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Deeper News Links 5/23/2013

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Compiled by Robert Taft

Social Engineering Scouts – Boy Scouts Admit Openly Gay Youths As Members  (Might as Well Merge With Girl Scouts)

Armed Forces Social Engineering – Homosexual Assaults Becoming Frequent Problem in US Military

Google Bancor?   EPJ: Crypto Currency Company Google Is Investing In

 Sunlight Foundation:  Calls for reform of the IRS face resistance from “dark money” advocates

Prelude to Universal Chattel IDs? – TSA Pre Check Has Screened Its Ten Millionth Traveler

More Monetary “Stimulation” (Reduction in Buying Power and Savings Value) on the Way

Federal Reserve Suggests More Inflation for EU

How America Became A Third World Country

Officials Draft Secret Bill to Keep Sandy Hook Records Under Wraps

Climate Change “Consensus” Con Game

Trilateralist TPP:  Trade Agreement or Anti-China Alliance?

British NHS “Quality of Life” Panel Kills Disabled Patients – Coming to America?

Fourth Amendment Evaporating and Therefore the First Amendment Also:  The Government Wants A Back Door Into Your Electronic Communications (And Who Else Will Use This)

Google’s Eric Schmidt – Still A Fan of Figuring Out a Way to Erase the Past – (Have We or Haven’t We always been at war with Eastasia?)

FBI Arrests NYPD Detective for…

Dear Graduates: Tyranny Is Right Around the Corner

3 MORE Reasons to Fear the IRS

The IRS v. the First Amendment (and the Fourth)

Why We Should Mistrust the Goverment (Put Not Your Trust in Princes…)


History Lesson:  Origin of the Income Tax

History Lesson:  Origins of the 16th Amendment

History Lesson:  Origins of the Federal Reserve

History Lesson:  The Bank for International Settlements



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