Robert Taft

Deeper News Links 3/5/2013

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Compiled by Robert Taft


Two and a Half Minute Video Explains Why Your Right to Sell Stuff You Bought is at Risk

Does ‘Big Data’ Mean the Demise of the Expert and Intuition?

Colorado has seven new gun control bills on the table in legislature

Militarization of Domestic Security:  DHS Acquires 2,700 MRAPs

Continuity of Agenda:  Bipartisan Proposal Makes ‘Gun Trafficking’ (sales of some types) illegal for the first time

Napolitano says She Had No Part in Massive Release of Illegal Immigrants

Enabling Small Military Ships to Launch Long Range Drones

Growing Numbers of Universities Want to Surveil Campuses with Drones

Militarization of Police:  Texas Police Want New Recruits to be Army Trained

Militarization of Police: Homeland Security Serving Warrants Using Mine Resistant Military Vehicles

Screen Propaganda, Hollywood and the CIA

China’s Churches Face Renewed Government Persecution

The Privatization of War – Mercenaries and Corporatism

Massive Chinese Military Spending Increases Defended as ‘Promoting Peace’



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