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British MPs highlight Christianity as ‘the most persecuted religion globally’

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By End the Lie

The House of Commons (Image credit: UK Parliament/Flickr)

The House of Commons (Image credit: UK Parliament/Flickr)

During a three hour debate in the House of Commons, British MPs highlighted the widespread oppression and killing of Christians around the world, with one saying that somewhere in the world a Christian is killed every 11 minutes.

The subject of the persecution of Christians is one that is becoming increasingly hard to ignore. The plight of Syrian Christians has become especially notable with massacres left largely unreported by the media and many forced to flee their homes.

Christians also suffer especially harsh treatment in North Korea, Iran, India, Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan and elsewhere.

MP Jim Shannon, the Democratic Unionist MP for Strangford, said that the persecution of Christians around the world is “the biggest story in the world that has never been told,” according to Christian Today Australia.

Shannon said that 200 million Christians will be targeted for persecution because of their faith this year alone, while 500 million live in what he called “dangerous neighborhoods.”

“That shows the magnitude of the problem of persecuted Christians,” Shannon said.

Christian Today reported that the House was united across party lines over the issue of the persecution of Christians.

Stephen Pound, Labour MP for Ealing North, said that it is now “beyond doubt … [that] Christians are the most persecuted single group in the world today on grounds of religion,” according to Christian Today.

“There is now practically no country — from Morocco to Pakistan — in which Christians can freely practice their religion. That must be a matter of real concern to this House,” Church Commissioner and Tory MP Sir Tony Baldry said.

Baldry said that the celebration of Christmas will be virtually non-existent in many of the historically biblical lands.

“Joseph would not now be advised to take Mary to Egypt to avoid the dangers of Herod, because Jesus would just not have been safe there today,” Baldry said.

Democratic Unionist David Simpson brought up the persecution of Christians in India, where he said there has been “kidnappings, forced marriages, 18,000 people injured, 6,000 houses and 296 churches and small places of Christian worship burned and pastors murdered.”

Mark Field, the Tory MP for London and Westminster, said that the persecution of Christians seems to be accepted in a way that it would never be if other faiths were being targeted.

“If this were happening to almost any other religious group it would be something of a national scandal,” Field said.

Kerry McCarthy, the shadow foreign office minister, said that they should not highlight one kind of persecution over another.

Edward Leigh, MP for Gainsborough, agreed in saying that they should “be angry about any persecution of any religion” while saying that the majority of human rights violations are directed at Christians, according to Independent Catholic News.

There was also agreement among people of different faiths, with Conservative MP Rehman Chishti, who said he comes from a Muslim background, agreeing that the persecution of Christians must be highlighted.

“When I saw that the topic was ‘Persecution of Christians in the 21st century’, I knew that it was absolutely right and proper to have a debate on that subject. It is important for the world to realise that persecution goes on,” Chishti said.

Chishti, who said his father was an imam, called the persecution of Christians “completely and utterly unacceptable” and a “very sad state of affairs.”

Chishti also said that his good friend Michael Nazir-Ali, the former Bishop of Rochester, spoke to him about the persecution faced by Christians around the globe.

“He told me that the persecution of Christians was taking place in more than 130 of the 190 countries in the world at the moment,” Chishti said.

Maplecroft, a risk analysis company based in the UK, reported that the number of nations posing an extreme risk of human rights violations to their population has risen by 70 percent over the last five years alone, according to Christian Today Australia.

Of 197 countries researched for their 2014 Human Rights Risk Atlas, Maplecroft reports that 34 countries pose an extreme risk. In 2008, 20 countries posed that risk.

Most of the nations are in the Middle East and Africa with Syria at the top of the list followed by Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Chishti also pointed out that Amnesty International and other major organizations are calling for Pakistan to repeal their blasphemy laws that have been used to persecute minority faiths, including Christians.

Indeed, mere accusations of blasphemy and the desecration of Qur’ans have led to mob violence and the burning of over 100 Christian homes in a single incident.

“The persecution of Christians has been a much overlooked issue for too long, and the severity of the situation, which is worsening in many parts of the world, has been largely ignored,” said Mervyn Thomas, the chief executive of Christian Solidarity Worldwide.

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7 Responses to British MPs highlight Christianity as ‘the most persecuted religion globally’

  1. David Carswell December 5, 2013 at 4:53 PM

    Christians are NOT persecuted in IRAN – that is a LIE. Christmas in Tehran is beautiful and Muslims there state that Muhammad demands that Christians are to be protected as a religion. And they not only tolerate it but offer presents to those Christians they are acquainted with. Israel on the other hand is very dangerous and Christians are regularly stoned. They are leaving in droves and insulted on television comedies and speak horrors of Jesus. Muslims however do indeed speak kindly of Mary and Jesus. Some extreme Muslims are not tollerant but the same can be said about Christians on Muslims.

    • Anonymous December 5, 2013 at 6:00 PM

      Oh yeah giving 80 lashes for taking a communion — what a wonderful tolerant country! Must be beautiful aside from the lashings and imprisonment of people like Pastor Saeed.

      Go take your propaganda elsewhere. Lies lies and more lies from you.

      • David Carswell December 6, 2013 at 12:46 PM

        The Christians broke a criminal law when they drank wine. They very well could have used grape juice. They knew that and they commuted a crime. They probably took their punishment because I’d bet they were patriotic to Iran. People there have dignity and morals different than ours and but not immoral by our standard. Just different.

        Christians are free to leave Iran as is their Jewish population which is the second largest Jewish population in the middle east. However they choose not to leave . As for the jews in iran they are quite happy and choose to live in Iran stating why in the hell would they want to live in israel.

        Though Islam is the state religion it is actually quite in practice quite secular. Some of the safest streets in the world and they are actually quite advanced.

        Perhaps all the cave sand people machine gun toting propaganda has blinded you from talking to some people from Iran or even doing some independent research. Instead you just repeat lies that no matter how often ya say it-it never makes it true
        .Everything the mainstream media and government say are lies upon lies to demonise them to advance their tyranny on the world

        • Anonymous December 6, 2013 at 12:51 PM

          LOL you’re defending the brutal lashing of people for observing their religion?!? You’re out of your mind. I bet you’db e happy defending Hitler and Stalin too because the people they killed “committed a crime” right?!? You’re sick.

  2. Angelo Agathangelou December 5, 2013 at 7:36 PM

    This is a backlash to our western war of terror against Islam. And with great respect RIP Mandela, the South African declared ‘Apartheid Israel’ (South Africans should know) Israel is the other cause. Regardless of our own propaganda drenched sheeple populations, the rest of the world is not blind to our Judeo-Christian Zionist Western empire. My point is we have been so blatantly dishonorable lately, is anyone surprised about this. Is this not the most important factor. Why?

    Who can attack Amerika or the BBC British Brainwashing Corporation UK, but that lot over there are Christian or Jewish just like them … they are all so dishonorable blah blah and then one poorly timed incident and it all goes up in flames. x 10,000.

    There are two options, full steam ahead the NWO, more military bases and wars and the US Prisoner Industrial Gulag (PIG) model rolled out globally until the whole planet is on lock-down or Ron Paul style, no timetable, pack up everyone’s coming home today full scale retreat and a path of peace and respect and fairness to regain our honor.

    Then we could either have a boom in privatized prisons as the NWO brings the whole world prison population to world record breaking US levels along with their new record as first nation to have more men raped nationally than women… Or world peace and enough left over resources to colonize the moon mars and beyond, a new golden age!?

    Thinking out loud. Pirate party rules. 😉

    • Anonymous December 5, 2013 at 10:36 PM

      What are you on about? you’re not making any sense at all.

      • Angelo Agathangelou December 6, 2013 at 1:51 AM

        If I may, you are being somewhat disingenuous. I have made several loose brainstorming points and they do make ‘some’ sense. I hope the following helps to hammer some points home for you.

        Noam Chomsky (the smart kid) – ‘Everyone’s worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there’s really an easy way: Stop participating in it.’ (Pointing to ourselves in the west.)

        Nelson Mandela RIP (the cool kid) was allied to the PLO and his party recently declared Israel an apartheid state.

        I.e. intellectuals in our own nations and International icons of supreme honor and coolness recognize that we ourselves are the actual terrorists and that we are the actuators of and allied to an apartheid state.

        In other words, in the playground, we the English speaking world and Europe or the largely christian west are the big dumb bully and our best friend is a genocidal racist thug. Now behind the thin veneer of diplomacy, all the other kids, apart from the occasional sell out, hate the bully (us) and our psycho friend (Israel) and take their frustrations out on any small kids around the playground that identify as part of our bully camps (e.g. scattered christian and jewish communities.)


        I also tried to suggest that the benefits to a reversal from our current trajectory would be huge. An analogy would be with the successful industry of Germany and Japan. I contend that this is the result of their losing the second world war and being denied the right to have huge armies, impelling them to invest instead in the development of their industry.


        In conclusion I suggest we can either continue to pursue our role as bullies and accept the consequences such as the victimization of groups around the world that others identify with us or we can stop terrorizing the planet and supporting psychopaths, kick our habit of warmongering by severely limiting the size of our military industrial complex and withdrawing from our military bases around the world and reap benefits like Japan and Germany have.

        I know that the above narrative is alien to those only otherwise exposed to the limited discourse or propaganda of our western lame stream media. 😉


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