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International raids result in arrests of 25 suspected Anonymous hackers

International raids result in arrests of 25 suspected Anonymous hackers

By End the Lie Twenty-five alleged members of Anonymous were arrested in a worldwide sweep Tuesday, according to Interpol, the International Criminal Police Organization. Anonymous, which The New York Times characterizes as a “loose-knit … hacker movement” cannot actually be defined with any degree of certainty due to the fact that anyone and everyone can […]

Documents show DHS lied to Congress about Big Brother policies

Documents show DHS lied to Congress about Big Brother policies

By End the Lie The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has been leading a valiant effort to reveal the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS’s) Big Brother policies which include spying on Americans’ activity on social networks, especially people who express dissenting opinions. EPIC is now claiming that the DHS actually lied to Congress during a […]

McCain to introduce cybersecurity legislation giving even more domestic control to NSA, military

McCain to introduce cybersecurity legislation giving even more domestic control to NSA, military

By End the Lie During the Senate’s major hearing on cybersecurity last week, Senator John McCain, a Republican from Arizona, announced that the Republicans in the Senate would introduce a bill to compete with S. 2105, also known as the Cybersecurity Act of 2012. McCain seeks to give the NSA and the military previously unimaginable […]

Anonymous: Protesters or Terrorists? Fog of cyberwar obscures truth

As the hype over impending cybergeddon heats up in Congress, could American citizens soon be considered terrorists for simply voicing dissent online? In the fog of cyberwar, freedom may be first to go. Cyberwar. Some dismiss it as hype, fueled by government contractors eager for profit, without much concern about the consequences to the net […]

Anonymous accuses NSA of fear-mongering

The loose-knit online collective Anonymous is going after another US government entity, but not with the hacks, attacks and other assaults on par with their usual Internet infiltrations. Instead, Anonymous is saying that the National Security Agency (NSA) is guilty of propagating fear among America. A popular Twitter account associated with the hacktivist group Anonymous […]

Is cyberwar hype fuelling a cybersecurity-industrial complex?

Will the next Pearl Harbor really be a cyberattack? Or the cyberwar doomsday scenarios intentionally hyped up by a coalition of major arms manufacturers, the Pentagon, and Internet security firms greedy for profit? ­From the President of the United States, to top U.S. military and intelligence officials, to the pundits and anchors on mainstream news […]

Battlefield Illusion: DARPA working towards better “human-sensory battlefield deception”

Battlefield Illusion: DARPA working towards better “human-sensory battlefield deception”

By End the Lie In the Defense Advance Research Project Agency’s (DARPA’s) new budget, which was just recently unveiled, some startling technologies have been included for increased research and development. The most glaring of these is the $4 million to be spent on technologies which will supposedly “manage the adversary’s sensory perception” in an attempt […]

Anonymous describes the destruction of CIA.gov (VIDEO)

Following Friday’s crippling of the CIA’s official government website, an alleged member of Anonymous has uploaded a video explaining how the collective crushed the agency’s online presence — and why the CIA should have been ready. A distributed denial of service, or DDoS attack, brought CIA.gov down for hours late last week, in one of […]

Anonymous took down cia.gov

Traditionally known as F*ckFBIFriday, this weekend’s eve turned into F*ckCIAFriday, as hacktivists downed the official website for the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States cia.gov. ­At approximately 3:10 p.m. Eastern time one of twitter accounts related to the hackers’ group announced “cia.gov DOWN. #UMAD?#Anonymous.”  The CIA website became the latest victim in a series […]

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