen who think they have the right to decide who lives and who dies, to continue unchecked. They plan to reduce the planet’s population to a mere five hundred million as shown on the Georgia Guidestones (see item 1 under “inscriptions”).

Any warming or cooling of the planet is caused by the natural cycle of things, not the destructive, thoughtless and insensitive population currently residing on it. There are more trees on the planet now than there ever have been according to John Stossel, and there have been both ice ages and warm phases throughout history, long before the paving of large portions of the surface. Green spaces and unexplored places abound, and there is enough land available to give every family on the planet a large yard. We must become diligent truth seekers, reject hearsay, demand evidence, and eject the globalists from education.

There are legitimate threats to our Earth: the HAARP system secretly manipulating weather by interrupting normal jet stream patterns thereby altering regional rainfalls, geoengineering or chemtrails made up of poison aerosol particulates of aluminum, antimony, lead, arsenic and sulfates that are destroying our soils, decreasing the amount of vitamin D we receive by blocking out the sun, and killing marine life, the use of fracking to release natural gas deposits, and so much more.

However, none of these things is a result of global warming, and they can be attributed to a few evil globalist corporations who value profit over not only the environment, but human lives… those of our children.

We need to take back our planet from the evil hands of the globalists who perpetuate lies and twist facts to suit their insanity. It’s an adult job, and we need to get on it. Let kids be kids.

We need to take charge of things and to stop letting global corporations rule us, rob us and dictate that we must eat their genetically modified frankenfoods on the premise that the planet is no longer capable of feeding us with lower-yield natural varieties. Their frankenfoods are about one thing: profit at the expense of health and safety. You’ll probably recognize this behavior, it’s “the love of money.”

Childhood should be a happy time, free from the influence of alarmists or prescription drug pushers. Only the most evil of people would engage in psychological threats to a child’s happiness to control his mind and facilitate the emptying of his parent’s wallet.

Parents should be in control of what gets done in the classroom, not agenda-driven globalists utilizing the public school system for brainwashing on our dime. We need to defund the Department of mis-Education, and stop government from “green” brainwashing and terrorizing kids into a state of anxiety and fear. It’s time they got off this train.

Did I forget anything or miss any errors? Would you like to make me aware of a story or subject to cover? Or perhaps you want to bring your writing to a wider audience? Feel free to contact me at [email protected] with your concerns, tips, questions, original writings, insults or just about anything that may strike your fancy.

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Unconscionable use of supposed “science” to instill fear in children and brainwash them


http://epa.gov/climatechange/kids/index.html  EPA’s propaganda site

http://gcce.larc.nasa.gov/  for educators

http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=John+Stossel+on+60+minutes&view=detail&mid=7574B4E64264F7BC326B7574B4E64264F7BC326B&first=0&qpvt=John+Stossel+on+60+minutes     (Stossel piece on global warming bunk)



8 Responses to A clockwork green: terrorizing children using climate change

  1. Anonymous December 10, 2012 at 9:22 PM

    great aritcle nora I hope you keep writing :) it’s good to see other writers on here!! its nice to see a change of perspective :)

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  3. Emmett G. December 17, 2012 at 2:55 PM

    An introduction to Paganism? That isn’t a bad thing, you really need to educate yourself about Paganism. The rest of your article is just plain bad science, in fact it isn’t even science. The north pole ice cap IS melting, we can see it from satellite images in space; the seas ARE rising, and faster all the time; we ARE running out of water because the earth is warmer than in the past and the fact is that the entire solar system is warming up.
    My husband is an award-winning biologist, we saw the movie and he vetted the science and didn’t find one error. When your children have no future, then you can blame yourself and others like you, who refuse to see what’s right in front of our eyes.

    • PhamNewan May 16, 2015 at 5:00 PM

      A biologist huh, well then he clearly has the appropriate training, NOT! I am a PhD in mechanical and aerospace engineering. I specialize in computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer. Wanna PLAY? Because I can tell you everything wrong with, the models, the science, and Al Gore’s Lefto-GloboCorp-Fascist movie.

  4. Daniel Skipp December 17, 2012 at 6:31 PM

    “the fact is that the entire solar system is warming up.”
    but “An Inconvenient Truth” was error-free? How can humans be warming the planet but “the fact is that the entire solar system is warming up.”? Utterly illogical. Then what can one expect from people who don’t seem to realise the real big threat to humanity aside from the evil Elite who push “global warming”, sorry “climate change”, is an Ice Age. Bring on the warming!
    Global warming is the most error-riddled failed hypothesis i have ever studied. Yet the mainstream call the science “settled”, a “consensus”, thus proving they are not honest scientists at all as science is always open to challenge! If there is dangerous tipping point is surely human stupidity, not some chimerical runaway meltdown after 2 degrees of warming since the Little Ice Age. The Medieval Warm Period was as warm as now and was not local to Europe, it was global. Aaaah, who am i kidding? Almost nobody is rational on this planet. Plenty of arrogant prideful and greedy bullshitters though.

  5. Nora December 20, 2012 at 8:36 AM

    Emmett G.: John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel, and 31,000 scientists have exposed climate change for what it is, 9,000
    of those scientists have PHD s. If your husband is truly a scientist, he can research the Keeling Curve, read some unbiased reports generated other than by the U.N., which has used falsified data to attempt to establish CO2 as the underlying cause of climate change. CO2, which all humans exhale, is a necessity for the green plants that produce the oxygen we breathe. The Keeling Curve establishes the fact that increases are miniscule, but welcome, since the alternative is an ice age. You are proof of how easily brainwashed and irrational people are. Science is being manipulated for a reason, and as usual, that reason is profit.

  6. Daniel December 22, 2012 at 11:13 AM

    While I agree with much of this article, I must say that i’m wholly disappointed to see a quasi religious bias being expressed in your comments relating to “an introduction to paganism” (which i’m not sure you understand) and a single intelligent creator. Nobody comes to a site like this to be subjected to dogmatic assumptions about spiritual matters, we want objectivity and unbiased and factual reporting.

  7. John Shade December 29, 2012 at 8:52 AM

    There is a great of excellent material in this article. I wish the author had concentrated on the harm done by, and the arrogance behind, the deliberate scaring of children to help achieve the political goals of some environmentalists – especially the anti-humanity ones. The later material about ‘evil corporations’, HAARP, and ‘frankenfoods’ is, on the other hand, unconvincing and distracts from the main messages. The corporations I regard as a threat are ones such as Greenpeace and the WWF – they thrive on fear. Commercial corporations on the other hand have to provide useful things or disappear.


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