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Deeper News Links 3/3/2013

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Compiled by Robert Taft

Baldwin:  The “Lesser of Evils” I Will Not Vote For

Uncle Sam Wants Your Facebook Data

How the NSA Misleads the Public Without Technically Lying

A War on Syria, Prelude to a World War III Scenario?

Military/Security/Terrorism Industrial Complex:  Syria Strike Could Bring Raytheon Payday

Next-Generation Portable Devices Decrypt and Locate Mobile Phones in Real-Time

Indications that Syria Will Be More Than A Launch of a Few Missiles

Britain’s Retreat From Free-Speech

Congress Should Veto Obama’s War (for PNAC)

Colorado Sheriffs Stand in Strong Defense of Second Amendment

Jackson Hole Conclave: Central Bankers Plan Global Theft, Massive Pain

Trade Promises and Trade Reality

French Colonial Dreams Linger as Raison d’etre in Syria

Britain sold nerve gas chemicals to Syria 10 months after ‘civil unrest’ began

US knew of gas plot ahead of time

Privacy board wants Feds to update security agencies’ operating rules

TSA expects more than 21,000 travelers to seek ‘redress’ next year based on security experiences (Fourth Amendment violations)

British GCHQ base in Cyprus to play key intelligence role ahead of any US-led attack on Syria

Texas brings abortion, controversy to gaming

Corporatist [public-private partnership] show?  Tech Companies and Government May Soon Go to War Over Surveillance?

‘Groundbreaking’ NSA crypto-cracking

How to protect your online privacy (from whom?)

Banks plan valuation of ‘natural capital’

The President and the Power to Declare War

Taking Down Another Establishment Hack

The Resolution on Syria is Very Broad, Likely Won’t Pass in Current Form

Deep inside, some ‘vegetative state’ patients were aware

 Extra reading:

Project for a New American Century

Foreign Policy Initiative

Obama is the PNAC president

FLASHBACK – The Neocons’ Project for a New American Century: Is Syria Next?

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