Ways to contact End the Lie

You may contact us via electronic mail, via our Facebook page, or via Twitter. Note that these are listed in order of preference. Contact via e-mail is by far the fastest and most reliable. You can also contact us through the form at the bottom of this page.

Contributing to End the Lie

Would you like to write for the best up-and-coming independent news organization on the planet? Would you like to wake people up and really make a change in the world? Would you like to post real news, not news selectively published by the corporate gatekeepers of mainstream media? Get involved and write with us!

Feel free to ask any questions, voice any concerns, or tip us off to interesting news.

Services offered by End the Lie

The rates are more than fair, and will be negotiated depending on length and/or time spent on the project. Currently we are looking for client testimonials and reviews for services as an author, editor, etc. You will get incredible deals if you act now!

We are currently offering the following services and more, upon request:

  • Professional proof reading and editing
  • Help with research for essays, research papers, term papers, etc.
  • Original content writing for blogs, news sites, and just about anything you could think of
  • Copy writing for your e-commerce site, advertisements, e-mail campaigns, and anything else you might need original and attractive copy for
  • Other services upon request

In addition, we are now offering expert search engine optimization (SEO) services that include on-site SEO, off-site SEO and social media management for affordable prices. We have a proven track record in these areas that can be easily verified upon request.

We can create all-encompassing campaigns for you that will ensure your continued presence on search engines and social media.