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Deeper News Links 1/18/2013

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Compiled by Robert Taft


US Mint Runs Out of 2013 Silver Coins, Suspends Sales

Feds to Fund ‘Upon Suspect Arrest’ DNA Collection in Wisconsin

Personal Genetic Information Vulnerable to Hacking

DHS to Expand ‘See Something, Say Something,’  Other Initiatives As Part of Admin’s Gun Crackdown

China and Japan Square Up: Drums of War

Welcome to the Global Currency War

Mexico Launches New Agency Modeled by CIA [or is it a proxy?]

US May Extend Number of Bases in Central Asia after 2014

Chuck Hagel Might Feel a Little Like Ronald Reagan

After a Year in the Grave Can SOPA and IP Protect Return?

All backscatter “pornoscanners” to be removed from US airports [and replaced with what – beware of problem-reaction-solution dialectic]

Google Wants to Ditch Passwords, Let You Log in With the Ring on Your Finger

Facebook Has Made It Impossible for You to Opt Out of Being in Search Results  Nullification is a ‘code word,’ says senator

Boycott the UN’s World Water Day

Deception Is Futile When the Big Brother’s Lie Detector Turns Its Eyes On You

Surveillance Strategy is ‘Privileged and Confidential,’ FBI says

Pro-Life Group Warns About Girl Scouts’ Planned Parenthood Ties

Obama:  Do What We Can to Save One Child, But Infanticide Okay

Wesley J. Smith:   My Bioethics Predictions for 2013

How Government Tries to Mess With Your Mind



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