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Ron Paul issues dire warning on McCain/Schumer immigration plan

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Editor’s note: be sure to read our article on the national REAL ID system.

Earlier this evening, Ron Paul issued a dire new warning via his public Facebook page. The former Congressman and presidential candidate warned that the proposed McCain/Schumer immigration “reform” plan, as it exists now, would usher in warrantless surveillance of US citizens using drones, a de facto mandatory national ID system barring those without it from working legally, increased federal database information on US citizens, and the further erosion of our core civil rights under the guise of keeping our economy “safe” from illegal immigration.

Scariest paragraph of Ron Paul’s post: “Harper rightly notes that E-Verify is in fact a national ID card, writing last week that, ‘the system must biometrically identify everyone who works—you, me, and every working American you know. There is no way to do internal enforcement of immigration law without a biometric national identity system.'”

David discusses what this immigration reform package could mean for everyday Americans in this video segment of David Seaman Hour!

2 Responses to Ron Paul issues dire warning on McCain/Schumer immigration plan

  1. Barry Soetoro February 8, 2013 at 4:21 AM

    The Nazis had a National ID card. However, I am sure that the US had NOTHING to do with the holocaust (Dow Chemical made the Cyclon-B, IBM made the ID cards). Yeah, we’re good.

  2. InBetweenTheLines March 20, 2013 at 1:13 PM

    So, obviously, once required to have them we will next be required to carry them & then required to show them to any person with a badge on demand (just like Cable TV).

    They told me a long time ago, ‘History repeats itself.’ Now, why some pretend or don’t want to acknowledge that this happens is the real question. I suppose they assume we’re too advanced now with all this technology for the ten commandments to apply anymore either.

    The deadly sins, greed, jealousy, envy, gluttony, pride, lust and wrath, sloth & vanity must no longer be a problem and politicians suffer the least from them which is why they make our rules for us.

    And don’t forget, we Americans have toppled freely elected governments and then wonder why the citizens of those same countries don’t particularly care for us — we’re the good guys, right?


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