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Deeper News Links 3/6/2013

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Compiled by Robert Taft


EYE OF SAURON: Google Glass: a threat to everyone’s privacy (imagine Google street view cameras everywhere recording and uploading)

Gentlemen, Start Your Presses – Quantitative Currency Debauchery

Kermit Gosnell Kept Jars of Severed Baby Feet

Bill May Be Last Chance to Stop Obama HHS Abortion Mandate

Normalizing Bestiality at Yale

Greensparty Pushes for Legalized Polyamory

Chicago Schools Will Require Government Designed Sex Ed Classes in Kindergarten

From 2012 – CIA Sponsors GLBT Events

From 2011 – Bisphenol A (BPA) Carcinogenic, Makes Male Mice Less Masculine in Scientific Tests

World Cop:  US ‘Deeply Concerned About Ukraine’

Congress Goes Bi-Partisan Against Civil Liberties

A Brief History of the Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution

Southern Poverty Law Center Inflates “Domestic Terrorism”

ICE Uses Sequester as Excuse to Release Even More Illegal Immigrants

Using Herbs to Remove Fluoride from Drinking Water

US Buys More Than 2000 Pigs for Experimentation at Plum Island Facility

Privacy Groups Say CBP Drones Violate Fourth Amendment

$8 Billion Wasted on “Rebuilding” Iraq

The CISPA Government Access Loophole

US Brings Back CISPA and Imposes It on Canada

Oral Argument on DNA Searches Reveals Orwellian Future

What Happens to Drones When They Fall Out of the Sky

Inside Borg and Mesos Systems of Google and Twitter

EYE OF SAURON: Hand Recognition and Gesture Support Landing on Kinect for Windows Soon


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