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In the land of serial child abuse by the elites, Cameron screws the Internet to save kids from pornography

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By Richard Cottrell

Contributing writer for End the Lie

(Image credit: dullhunk/Flickr)

(Image credit: dullhunk/Flickr)

Successive British governments, including the current one, given that it shares a number of key member from previous administrations, showered favors and rewards on the recently exposed serial pedophile Jimmy Savile.

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Now we have David Cameron informing us that child pornography is so rampant on the Internet it needs to be censored, which means of course nothing less than a stop gap to prevent anything which happens to bother or concern the ruling authorities from reaching the light of day.

The Jimmy Savile affair involved many high-level establishment figures. We have only seen the tip of the iceberg so far and it is a fair guess that’s about as much as we shall ever discover. The fact that Savile was using primetime BBC children’s programs to pimp was the worst kept secret in modern times.

Like the Cliveden scandal of the 60’s, which similarly involved the elites, including members of the royal family, romping with prostitutes at Lord Astor’s country estate, the Savile business could only have happened with the knowledge and concurrence of the Secret Services.

Are we saying they never knew that judges, MPs, Lords, royalty and so forth were up to indescribable and horrific practices in the Savile fold? Where were they? Asleep in their ivory towers? Of course not.

Savile was closely allied with the spooks who allowed him to get away with his filthy and disgusting activities for the best part of two decades.

Everyone on the ITV independent network, which employed me, knew that there was something very wrong with Savile. His attacks on women on BBC premises were common knowledge. Not a hair of his head was harmed.

Now we know that same knowledge was shared by directors of the BBC, who paid the monster fabulous sums as a children’s entertainer. The beast got next door to a state funeral, and next thing we know it is dirty washing time.

Now we have the egregious Cameron on heat, protecting children from despicable pornography when the real life despicable thing was happening on a rampant scale, with the knowledge of the police and many parliamentarians who chose to keep quiet.

I do not absolve the print media, who also knew what was happening in children’s homes, dark rooms and even the morgues of hospitals, on an industrial scale.

A fiend was on the loose and no one in authority, in Scotland Yard or any other branch of the police, in the BBC, or the print media, lifted a finger. A nation in denial? You bet.

Savile was a terrorist, the worst kind of the terrorist. I thought the ‘war on terrorism’ was supposed to be directed at rooting out terrorists like him. Instead he was given the keys to mental hospitals so he could work his evil deeds there.

The system failed to protect thousands of innocents and now we see one of the smallest minded politicians of political history in the UK wringing the neck of the Internet.

This is the famous Turn of the Screw. Internet child pornography soon extends to Internet political pornography and free speech pornography. Every access point in the UK will have a block filter fitted. As usual, the Brits will party on, with their endless obsessing about the weather, sport and brain frazzling gadgets. Go, man, go!

By a very interesting coincidence we discover that the cops in Scotland Yard have been stealing the identities of dead children to cloak the undercover agents penetrating suspected anti-state organizations. Is that child pornography or what? But not a peep from that perfectly formed little round mouth of David Cameron.

I have important questions for Britain’s part-time prime minister.

How soon after you came to office did your advisers warn you of the forthcoming Savile bombshell?

Why did you not go to parliament immediately when you were made aware of the abuse, molestation and torture of child victims, as well as woman?

Why do you think it is more important to censor the Internet rather than bring the perpetrators, many of whom by the hundreds are still on the loose?

Is it by chance the fact that Savile was often entertained at Chequers, the official prime minister’s residence, by Margaret Thatcher?

Can it be connected with the efforts of Thatcher’s advisers who constantly warned her not to ask for a knighthood for Savile, which he eventually received?

Is it because you know the names, possibly in the thousands, of those who consorted with Savile and his ghastly antics?

Does your conscience on that allow you to sleep at nights?

In my book about Gladio (NATO’s Secret Armies, see below) I devoted an entire chapter to a similar sickness that swept Belgium, and is still at work there. Investigations by brave individuals proved that Belgian secret services were using perverts as a means of social control and blackmail for their own weird purposes.

I have a horrible feeling that is exactly what has been going on in the UK.

Yes I know the police are rounding up a few well known names, celebrities. That’s an old game. Just enough to demonstrate doing something, anything, but the long arms of the law will prove amazingly short when it comes to the really big names.

We all noticed that when the Bilderbees met at Watford recently, they blew a whistle and you rapidly sped off for a confab. Did the subject of censoring the Internet arise by any remote chance?

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6 Responses to In the land of serial child abuse by the elites, Cameron screws the Internet to save kids from pornography

  1. Ian Probert July 25, 2013 at 9:24 AM

    Well said in the main Richard. But I ask you this:

    If you were aware of Savile’s reputation when you worked at the BBC why did YOU not confront him? I know that I certainly would have.

    It seems that everyone was afraid of this man, or rather his power and position. If an individual is not prepared to make a moral stand how can he expect others to do so?



  2. V2kVictim July 28, 2013 at 4:04 AM

    I would have just shot him, someone should have done it.
    Think simple, just kill that individual it’s the easiest way to end his pedophile rampage. But noone did it because the mind control is too strong and keeps people from doing it.
    If you are a TI you slowly get why and how noone ever does something against it, it’s not like it is your fault.

  3. Alex Quinn November 23, 2013 at 3:56 AM

    This is but one of the first shots in the strategy to get the intelligence agencies openly onto domestic policing and counter-dissent.
    As soon as it was announced we then got the next shot which was that GCHQ would be tasked with unmasking paedophile darknets.

    This would set precedence for domestic policing to surveil other law abiding darknets including political activism and other threats to the State’s abilities for centralised intervention.

    The darknet is what really concerns Whitehall, not paedophiles or drug peddlars. The retasking of the intelligence agencies onto domestic policing is one of the ways they are corrupting mass communication in order to keep their Orwellian dream alive.

  4. Alex Quinn November 23, 2013 at 4:24 AM

    I thoroughly recommend Gladio: NATO’s Dagger.. It presents a strong case about how NATO set up its counter-insurgency assets and network if Europe was over-run in the Cold War, and how these structures fed into black operations from then onwards.

    I am very interested in how these structures may have developed to take account of our current climate of potential civil disorder – the inability of the State to maintain peacetime control in a massively over-complex socio-economic age – and what organs of State and civil institutions, and extremist groups, may right now be harnessed and charged up should the need arise.

    The same spectrum could be expected – right wing extremists, intelligence agencies, paramilitaries, and army units tasked with counter-terrorism. The assets are all there, and the government would be negligent in its ‘duty’ to the State not to have a structure in place.

    As a sequel to Gladio, such an investigation would be timely. There are hints of such things but they are just hints. For example the ideas of Brian Gerrish about Common Purpose. A large new special forces reconnaisance-surveillance regiment. Police undercover cops infiltrating left and green political groups. What is UK Resilience really about? Who are the informants in your community? Who is at risk from local gangs of ‘thugs’ (directed by the State) How will centralised control be enforced when the energy-complexity crisis really begins to hit our over-dependent system?

    We know this on the surface but what lies beneath?

  5. Richard Card October 16, 2014 at 5:57 AM

    Richard your book about Gladio.

    (1) I was disappointed that you did not flesh out the origin of Gladio (from SOE) in the detail of say Steven Dorill who names Harry Sporborg as the creator and advocate of the plan 1944.

    (2) I assume that you are unaware of the sinister cases of the deaths 1972 of volunteer Matron Mary McGill in Suffolk and a Regional Crime Squad Det sgt from Wales ? Both suspicious of a hidden agenda in the Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder Charity (Founding trustees Harry Sporborg and Airey Neave Head of Support Group Sir Eric Berthoud).

    The RCS Det sgt defied alleged Special Branch threats after he discovered that “Force Liaison” reporting in secret by Special Branches was protecting the charities from lawful police inquiries.

    (3) You can relate this (Vatican Ratline) suspicion (Theft of UK identities via GP death registration malpractices) to your blog subject of Savile. I mean his abuse at the Sue Ryder child hospice Leeds early 1970s. What are the chances a secret state agenda, protected by abusing MI5 liaison with Special Branches, did not know what was occurring in charities under their wing ?

    (4) On Page 308 of your book you name Jean Bultot. I was disappointed you made no reference to his presence on paramilitary training course(s) at Deal Royal Marines Barracks Kent early 80s.

    (5) IF his certificate of attendance, at courses run by an ostensible bodyguard company, is genuine then it was signed by a man who is alleged to have gone on to work for Special Training Services Ltd and for Clifford Norris associate Charlie Kray at Croydon. Thus the unanswered question who was the source of moonlight bodyguard work to Det sgt John Davidson and four Regional Crime Squad colleagues for which they were disciplined 1995. A question that was not even identified let alone answered in Kent Police conduct of Stephen Lawrence Inquiry for Jack Straw. The question apparently surviving unidentified the Mark Ellison QC review, the Levenson Inquiry, the Levenson related Commons inquiries, the Deal Barracks 1989 terrorist bombing ongoing inquiry etc etc

    Was another member of the bodyguard group working for Mayfayre Associates founded by ex Met Officer Alex Leighton. Leighton was arresting officer of UDA hit men and drugs importers at the UDA base of operations Margate Kent 1992. These arrests led to the murder trial 1993 for the killing of London supergrass David Norris (who had police on his payroll ?). The trial started six days before Stephen Lawrence was killed and senior police witnesses at the ongoing murder trial became simultaneously the Lawrence murder case officers.

    Defence barrister for UDA at the ongoing trial Michael Mansfield QC (British Irish Rights Watch charity) pretty soon became Doreen Lawrence barrister.

    (6) I found your speculation about De Menezes electrical sabotage knowledge unconvincing.

    However I can tell you that “Gladio” was a Special Branch suspect for sabotage of torpedos and sonar in manufacture at Newport Gwent. Sorry to disappoint but I found the reasons for torpedo unreliability in RN service to be a wrongly wired factory, various other tech problems all coupled with management orchestrated falsification of test records. I now know this practice was first known to RN in late 70s after a 100% recall of equipment on Bahamas sea trials. The PCBs were ALL found to have the wrong chips on and NONE could ever have worked yet ALL had been signed off as tested and working to spec by company test dept.

    I would not, however, scorn the Gladio sabotage suspicion of SB too much. There has been a prima facie case of sophisticated sabotage of backup generators made in Kent since 1987. We now know that the alleged saboteur can be connected to the Deal Barracks security crime complaints (Kent Police refused to record or action the sabotage or the security crime complaints) and to the strange case of arrests in 1987 of 21 Kent TA soldiers for paramilitary activity contrary to Unlawful Drilling Act 1819. No prosecution. Yet Attorney General and CPS deny taking the nil prosecution decision. It was a man associated with the TA paramilitaries (He had attempted to con recruitment to TA to join them) who went on to work as a Reliance Security Guard at Deal Barracks 88/89 having cleared civilian security vetting with an allegedly false REME Regular Army Service Record.

  6. Richard Card October 21, 2014 at 2:27 AM

    Your reference to Lord Denning as a curmudgeon made me smile.

    You now know that Regional Crime Squad in Wales in 1972 was investigating Leonard Cheshire Homes with a suspicion of thefts of UK identities via GP death registration malpractice. You know that RCS tripped upon a national reporting exercise from MI5 via Force Special Branch liaison to secretly monitor (and corrupt ?) lawful police inquiries into the twin charities Cheshire and Sue Ryder.

    So smile please. Founding trustee of Cheshire Homes Lord Denning. Founding trustees Sue Ryder Homes Airey Neave and Harry Sporborg (Creator of Gladio)

    Denning quoted the principle that no matter how high you are the law must be above you. Except it seems charities founded by Denning and Sporborg.

    You can now call him a hypocritical old curmudgeon.


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