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Ebola deaths hit 887 as Liberia and Sierra Leone deploy military

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A mobile lab tests samples for Ebola in West Africa (Image credit: EMLab/Flickr)

A mobile lab tests samples for Ebola in West Africa (Image credit: EMLab/Flickr)

Both Sierra Leone and Liberia have deployed troops as the deaths from the Ebola outbreak in Africa continue to rise, now hitting 887 deaths with three new cases reported in Nigeria.

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This Ebola outbreak is the worst that has ever been recorded and African nations are scrambling to contain its spread.

Around 750 troops have been deployed in Sierra Leone and hundreds in Liberia in an attempt to quarantine the communities hit by the killer virus.

Local communities in the West African nations have reportedly attacked health workers and threatened to burn down isolation wards. The panic has promoted Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea to announce strict measures including school closures and the quarantine of a remote forest region.

The healthcare systems of the West African nations hit by the virus have been overwhelmed. In response to the problem, the African Development Bank and the World Bank said they would give $260 million to Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, the countries most impacted by the virus.

While the outbreak began in the forests of Guinea in February, the epicenter has shifted to Liberia and Sierra Leone, according to Reuters. The death toll continues to rise in Guinea as well.

The World Health Organization reported that there are four cases in Nigeria, with three of them probable Ebola cases and one suspected.

Nigerian authorizes said on Monday that a doctor who treated U.S. citizen Patrick Sawyer had contracted Ebola.

Efforts to determine if Sawyer indeed died of Ebola have been thwarted by couriers who are unwilling to transport biological samples for secondary testing, according to WHO.

As The Los Angeles Times notes, the disease is only picking up speed. New infection reports have surged by 33% over the three-day reporting period ending July 27.

The spread of Ebola into Nigeria is a “significant development in the course of this outbreak,” according to WHO.

“This outbreak is moving faster than our efforts to control it,” said Dr. Margaret Chan, director-general of the World Health Organization last week. “If the situation continues to deteriorate, the consequences can be catastrophic in terms of lost lives but also severe socioeconomic disruption and a high risk of spread to other countries.”

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One Response to Ebola deaths hit 887 as Liberia and Sierra Leone deploy military

  1. Jay Kenney August 5, 2014 at 6:50 AM

    Mother Nature is angry with us due to our failures to take proper care of Her. I fear this is only the fuse being lit…


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