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Saving America in three steps

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By Locust

Contributing writer for End the Lie

Rep. Barbara Lee (Image credit: U.S. Congress)

Rep. Barbara Lee (Image credit: U.S. Congress)

America is trapped in insanity by law, just as I’ve been saying for seven years.

For that long I have repeatedly screamed and ranted that Public Law 107-40 (also known as the AUMF) was the bane of our existence, that we are trapped in a DAFT and insane perpetual war, and that we should draft California Congresswoman Barbara Lee as the People’s Candidate for President.

Here is what she recently said:

Rep. Barbara Lee (CA),

The administration is using the Authorization for the Use of Military Force passed by the House on Sept. 14, 2001, as one of the justifications for the lethal use of drones. As the only member of Congress who voted against this blank check, I believe now more than ever that we must repeal it.

And here is what I say and have been saying for seven years now:

We could already be out of this mess, but you haven’t done what is necessary.

I will put out these three steps yet again, and hope beyond hope that somehow this time they will take hold, and we can regain our peace and sanity.

1. Stop ignoring Public Law 107-40. We are losing our freedom because you ignore this evil and malicious law that granted unlimited and unchecked power to the Presidency. Barbara Lee is exactly right when she calls for the repeal of this egregious legislation, and that’s why I have repetitiously called for that repeal for, what was it, oh yeah seven long frickin’ years.

We must end Public Law 107-40 before it ends us. We are running out of time.

2. Refer to this insanity by what it is – DAFT, that is, the Defense against Future Terrorists war – and if you don’t agree with that, tell me what the TSA does. Oh right, they defend us against future terrorism.

Stop using the words of the moron Bush, stop giving life to his sick and twisted word. We must win the linguistic battle and use our own words, create our own meme.

Stop the DAFT war!

3. Barbara Lee should be treated with much more respect than she gets. I have many times stated that she was the only person brave enough to stand against the war-mongers and vote no to unlimited war.

The people who want to save the world are always looking for true leaders – there is nobody, nobody, nobody more deserving of Progressive praise and support than Barbara Lee. She alone walked the walk, she alone fought to defend us, and now it’s time for us to support her.

But then, I’ve said all this for seven years. Do you finally hear the words this time?

There you have it, my friends. Follow these three steps. They are the path to peace.
And maybe a 12-year-old child can become a teenager and finally live in a nation that is not trapped in war.

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3 Responses to Saving America in three steps

  1. JOHNNY BARTEE February 18, 2013 at 7:48 AM

    Let me explain this in three sentences to Barbara Lee and everybody else.

    1. There is no “we” and there never was. The notion that “we” are free is absurd and stupid. There has never been any freedom in this country inmy lifetime.

    2. The silly notion that “we” can stop this criminal government from doing what we say is ignorant beyond belief.

    3. If this government believes that it is losing it’s ability to mass murder people worldwide, that it is losing it’s control over “us” and it’s ability to wage forever wars, they will simply kill EVERYBODY.

    OK then. Do you really GET IT yet? You have no control, no say whatsoever. The notion that you can change this government by political process is dead and stinking!

  2. badgerpit February 18, 2013 at 7:48 PM

    Well not that I don’t think the steps above are a step in the right direction, but they no where even close get to the root of the problem. To extract a weed you must pull it by the root, yes? And the problem is deeper than any single piece of legislation.

    I can come up with a 3 step solution, although I am only just generating this so I am sure that there are more things to consider, but I am quite certain they would have a devestatingly more powerful effect.

    1. End the Federal Reserve; this private bank of the Rothschilds has been poisoin in the well for America since its inception on 1913.

    2. Get out of the U.N.; this entity has a global agenda that smacks of 1984. Stop this, not just for America but for the world.

    3. Change the cultural environment from ‘greed and personal gain’ to one that promotes unity and prosperity for all. This means capitalism will have to be replaced by a mode not yet created by governments (not a suprise).

  3. Nora February 19, 2013 at 4:13 PM

    Wow, we can reverse two hundred years of incrementally encroaching evil with three easy steps?! Come on.

    You could boil the problem down to a corrupt congress, a dictator who’s drunk on his own power, an equally corrupt cabinet made up of cronies elected and funded by bankers, for bankers, and a bunch of agencies with no basis for their existence in the constitution! (Like the IRS, EPA, TSA, FDA, CIA, Dept of Ed, and many more) Then consider the Council on Foreign Relations where all the old vultures hang out and decide matters of policy, in spite of the fact that we didn’t elect them and don’t care what they think. These are all factors, responsible in various ways for the “mess”, but the root of all evil including the corruption of our current system is MONEY. We built a government that could be bought–big flaw. Send the MP’s after the vultures and jail them. I say that’s the first step. Then prosecute all the Wall Street bankers and their buddies the Rothschilds. Then we can set about the task of building a better government. 3 easy steps are not so easy, and it makes more sense to get rid of the perpetrators than to begin this task by repealing all the bad laws, since they will fight tooth and claw to keep them on the books, if they are loose to do so.


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