Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley

Tragedy and Hope

A History of the World in Our Time


Carroll Quigley

Volumes 1-8

New York: The Macmillan Company


Table of Contents

Part One—Introduction: Western Civilization In Its World Setting
Chapter 1—Cultural Evolution in Civilizations
Chapter 2—Cultural Diffusion in Western Civilization 2
Chapter 3—Europe’s Shift to the Twentieth Century

Part Two—Western Civilization to 1914
Chapter 4—The Pattern of Change
Chapter 5—European Economic Developments
Chapter 6—The United States to 1917

Part Three—The Russian Empire to 1917
Chapter 7—Creation of the Russian Civilization

Part Four—The Buffer Fringe
Chapter 8—The Near East to 1914
Chapter 9—The British Imperial Crisis: Africa, Ireland, and India to 1926
Chapter 10—The Far East to World War I

Part Five—The First World War: 1914: 1918
Chapter 11—The Growth of International Tensions, 1871-1914
Chapter 12—Military History, 1914-1918
Chapter 13—Diplomatic History, 1914-1 918
Chapter 14—The Home Front, 1914-1918

Part Six—The Versailles System and the Return to Normalcy: 1919-1929
Chapter 15—The Peace Settlements, 1919-1923
Chapter 16—Security, 1919-1935
Chapter 17—Disarmament, 1919-1935
Chapter 18—Reparations, 1919-1932

Part Seven—Finance, Commercial and Business Activity: 1897-1947
Chapter 19—Reflation and Inflation, 1897-1925
Chapter 20—The Period of Stabilization, 1922-1930
Chapter 21—The Period of Deflation, 1927- 1936
Chapter 22—Reflation and Inflation, 1933-1947

Part Eight—International Socialism and the Soviet Challenge
Chapter 23—The International Socialist Movement
Chapter 24—The Bolshevik Revolution to 1924
Chapter 25—Stalinism, 1924-1939

Part Nine—Germany from Kaiser to Hitler: 1913-1945
Chapter 26—Introduction
Chapter 27—The Weimar Republic, 1918-1933
Chapter 28—The Nazi Regime

Part Ten—Britain: the Background to Appeasement: 1900-1939
Chapter 29—The Social and Constitutional Background
Chapter 30—Political History to 1939

Part Eleven—Changing Economic Patterns
Chapter 31—Introduction
Chapter 32—Great Britain
Chapter 33—Germany
Chapter 34—France
Chapter 35—The United States of America
Chapter 36—The Economic Factors
Chapter 37—The Results of Economic Depression
Chapter 38—The Pluralist Economy and World Blocs

Part Twelve—The Policy of Appeasement, 1931-1936
Chapter 39—Introduction
Chapter 40—The Japanese Assault, 1931-1941
Chapter 41—The Italian Assault, 1934-1936
Chapter 42—Circles and Counter-circles, 1935-1939
Chapter 43—The Spanish Tragedy, 1931–1939

Part Thirteen—The Disruption of Europe: 1937-1939
Chapter 44—Austria Infelix, 1933-1938
Chapter 45—The Czechoslovak Crisis, 1937-1938
Chapter 46—The Year of Dupes, 1939

Part Fourteen—World War II: the Tide of Aggression: 1939-1941
Chapter 47—Introduction
Chapter 48—The Battle of Poland, September 1939
Chapter 49—The Sitzkrieg, September 1, 1939-May 1940
Chapter 50—The Fall of France, (May-June 1940) and the Vichy Regime
Chapter 51—The Battle of Britain, July-October 1940
Chapter 52—The Mediterranean and Eastern Europe, 1940) June 1940-June 1941
Chapter 53—American Neutrality and Aid to Britain
Chapter 54—The Nazi Attack on Soviet Russia, 1941-1942

Part Fifteen—World War II: the Ebb of Aggression: 1941-1945
Chapter 55—The Rising in the Pacific, to 1942
Chapter 56—The Turning Tide, 1942-1943: Midway, E1 Alamein, French Africa, and
Chapter 57—Closing in on Germany, 1943-1945
Chapter 58—Closing in on Japan, 1943-1945

Part Sixteen—The New Age
Chapter 59—Introduction
Chapter 60—Rationalization and Science
Chapter 61—The Twentieth-Century Pattern

Part Seventeen—Nuclear Rivalry and the Cold War: American Atomic Supremacy:
Chapter 62—The Factors
Chapter 63—The Origins of the Cold War, 1945-1949
Chapter 64—The Crisis in China, 1945-1950
Chapter 65—American Confusions, 1945-1950

Part Eighteen—Nuclear Rivalry and the Cold War: the Race for H-Bomb: 1950-1957
Chapter 66—”Joe I” and the American Nuclear Debate, 1949-1954
Chapter 67—The Korean War and Its Aftermath, 1950-1954
Chapter 68—The Eisenhower Team, 1952-1956
Chapter 69—The Rise of Khrushchev, 1953-1958
Chapter 70—The Cold War in Eastern and Southern Asia, 1950-1957

Part Nineteen—The New Era: 1957-1964
Chapter 71—The Growth of Nuclear Stalemate
Chapter 72—The Disintegrating Super-blocs
Chapter 73—The Eclipse of Colonialism

Part Twenty—Tragedy and Hope: the Future in Perspective
Chapter 74—The Unfolding of Time
Chapter 75—The United States and the Middle-Class Crisis
Chapter 76—European Ambiguities
Chapter 77—Conclusion

Read the whole PDF here: Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley full PDF – this weighs in over 1,000 pages but it is an incredible read. Highly recommended and incredibly edifying.