Robert Taft

Deeper News Links 4/15/2013

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Compiled by Robert Taft


The Absurdities of the Income Tax

Harry Browne :  Freedom from the Income Tax

The Inherent Violence of the Welfare State

Prescriptive Analytics and Big Data: The Next Big Thing?

The Seeds of Suicide: How Monsanto Destroys Farming

Egg Study Redux: Correcting the Stats

Ten Really Important Problems With the Toomey-Schumer-Manchin Sell-Out on Guns

Eric Schmidt of Google on Drones

Fourth Amendment Disappearing:  NSA Data Center front and center in debate over liberty, security, and privacy

Associated Press Excuses Gosnell’s Staff Involvement in Grisly Infanticide and Abortions

Military Researchers Develop Corpse Eating Robots

DARPA’s new navigation tool is smaller than a penny

DARPA cyberchief going to Google

Stealth UAV that looks like a bird

Facebook Working With States’ Attorneys General to Promote Teen Privacy Awareness?  (What with Facebook Home?)

Texas Looking to Deal With TSA in Anti-Groping Policy

House Panel Approves CISPA, Angering Privacy Advocates

Forensic Scientists Uncover Fingerprints from Food

Government Thought-Detection Machine

New Cyber World Order:  US and China Team Up on Cyber security (or surveillance and control)

Large DHS Ammunition Purchases Still Raise Eyebrows

Beastly Social Engineering:  UN Panel Claims for Itself ‘Sacred Blessing’ for for Homo-Lesbian Transgender Agenda  

Ted Cruz Slams Obama Over Power Grabs

Sex after Christian Influence on American Culture

Kurzweil’s Baby Boomer Narcissism

Confronting the Real War on Women

Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act marked up in secret

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