Freedom Under Siege by Ron Paul

Two hundred years ago the United States Constitution was written as a guide
for America’s unique experiment in freedom. Today the free society that the Founders
envisaged is barely identifiable.
America is no longer a bastion of freedom. prevailing ideology, grounded in
economic ignorance and careless disregard for individual liberty, is nurtured by a
multitude of self-serving, power-seeking politicians spouting platitudes of compassion
for the poor who are created by their own philosophy. Reelection is paramount in the
minds of most of those who represent us, while freedom and constitutional restraint of
power are considered old-fashioned and unwise.
The feeling of frustration prevalent in the country today is certainly
understandable. Government is so big and the bureaucracy so cumbersome that the
average person has little to say about his economic destiny unless he resorts to the
underground economy. In a free society, of course, individual initiative and ability are
the principle factors in determining one’s economic well-being.
Not surprisingly, half of the people don’t register to vote and less than half of
those who do rarely vote. When permitted on the ballot, “None Of The Above” is the
most attractive candidate.
Something certainly has gone wrong. The role of government and the people’s
attitude toward government have changed dramatically since 1787, with most of the
changes occurring in the twentieth century. It appears that we are in the waning days
of the American Republic.
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