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Dallas police officer fired, police seek indictment for shooting mentally ill man, officer says he was betrayed

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By End the Lie

Bobby Bennett (left) seen here on surveillance camera video moments before he was shot

Bobby Bennett (left) seen here on surveillance camera video moments before he was shot

After a Dallas police officer was fired over the shooting of a mentally ill man, the officer claims that was actually “betrayed” by his department. Police will now seek a grand jury indictment against the officer.

While a video of the incident in Dallas had shed a great deal of light on the events that led to the shooting, other departments aren’t so quick to allow such scrutiny. For instance, police in North Carolina refuse to release video of the shooting of an unarmed man that occurred in September.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown apologized for the actions of now former officer Cardan Spencer, who was placed on administrative leave after the Oct. 14 shooting, according to the Associated Press.

Spencer was also charged with felony aggravated assault, police initially said on Thursday, in relation to the shooting of Bobby Gerald Bennett, a 52-year-old mentally ill man.

However, a later statement was issued by police that said police were directed by a judge to take the case to a grand jury after the judge would not sign a warrant, according to reports.

However, Spencer says he was “betrayed by a department that he was trying to serve,” according to Ron Pinkston, president of the Dallas Police Association.

Pinkston said that Spencer had never had a complaint filed against him in almost seven years on the police force. Spencer also worked in some of the toughest neighborhoods in Dallas, the head of the police union added.

“Spencer has a right to due process in a fair and impartial investigation,” Pinkston said. “Because he’s a police officer that right was taken away.”

While Spencer wrote in a police report that he fired after Bennett lunged at him and another officer with a knife, surveillance camera footage appears to show otherwise.

Bennett was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and was off his medication when he was shot, according to his mother. When he was interviewed in the hospital, Bennett told investigators that at the time he was suicidal and wanted to be shot.

A neighbor’s surveillance camera reportedly shows that Bennett did not appear to even move toward the officers before he was shot by Spencer.

Brown stated that two individuals who witnessed the incident from a parked car later backed up what the department saw on the video.

Bennett was initially charged with aggravated assault but the charges were eventually dropped once the officer’s account of the event became questionable, CBS reports.

Officer Christopher Watson, who was with Spencer at the time of the shooting, is now being investigated by police as well, according to Brown.

Watson’s account of the incident changed after he was shown the video, Brown said.

The encounter began when Bennett’s mother, Joyce Jackson, called the police after arguing with Bennett. Jackson said she was told that the officers who responded would be trained in dealing people suffering from mentally illness.

Bennett was reportedly sitting on a chair in the street outside of his mother’s house holding a knife when the officers arrived.

Just a few hours after the shooting, a police spokesman said that the incident “escalated, which led an officer to fire his weapon upon the individual.”

However, the Associated Press notes that the video does not show such an escalation.

“Officers are not above the law,” Brown said at a Thursday news conference. “We as a police department are not going to look the other way.”

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2 Responses to Dallas police officer fired, police seek indictment for shooting mentally ill man, officer says he was betrayed

  1. debbie October 29, 2013 at 4:12 PM

    I recently lived in Douglas county Oregon. Six men in less than a year were tazed/shot to death. Most mentally ill. I don’t believe any were armed. Makes me wonder what our governments up to?

  2. tr November 29, 2013 at 4:01 AM

    As America’s engineered economic implosion accelerates, the parallels
    with how the Roman empire fell are staggering. It is now abundantly
    clear that the ruling class is preparing for a planned economic
    implosion after which they will declare themselves the saviors.

    A recent Reuters report highlighting how the Federal Reserve has been
    telling major banks in the U.S. to prepare for a “worst case scenario”
    financial collapse and that these banks would not be able to rely on
    government support underscores once again how the elite are positioning
    themselves to exploit the next leg of the orchestrated financial

    Just as happened in the aftermath of 2008, the ruling class is
    getting ready to offer the solution of more centralized control and more
    financial serfdom as the solution to the problem they created in the
    first place.

    By making the public and industry beg for QE3, the Federal Reserve
    will once again try to manipulate the crisis to portray itself as the
    guardian of a fragile system and accumulate yet more power.

    America is now ruled by a gaggle of completely corrupt financial
    terrorists who will stop at nothing to hollow out the country in pursuit
    of their own maniacal and selfish gain.

    This precisely parallels Rome’s rapacious ruling Emperors and
    Senators of the fifth century who were so obsessed with seizing wealth
    and control that they ended up destroying their own culture, their own
    country and its empire in the process.

    Just as in Rome, while the ruling elite got filthy rich, the people struggled and starved.

    More than 100 million Americans are now on government welfare, a
    third of the entire country, and that figure doesn’t even include Social
    Security or Medicare.

    22.3 million households and 46.5 million Americans have now entered technical poverty and live off food stamps.

    Just as in Rome, where the need to constantly generate revenue to
    satisfy the cost of defense and a sprawling bureaucracy ultimately led
    to the country becoming bankrupt as Nero and subsequently emperors hiked
    up taxes and debased the currency, America is hurtling towards a
    similar fate.

    Entitlement spending, military defense and a bloated federal
    bureaucracy has left the United States over $17 trillion dollars in
    debt, and the prospect of QE3 threatens to sink the dollar as the world
    reserve currency for good.

    Just as Romans found their currency becoming increasingly worthless,
    the U.S. dollar has lost almost 100 per cent of its value since 1900.

    Just like Rome, America was once a Republic that has been hijacked
    and turned into an empire. Just as the Roman Empire crumbled under its
    rulers’ inability to afford its maintenance, America’s overseas presence
    (the U.S. has troops in a staggering 130 countries), is bankrupting the

    Like America, Rome once had an influential middle class whose wealth
    allowed them to have a political stake in their country. Merchants and
    traders were able to prosper because taxes were modest and economic
    regulation was relaxed. However, beginning in the third century B.C.,
    the Roman economy became more regimented and taxes were raised. This
    eviscerated and disenfranchised the middle class, just as has unfolded
    in America, where middle class neighborhoods are disappearing and income
    is polarized between a struggling downtrodden mass of people and a tiny
    rich elite.

    When the economic collapse arrives, it could be more brutal than anything America has experienced in its history as a nation.

    Aside from economic factors, cultural and societal parallels can also be drawn between Rome and 21st century America.

    Rome’s increasing use of illegal immigrants to do agricultural work
    its host population refused to undertake mirrors America today. As Peter
    Heather writes in “The Fall of the Roman Empire: A New History of Rome
    and Barbarians”, “The Roman government allowed uncontrolled hostile
    immigration to dissolve the fabric of their civilization. Illegal and
    legal Immigrants grew more powerful while exercising their own character
    of their cultures. They did not adopt Roman ways. Second, vast blocks
    of once Roman lands became foreign held and even the Roman population,
    once outnumbered, was no match for hostile immigrants.”

    “Factors that destroyed Rome now manifest in accelerating numbers in
    America. Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, New York City,
    San Francisco, Raleigh and all large cities suffer millions of illegal
    immigrants. Uncounted millions of them cannot and do not speak English.
    Millions work under the table without paying taxes. Millions use our
    hospitals without paying. They immigrate but do not assimilate. They
    colonize in ethnic enclaves separated from Americans. They fracture our
    country,” writes Frosty Wooldridge.

    Just as Roman rulers created bread and circuses to distract their
    population from the fact that the country was collapsing, Americans are
    also enraptured by entertainment and sports, which in turn encourages
    them to lead superficial, meaningless lives.

    As Roman poet Juvenal (circa 100 A.D.) wrote, “Already long ago, from
    when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties;
    for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high
    civil office, legions–everything, now restrains itself and anxiously
    hopes for just two things: bread and circuses.”

    This loss of interest in civic duty and its replacement with an
    obsession for entertainment and folly is routinely cited by scholars as
    one of the primary reasons behind the collapse of Rome.

    As Kyle Trottier writes, “In many modern books written about Ancient
    Rome and her people, the ancient Romans are often portrayed as people
    who enjoyed violence and thought it amusing to see people being injured
    and killed to the point of obsession. It is now common knowledge that,
    in Ancient Rome, people often attended (and enjoyed) gladiatorial fights
    to the death, wild beast hunts, naval battles and chariot racing. Some
    public thinkers today have suggested that “entertainment” today, as it
    was in ancient times of Rome, reflects the decline of culture, into a
    plethora of lust, greed, violence, selfish individualism and bad
    behavior. Some Scholars suggest that history is repeating itself and we
    are now in a reoccurring cycle of moral decay and social breakdown. From
    the excessive amount of glorified violence in Hollywood movies, video
    games, music and on the internet, one can easily see the downward spiral
    of decency.”

    The moral decay of the Roman culture is also being aped almost
    precisely in America. While fertility and birth rates of the host
    population continue to plummet, sexual promiscuity and infidelity is
    lauded. As Dr. Carle Zimmerman’s 1947 book Family and Civilization
    documented, America shares the pattern of its moral decline with Rome.
    Zimmerman identified a number of behavior traits that signaled the
    decline of a civilization. These included “the breakdown of marriage and
    rise of divorce,” “acceleration of juvenile delinquency, promiscuity
    and rebellion,” “refusal of people with traditional marriages to accept
    their family responsibilities,” “a growing desire for and acceptance of
    adultery” and “increasing interest in and spread of sexual perversions
    and sex-related crimes.”

    All of these traits have come to shape American society in the 21st century.

    It does not take a crystal ball to see where all this is heading, and
    the planned economic implosion is going to be the trigger. Europe has
    already been rocked by riots over the past two years and federal
    authorities are already preparing for similar scenes in America only on a
    far bigger scale.

    As Ron Paul has warned, the coming engineered financial breakdown is
    leading directly to domestic unrest which will inevitably lead to a
    state of martial law.

    Riots prompted by food shortages, inflation, inequality and political
    corruption are inevitable should the ruling class continue to
    deliberately implode the economy – as is the brutal police state
    response that will come as a result.

    Just as Rome burned when it was sacked in 455 AD, the historical
    point which marked the formal end of the Roman Empire, America faces the
    same fate.

    The only way to prevent or try to lessen the kind of collapse that
    could make the dissolution of Rome look like a cakewalk is to use the tools that ordinary Romans never had – the power of the modern alternative media.

    Only by relentlessly emphasizing that the collapse is being
    deliberately engineered by those who seek to exploit it for their own gain can we hope to deflate the myth that the ruling class are our only
    saviors in the coming time of peril.


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