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Gun control is a scam

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By Guest Writer for End the Lie

(Image credit: AZCapitolTimes)

(Image credit: AZCapitolTimes)

The mass media and the alternative media are missing or ignoring some facts about gun control.

How long have the major street drugs been illegal?  Are there any shortages?  No, the country is flooded with them.  Banning guns will have the same effect as banning drugs.

The black market always takes over the distribution of banned items.  It always has and it always will.

Never take political actions at face value.

Gun control is a move to make Congress appear as though it’s trying to do something about the recent shootings.

But it also could also be a scheme to stimulate public resistance, which will then result in more rigorous enforcement by the authorities – more TSA and DHS, more stops and searches, more surveillance, etc.

I believe this is what the authorities really want and that gun control is just another trick in order to advance the police state agenda.

People in power always want more power, and what better way to accomplish that than to excite rebellion from the masses by banning something for which there is a great demand?

The authorities then have an excuse to “get tough.”  And they will, you can count on it.

Here’s how it works:

First they ban something that’s popular, such as a drug.  That results in more trafficking, more policing, more penalties, more prisons, and more corruption.

The result is more profits for everyone on both sides of the law.  The ban itself becomes a business.

Illegal enterprises are much more profitable than honest business and banning something rarely works as intended, but it isn’t expected to.  It’s a ploy to enable more profiteering by all concerned.

Items on top of the counter are rarely as profitable as items that are “under the counter,” sold illegally at a massive profit. And that’s all a ban does – it takes an item off the top of the counter and puts it underneath.

Neither drugs nor guns nor anything else that is banned will disappear merely because somebody passes a law against them.

In 1919 the Volstead Act – alcohol prohibition – was passed.  According to the book Ardent Spirits: The Rise And Fall Of Prohibition, by John Kobler, 45 minutes after midnight on the day the law went into effect the first train load of medicinal alcohol was hijacked.

Banning guns is very likely to provoke the same sort of occurrences, which will make America even more violent than it already is.

That, I believe, is the real intent of the new gun legislation:  to ignite rebellion and violence so as to provide an excuse for more iron-fisted law enforcement, and even martial law.

Gun control isn’t to control guns, it’s to control us.

Fans of the 2nd amendment are upset, and they should be, but they’re upset for the wrong reason.

Guns will not disappear if they are banned, they will actually become more plentiful, the same as drugs did.

Law enforcement officers will get more plentiful too – more SWAT teams, more militarized local police, and more TSA checkpoints.  In other words, the very same techniques that became the hallmarks of Germany’s 3rd Reich.

Ultimately, those in power are not really trying to ban guns, they are trying to ban free movement of the citizenry.  The rulers want to know where everybody is and what they’re doing at all times.  Gun control is just another deceptive maneuver toward that goal.

The most unfortunate effect of bad laws is that they corrupt all of society and make nearly everyone a law-breaker, both the general public and the crooked authorities that are on the take.  It fosters a lack of respect for all laws.

The truly honest people are then caught in the crossfire between two groups of criminals – the ones without badges and the ones with them.  And the ones with them often devolve into the worse of the two.

“The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the prohibition law. For nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced. It is an open secret that the dangerous increase of crime in this country is closely connected with this.” – Albert Einstein, My First Impression of the USA, 1921

“Experience has shown, that even under the best forms, those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.” – Thomas Jefferson

“The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.” – Tacitus

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5 Responses to Gun control is a scam

  1. stacey January 26, 2013 at 6:57 AM

    I believe you are correct – It’s about advancing a police state. I wandered why they allowed the Sandy Hook video clip interview with the father smiling, getting into character, and reading note cards about his daughter, EmiLie death. I knew the release was diliberate but I couldn’t figure out why. Thanks

  2. Lurker February 4, 2013 at 11:32 AM

    I haven’t thought about gun control laws from that angle, but it makes so much sense (given that our government is corrupt).

    The government would obviously have realized that banning guns doesn’t make sense because it’s impossible to enforce… unless the intent all along is to criminalize more of us and have a reason for Martial Law to be implemented.


    I truly hope you’re wrong.

  3. Pete March 2, 2013 at 7:59 PM

    I would agree with you on the banning of almost anything else, but when it comes to guns, here we have a different breed of cat.While this may in fact be their plan, it is flawed, because once they start arresting people for possessing firearms, it will be game on, and game on is game over for them.

    The police and the military are made up of Americans also, so their ranks will be depleted from the git go. They are afraid right now, their little game of injustice has them staring into the frying pan, and growing the police state is not gonna help them; they are way out-numbered. So lets all hope they come to their collective senses, and vote NO!

  4. Martin Phipps November 24, 2013 at 8:52 PM

    “How long have the major street drugs been illegal? Are there any shortages? No, the country is flooded with them. Banning guns will have the same effect as banning drugs.”

    Yes, because countries that have banned guns are flooded with guns. No… wait. That’s not true. Countries that have banned guns do not have guns so people do not die as a result of gunfire. Period. Where there are no guns there are no deaths as a result of gunfire. It is that simple. In the U.S. the problem is that if you have gun control in one city people can still go to another city and buy a gun… but at least it does make it more difficult for criminals to get guns. And remember: a criminal could be anybody, even an autistic teenager living alone with his mom. And, yes, under the current system a person like that can obviously legally own a gun.

    The fact is that gun control works. If you are going to have a website called “endthelie.com” you might want to not lie to people.

  5. Duey Miller August 9, 2014 at 5:16 PM

    Martin Phipps
    Just where is this magic place where there is no guns? The lie is that gun control works. The most dangerous places in America is where there is no guns.


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