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Ron Paul jumps into 2012 race

Less than a month after he announced that he was “testing the waters,” Congressman Ron Paul has formally announced that he will be vying for the position of commander and chief of the United States in the 2012 election. Speaking on ABC’s “Good Morning America” from New Hampshire on Friday, the 75-year-old medical doctor revealed […]

Congress strikes down body scanners

As outrage continues over body imagining scanners used by the TSA, a new legislation would cut off funding of the technology that has raised eyebrows across America since they began being installed throughout US airports in 2010. Homeland Security Subcommittee Chairman Robert Aderholt’s (R-AL) proposed legislation, the Fiscal Year 2012 Homeland Security Appropriations Bill, denies […]

Texas’ hottest sex offenders

When the Billboard music charts came out yesterday, rap-rock pioneers the Beastie Boys landed the number one spot on the Rock, Alternative and Hip-Hop Albums charts. But when the Houston Press released their own list on Thursday, the big winner wasn’t the Brooklyn-based rap trio. It was a 41-year-old cleaning woman from Missouri City, Texas. […]

Georgia passes anti-immigration bill

“Today is a dark day for Georgia,” says the state’s Association of Latino Elected Officials Executive Director Jerry Gonzalez on Friday. Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed into law on Friday a bill that gives authority for police to question suspects in regards to their immigration status, similar to the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe […]

Unabomber items go up for auction

Items belonging to “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski, the infamous anti-technology mathematics professor who killed three people through letter explosives over the span of nearly two decades, are being put up for auction. US Marshalls will be auctioning of around 60 items of Kaczynski’s, including personal documents such as his driver’s licenses, birth certificates, as well as […]

Giant piranha caught in southern Russia

Fisherman from a small town near the city of Rostov in Russia’s south returned home with a most unusual catch – a 2.4-kg piranha. “I knew it was a piranha when I saw the sharp teeth. I had small piranhas in my aquarium, but this one was really huge,” Stanislav Chekunov told Life News tabloid […]

Son suspected of forcing elderly mother into drug addiction

A suspected Russian drug dealer is accused of forcing his 70-year-old mother to use drugs to keep her away from his unlawful business. ­The 40-year old man was arrested in the Republic of Tatarstan, central Russia, LifeNews tabloid reports. He is accused of taking away his mother’s pension, adding synthetic drugs to her food and […]

Obama’s MidEast envoy resigns amid 2 years of frustration over Israel and Palestine

Obama’s MidEast envoy resigns amid 2 years of frustration over Israel and Palestine

President Obama’s chief envoy to the Middle East, former Senator George J. Mitchell Jr., is leaving that post after two mostly futile years pressing Israelis and Palestinians to make peace, administration officials said on Friday. Mr. Obama was expected to issue a statement later in the day. The news comes ahead of a critical week […]

Fuel rods at Fukushima reactor No. 1 have mostly melted

Fuel rods at Fukushima reactor No. 1 have mostly melted

Two months after an earthquake-caused tsunami caused the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl in 1986, Tokyo Electric Power Co. officials have confirmed that the situation in one of the four affected reactors is worse than previously claimed. The fuel rods that powered the No. 1 reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant are fully exposed and […]

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