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Taking down Grillo: Italian spooks lunge at the Castro of the Med

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By Richard Cottrell

Contributing writer for End the Lie

(Image credit: 20centesimi/Flickr)

(Image credit: 20centesimi/Flickr)

On February 27th End the Lie posted my article on the current political turmoil in Rome, in the course of which I warned that Beppe Grillo, leader of the new Popular Front which has taken Italian politics – and the world, for that matter – by storm, should watch his back in a country renowned for extreme political violence.

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Less than 24 hours later the confirmation came in a report from the ‘Department of Information Security’ and its national director, Giampiero Massolo, pointing to the outbreak of ‘potentially massive social unrest, dissent and antagonism in wide areas of Italian society.’

Is it any co-incidence  that the Deep State’s ‘Sky is Falling’ scenario  appeared precisely at the moment the twin chambers of the Italian parliament assembled in Rome, following  the weekend voting in the general election?

Bet your last dime (or euro, should you prefer), assolutamente niente.

The underworld’s doomsayer folded into his kit bag everything from mysterious attacks by ‘anarchists’ on the hated Equitalia tax collecting offices and the recent truck drivers’ strike in Sicily to protests against the  high speed train tunnels which are now boring huge holes in the Italian Alps. The report is headed, lest anyone should doubt the dire nature of the warnings, ‘The crisis.’

The ‘crisis’ is real enough. It is called Grillo’s 5 Star Movement (M5S) which the electorate has just dispatched to Rome as the country largest political force. Every member of this new political stripling is, politically speaking, a greenhorn, entirely new to the daily muck and mire which passes for Italian politicking. That of course is precisely why they find themselves in the ornate palace of power with their brooms and brushes and buckets of cleansing hot water.

Italian politics are scarcely out of the Age of Machiavelli. Plotting is the substitute for government. The plot is now to prevent Grillo and his horde from turning the country upside down: rejecting the euro, holding a referendum on sticking with the EU, issuing NATO its exit papers, and tearing down the country’s rotten and corrupt banks that are leeching the pockets of private citizens to pay for their own chronic misdeeds.

Viewed from Brussels, Washington and Frankfurt, Grillo is nothing less than the Castro of the Med.

The DIS sees a restless nation, festooned with radical elements bent on ‘social exploitation of the worsening economic situation.’

Of course, this was a net consequence of tolerating Mario Monti, the unelected czar imposed by the EU with instructions to clean the place out down to the last teaspoon.

This not enough, the elements seeking to undermine society will unhinge the trade unions, disrupt food supplies, and ‘raise social tensions’ offering new opportunities to ‘intercept dissent and channel it to antagonists bent on creating high conflict.’

This is precisely the same language used in the 1970’s and 80’s when the Italian state in league with NATO and Western intelligence manufactured the myth of the internal Red Peril, which led to the period of urban terror known as the ‘anni di pimbo’ – the years of lead.

The Doomsday Document warns of massive events, referring obliquely to explosions, which are certain to remind Italians of the horrific destruction of Bologna railway station in the summer of 1980, with enormous loss of innocent lives.

That terrible atrocity was performed by neo-fascists with connections to the Deep State, with the aim to discredit the Italian Left and their alleged fellow travelers, the Red Brigade urban guerillas.

The spooks are back to the same old book of spells, talking about the ‘strategy of attrition,’ which is too close for comfort to the ‘strategy of tension’ by which the years of lead came to be known – and feared.

Subliminally, the entire exercise, which has clearly been some time in preparation, is to brand Grillo’s bright new things – the Grillini – as babes in the wood gradually morphing into anarchists, bent on the wanton destruction of society. When the predicted outrages occur, they will be manipulated as quietly blessed by the Grillo Movimento with the Great Leader’s encouragement and blessing.

The establishment political class is cornered.  The former token socialist premier Massimo D’Alema perfectly typified the unreconstructed, lofty outer space remoteness of the Italian political oligarchy: ‘The pressure for change was mostly intercepted by the Grillini: it is fact with we must deal.’

Translation: it is not we that have to change but we who must isolate and remove in this incubus of change, so that we can all get back to business as usual.

UPDATE: Corriere della Serra February 28th

House alarm: Grillo’s family became suspicious when an unusual package arrived at the Movimento leader’s home near Genova. It was a plain cardboard box sealed tightly with with adhesive tape. The address written in ink described the content as “used books”. The consignment evidently came from Alghero (Sardinia). The bomb squad immediately intervened and removed the package for forensic tests.

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